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Aiden - Knives

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Release Date: May 12, 2009
Record Label: Victory
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
Okay, so I’m gonna be honest. I hate Aiden. I hate their crappy image (from goth vampires to what seems to be Avenged Sevenfold Jr.). I hate their previous crappy albums. The only song of theirs I have even mildly enjoyed was the one that appeared on NCAA Baseball 2005 for my Playstation 2. I even hate their new album cover, with the stupid kid and his stupid barbed wired braces.

But I also believe everyone deserves a fresh start with each new album, so I closed my eyes and opened my ears to Knives, the fourth album from Aiden. And it’s funny, William Francis’ first words on opening track “Killing Machine” match my exact sentiments on reviewing this, “Fuck me? Fuck you. Fuck you and this whole city and everyone in it.” But I digress. Quite honestly, William Francis is not that bad of a singer, in fact his vocals is one of the (very) few bright spots. “Killing Machine” is paced by the quick drumming of Jake Davison and the punk-inspired chords of guitarist Angel Ibarra, but the downfall of the song, well pretty much the whole album, are the lyrics. Contrived words about hate, death, hell; you know, the whole shebang. “Let The Right One In” features a huge chorus, while “Scavengers of the Damned” is their best My Chemical Romance impression.

Remember earlier when I was praising Francis’ vocals? Well, I almost want to retract that statement after hearing “Elizabeth.” The “sinister” tone he takes falls flat and really dooms the song. “Crusifiction” tries to be edgy, but comes across as boring. “Excommunicate” is actually my favorite track from the album, as Ibarra’s chords are vibrant, while the chorus is fast and catchy. “Black Market Hell” features perhaps the best vocal work from Francis, and the aggression and edge finally feel real. Only took till the last track to reach it. At the very least, this track can give a glimmer of hope that Aiden will put it all together one day.

Knives really isn’t that horrible; in fact it features rather decent musicianship and vocals. Rather, it is just really bland. I get the sense they are forcing an image through their music instead of expressing something real. Songs like “Excommunicate” and “Black Market Hell” are steps in the right direction, but “Elizabeth” and “Crusifiction” are giant blunders. Aiden has the potential to put it all together one day. In the meantime, however, could someone please give that kid a bath and direct him to a sanitary orthodontist?

Additional InformationTrack Listing:
1. Killing Machine
2. Let The Right One In
3. Scavengers of the Damned
4. Elizabeth
5. Crusifiction
6. The Asylum
7. Portrait
8. Excommunicate
9. King on Holiday
10. Black Market Hell
Produced by: William Francis

Aiden is:
William Francis – vocals/guitar
Angel Ibarra – guitar
Nick Wiggins – bass
Jake Davison – drums

Official Website; Official Myspace; Official AP.net Profile

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12:50 AM on 05/15/09
Oh Noes!
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Piss's Avatar
horrible band. horrible album
03:25 AM on 05/15/09
Keagan Ilvonen
User Info.
Keagan Ilvonen's Avatar
Garbage band is garbage. Good job trying to be somewhat positive for such a horrible group. Shockhound gave this album 4/5 hahahahaha.
05:02 AM on 05/15/09
Prison Strength
User Info.
hockeyguitar99's Avatar
I don't really understand why Staff Members waste their time writing reviews of albums that they know the will hate and is going to be universally hated on the site.
05:57 AM on 05/15/09
Frequent Goodwill Shopper
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lucky#88's Avatar
yeah this band is pretty bad...although there are a few songs i can tollerate

oh and the aiden song is in ncaa baseball 2006, not 05, just thought you should know
06:58 AM on 05/15/09
Next Show: Jack's Mannequin NYC 2/3
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ACA's Avatar
Didn't hear this album, but judging from their previous efforts the band is not nearly as bad as they are considered. There are many worse bands being featured and covered on this site on a daily basis.
07:13 AM on 05/15/09
I re-hee-hee-hee-lay don't care.
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No Avatar Selected
I have never liked Aiden. Your right Drew about his constant up and downs. I saw a video one time and I couldnm't believe they had a buff black dude in it. Sort of funny I guess. But good review.
07:14 AM on 05/15/09
Chemical Love
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Chemical Love's Avatar
Great review, can't wait to pick this up.
07:28 AM on 05/15/09
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
I absolutely hated this album, and now I'm waiting for Aiden to post something on Twitter being pissed off about this review.
07:31 AM on 05/15/09
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EvilZeppelin's Avatar
The only album I liked by Aiden was Nightmare Anatomy.....
07:33 AM on 05/15/09
Registered User
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msi's Avatar
image and lyrics aside, most songs on this record are catchy as hell.
07:49 AM on 05/15/09
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deezee's Avatar
They don't even deserve my words, I'm pass hate now lol
07:50 AM on 05/15/09
Tonight I'm Burning Star IV
User Info.
zubinmoosa's Avatar
Haha love the last line
07:53 AM on 05/15/09
User Info.
DandonTRJ's Avatar
I have a hard time digesting the suggestion that Wil's vocals are good now. They've been awful on all the old albums whenever he doesn't have a wall of music to cover up for him. My main reference point is the opening track to Conviction, where it's just him and a piano. Ugh.

That being said, the musicianship of the band is actually getting better, so I won't knock the compositions. Some very catchy stuff. But the vocals, lyrics and band image kill me.
08:02 AM on 05/15/09
I was born a wise man
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smoke4thecaper's Avatar
I might have to read the lyrics to this album, because they sound hilarious.

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