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Technology Round Up (07-18-09)

Posted by - 12:15 PM on 07/18/09
Check out this week's technology roundup in the replies.
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12:15 PM on 07/18/09
Lueda Alia
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Thanks to Chad for putting this together.

Technology Roundup Discussion topic

It appears that about 60% of businesses will save money and pass on Windows 7. Will you be upgrade to Windows 7?


China has stopped using electric shock treatment for internet addicts.

There is something wrong with a woman who Twitters while she's in a bank that's being robbed.

A 15-year-old intern for Morgan Stanley wrote an analysis of Twitter that is five- to six-times as popular as their normal articles. He claims, "[Teenagers] realise [sic] that no one is viewing their profile, so their tweets are pointless."

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, is a little perverted. Speaking of which, everyone please check your Facebook settings to make sure that your pictures won't randomly end up in Facebook ads.

Riot police raided a 30-year-old's birthday party after seeing an posting on Facebook which led them to think it was a rave.

The Pirate Bay will require users to pay a monthly fee.

Two British men have been jailed for writing hate speech online despite their efforts to claim that the information was posted on United States servers and should thus be protected by the First Amendment.

12% of e-mail users are the reason 100% of us must suffer with spam.

YouTube will take a stand against Internet Explorer 6.

eBay is now giving users five free listings per month (still have to pay commission for items sold).

Pandora believe that if it has to pay artist royalties, so should conventional radio stations.


Having your computer hacked is scary. Having your brain hacked is downright terrifying.

Betty is the first goose to receive a bionic leg.

Virginia Tech is helping blind people drive.

It's nice to know that if there were a real Terminator, he would be tased just like this guy was.

This is by far the coolest business card ever.

Microsoft's Chief Operating Officer has announced plans to open Microsoft stores "right next door to Apple this fall." This should be interesting.

Houses in the future will learn their inhabits' habits and will adjust electrical usage automatically as well as text alerts to inhabitants. For the record, Bill Gates' house already employees some of these techniques, so the future is not too far away.

ATM's in South Africa shoot pepper spray at anyone who attempts to rob them.

Amazon pulled two George Orwell books from Kindle including taking back downloaded copies. Ironically, one of them was 1984.

If the screen on your Kindle 2 has cracked, Amazon will now replace it for free thanks to their losing a lawsuit.

Amazon may buy Netflix.

A student at North Carolina State University is attempting to break a record by sending an autonomous glider 167 miles without any human assistance.

Ever get car horn envy when your paltry honk doesn't get the point across? Try putting a horn from a WWII Destroyer plane into your vehicle (ignore first 20 seconds of video).

Fuji has a 3D digital camera due out in September for $600.

Blu-Ray has had a 91% sales increase for the first half of 2009.


A 15-year-old teenage girl fell down an open manhole while texting. Predictably, the family is suing, and sadly, they'll probably win.

Cell phones are now banned from premier movie screenings.

Apple kicked Palm in the junk by breaking iTunes/Pre sync compatibility with the latest update (Palm's response is included in the article). Here are some solutions for broken syncing.

Wired recently polled users about 3G speeds and found Verizon at the top of the list and AT&T at the bottom.

A promo video for the new LG Chocolate confirms the ultra-widescreen display reported in last week's round-up.

Have a look at an unboxing of the HTC Hero.

The Blackberry Tour is now available for Sprint and Verizon.

No Blackberry App World for Verizon customers.

Specifications for the Blackberry Storm 2 have been posted.

Check out the Nokia Surge, which is coming out for AT&T on July 19. Nokia has also announced discussed their new strategy for becoming a player in the U.S. market again.

Symbian-based phones will soon get an application store (which is good because Nokia's Ovi Store is a little lacking).

The iPhone 3GS's voice controls help a blind photographer keep up with his passion. China may finally get the iPhone without WiFi hardware.

Check out videos of the really cool NYC subway finding application that was featured in a previous round-up.

As more proof that people simply cannot be pleased, Palm Pre users would like an onscreen keyboard so they do not have to slide out the physical one.


The U.S. State Department does not use Firefox because it is too expensive.

A software glitch caused one man's credit card bill to be $23 quadrillion (Slashdot has an interesting explanation for particularly dorky readers like your round-up author).

New York City will spend $1 million to replace their typewriters...with newer typewriters.

Apple computers now have 8.7% of the U.S. PC market.

OS X Snow Leopard might have visual updates after all.

Rumor has it that Microsoft's "Laptop Hunter" ads struck a nerve with Apple. In fact, Apple is so displeased that they might sue Microsoft.

Bill Gates was not particularly wowed by the Chrome OS announcement.

Asus may launch a netbook that features Android and Windows XP.

Google has clarified how Chrome OS and Android are different.

For people who buy a lot of stuff online and don't trust form filling software, SmartSwipe will save you a lot of typing.

New software (free to download) analyzes amateur video recordings in 3D then smoothes out the movement to make them appear more professional.

Microsoft has confirmed that the Office 2010 web applications will be free. Check out videos of the new version.


Studies show that swearing helps reduce pain. Now you have an excuse.

Swine Flu hates fat people.

Smart people live longer.

A group of scientists and engineers constructed a building made of wood that was able to withstand a 7.5 magnitude earthquake.

Wal-Mart wants to start labeling products with an "eco rating." So now they even treat their products better than their employees.

