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09:16 AM on 04/30/09
breathe slowly, speak softly
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wheresadalia's Avatar
Great review but I cannot believe you thought Los Angeles lacked a hook!
i was at the listening party, and was already singing along by the end of the song. definitely a catchy hook
i still can't stop listening to this album. love it
05:17 PM on 05/01/09
breathe slowly, speak softly
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wheresadalia's Avatar
Awesome album, deserves a much bigger score, atleast 85%

I love there 2 previous albums but this one is def there best

People will agree with you no matter what though, thats the problem with this website, wayyyyyyy to many fanboys/girls who take anything what a red name says for gospel when really they are no different from anyone else on this website and shouldnt influence you what "good" music is at all. Even if Jason Tate thinks his opinion is greater then everyone elses (proof i have visited this site for quite some time).

That being said I have no problem with any red names really and think they are all pretty great people, its mainly Jason that pisses me off with his huge ego and how he has this sense of being greater then everyone else, even towards some bands that have helped out this site before: also have a problem towards people who seem to come on this site to only jump onto the next bandwagon or for some reason feel they need someone elses opinion on if this band is good or not.

Back on topic: Great Album, Keep up the awesome work Audition, cant wait for your next album
did you even read any of the comments here? most people have said they would have given it a higher score. and i'm pretty sure most people here listened to it long before this review was posted, therefor they already formed their own opinion prior to what "the red name" said. this was a well written review, and you are free to disagree with it. and yes, in some cases, people do suck up to others on this site, or say certain things to appear cool (but that happens everywhere online). however, this was not the case here, and your rant was completely unnecessary
01:05 AM on 05/02/09
breathe slowly, speak softly
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wheresadalia's Avatar
unless I posted that rant purely for my own enjoyment on seeing people come and say how "unnecessary" it was and wrong I am but really if I didnt say anything about red names or Jason Tate and just said way to many people here like to jump on the bandwagon, would of any of you replied to it?

I might have to visit a fishing store soon to buy some more hooks, lines and sinkers.
i would still have replied to it. it was out of the blue and unneeded. no one was bashing the audition. as i said, most people agreed with you that the audition should have gotten a higher score. yet you got all defensive saying people hadn't listened and would just go with what the review said. that's pure bullshit, so yeah, i still would have called you out as an idiot who clearly can't read.
09:42 PM on 05/02/09
breathe slowly, speak softly
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wheresadalia's Avatar
i don't like this genre anymore, i enjoyed controversy and champion though. Is it worth listening to?
if you liked controversy and champion, then yes. it's a great mix of the 2 i think
05:45 PM on 05/03/09
breathe slowly, speak softly
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wheresadalia's Avatar
first of all, whoever "reviewed" this album, should be fired-no doubt. i'm completely baffled at the fact that you (ONE INDIVIDUAL) are really going to sit here and say The Audition's new album is unimaginative and unorganized! This is The Audition's most well-written, and put together c.d. to date. It includes a broad spectrum of different sounds, which gives EACH individual a chance to connect with at least one, or more songs. It was a genius idea for Danny and the band to actually make an album that can not only attract to their current listeners, but also to the listens that have just blown them off before. Each track is unique in its own way, lyrically AND musically. It really disheartens me, a fan of not only the audition, but the rock-alternative genre in general. I've seen this band perform live numerous times, and I have never seen a singer love what they do, more than Danny Stevens does. A singer that truly CARES for his fans, and strives to give them what they want, and expect. This band is part of the Victory Records label, which is probably the worst label there is. They have to work twice as hard to prove themselves to their following, because Victory doesn't do diddly-squat for them. They have done nothing but take advantage of this hard-working, multi-talented band. Danny Stevens is MUCH too good of a singer/songwriter to be belittled the way you have in this review.

Like I said, whoever wrote this article is on drugs.
You must have been listening to some other shit,
because "Self-Titled Album" would have BLOWN your face off.
please, i love the audition, but people like you make the ones of us who are sensible look retarded. go fangirl somewhere else.
this was a well written review, and actually compliments the band in many areas, especially danny. should it have gotten a higher score? perhaps.do i agree with all of it? no. but guess what? people are allowed to have opinions (CRAZY notion, i know) and this was Chris's (which by the way, his name is clearly there...you don't have to refer to him as "whoever reviewed the album"). your opinion is not fact, so stop talking like it is. i can't stand when people do that, even if i agree on some points

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