NASA has restored moon landing footage to a higher quality. Be prepared for the skeptics to jump on the opportunity to spout off their conspiracy theories.


Screenshots: Forza 3| IL-2 Sturmovik | Left 4 Dead 2 | Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (includes interview) | Need For Speed: Shift | Pro Evo Soccer 2010 | Serious Sam HD

Trailers/Clips: Ashes Cricket 2009 | Batman: Arkham Asylum | Champions Online | Guitar Hero 5 | Mafia II | Marvel vs. Capcom 2 | Mechwarrior | Mini Ninjas | Need for Speed: Shift (featuring a world-class drifter) | Shadows of Lyat (unofficial Starfox sequel) | Watchmen: Part 2

DLC: Fallout 3 (PS3) | Gears of War 2 (All Fronts) | Killzone 2 (Napalm & Cordite) | Left 4 Dead (Shaun of the Dead mod) | Red Faction (Guerilla) | Rock Band (Rancid, Rise Against, Kings of Leon) | Star Wars: The Force Unleased (spoiler warning) | Transformers

The World of Warcraft gamer who kidnapped a 14-year-old girl he met in the game has been sentenced to nine years in prison.

The super-sexy black Wii will not be headed stateside.

Microsoft hasn't forgotten about the PC gamer. Natal will make it to the PC.

The UFC's president has threatened to blacklist any fighter who appears in an EA game. Let's just say he holds a grudge.

Your (real) band's songs could make it to Rock Band with courtesy of the upcoming Rock Band Network.

Check out 22 more official tracks from Guitar Hero 5.

Guitar Hero: World Tour drummers now have their own premium drum kit courtesy of Logitech for $230. Meanwhile, here are the official drums and the official guitar that will come with Guitar Hero 5.

Lego Indiana Jones 2 will feature 2-player level creation and uploading.

A developer has made an unofficial port of Portal for the iPhone.

Resident Evil 4 will be available for the iPhone soon.

Toad (of Mario fame) raises one finger to gamers, and it's not his thumb. Also, check out the Mario family tree.

Check out some creepy mods for Street Fighter IV (PC).

Command & Conquer 4 will require gamers to stay connected to the internet at all times, even during single player.

The Modern Warfare 2 "Prestige Edition" package will include working night vision goggles.


Get free iced or hot mochas at McDonalds until August 3.

Put baby pictures in your wallet to guilt-trip people into returning it if you lose it.

Learn some of the lesser-known benefits of credit cards (such as built-in extended warranties).

Check out some unconventional ways to ensure a good night's sleep.

See the truth about hydration (your round-up author is glad he can still continue living on Diet Coke).

Use high-frequency ringtones in class so teachers can't hear them. Your round-up author found out he still has the hearing of "an easily repelled teenager" despite turning 24 this year.

Turn the tables on customer service representatives by recording your calls using Fonolo.

Gmail Labs has added a feature to help people determine which e-mails are phishing for their data.

Cotweet is a new service that allows teams to share one account.

Make sure your aunt doesn't give you a sweater this birthday using Lottay (assuming your aunt can use the internet).

Lower your air conditioning bill using...a damp towel?

Use this power supply calculator if you're building a new computer in the near future.

Written by: CyberInferno

Articles found via Digg, Download Squad, Engadget, hackinthebox, The Inquirer, Lifehacker, HardOCP, Gizmodo, or Slashdot if not directly linked.

Thanks for checking out the technology roundup!

Please direct any comments or suggestions to cyberinferno@gmail.com (or post them in the replies).
12:27 PM on 07/18/09
Alphanix, that's all.
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I will get Windows 7.
12:27 PM on 07/18/09
Regular Member
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letitenfoldyou's Avatar
Great round up.
12:27 PM on 07/18/09
If you love something, give it away
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I so love these.
12:27 PM on 07/18/09
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The Pirate Bay lol-wut?
12:29 PM on 07/18/09
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Oh and I can't wait for Project Natal!

I've been neglecting my 360 a lot lately...
12:29 PM on 07/18/09
Hayley > Hayley
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cant wait for the Rock BAND Network didnt Chadball want NFG songs on RB2? well he can do that and bam we can get NFG on RB
12:32 PM on 07/18/09
Alex DiVincenzo
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Awesome round-up. It's always good (nice job, Chad!), but there was a lot of great stuff this week.
12:35 PM on 07/18/09
I believe in you.
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Awesome round-up this week; I still have to read half of these articles .
12:37 PM on 07/18/09
Regular Member
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prettymucharobo's Avatar
Thanks to Chad for putting this together.

Your (real) band's songs could make it to Rock Band with courtesy of the upcoming Rock Band Network.

Harmonix wasn't lying when they said they could do the whole GHTunes things better. Eat your heart out, Neversoft.
01:13 PM on 07/18/09
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liquideasy's Avatar
You know, I've ignored this particular round-up for since it started. Don't know why I did that...
01:14 PM on 07/18/09
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Nice to see this back.

The Pirate Bay is dead then. So stupid. People use torrent sites cause they do not wish to spend money...
01:27 PM on 07/18/09
do you believe in magic?
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klawansie7's Avatar
fb ad thing is so weird...
01:32 PM on 07/18/09
Resident New Yorker
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saysmydoctor's Avatar
Orson Wells didn't write 1984.

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