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All Time Low - Nothing Personal Album Cover
Author's Rating
Vocals 7.75
Musicianship 7.25
Lyrics 8.25
Production 8.5
Creativity 7.5
Lasting Value 8.75
Reviewer Tilt 9
Final Verdict: 81%
Member Ratings
Vocals 7.2
Musicianship 6.98
Lyrics 6.75
Production 6.75
Creativity 6.75
Lasting Value 6.63
Reviewer Tilt 7.2
Average: 69%
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All Time Low - Nothing Personal

Reviewed by: notfallingapart (07/30/09)
All Time Low - Nothing Personal
Record Label: Hopeless Records
Release Date: July 7, 2009

So Wrong, Itís Right was undoubtedly one of the best pop-punk albums to be released in recent years. It was fast, energetic and there wasnít a single track any pop fan would skip. All Time Low return with Nothing Personal, now with a lot more to prove. I have no problem in saying Nothing Personal is a fantastic album, with twelve solid pop-punk songs and a lot of attitude and honest lyrics. Right away from the beginning, you can notice the overall mood of the album. ATL doesnít intend to make a masterpiece here, but just a fun album to listen throughout the Summer.

"Maybe itís not my weekend, but itís gonna be my year" is a sentence that proves how uplifting and pure ATL lyrics are. Still, this album also marks a departure on the writing, as ATL search for new moods. "Break Your Little Heart" is a simple pop-punk song with fantastic lyrics about breaking-up and not regretting it. Itís a fresh change from the usual lyrics about falling in love. "Therapy" is a somewhat depressing song that takes some time to grow on you, but makes up for it with trully therapeutic lyrics for the more depressed.

Musically, ATL also achieved a whole new level of catchiness. "Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Donít)" has Butch Walker written all over it. Why? It has a chorus that gets stuck in your brain and absolutely refuses to go out, no matter what. "Oh oh oh, how was I suppose to know that you were / Oh, oh, over me I think that I should go" will be in your head for days. "Stella" is the best song of the album. Again, it shows off a fantastic chorus, along with great lyrics and outstanding vocal delivery. Unfortunately, ATL fall into the mistake of using different producers. "Too Much," produced by The-Dream, ends up being too disco to be a good song, and like the title implies, ends up being too much. Aside from that song, all the other songs sound great. "Lost In Stereo" has some great metaphors and enough energy to be a Summer hit. "Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal" will be a fan-favorite for many years and "A Party Song (The Walk Of Shame)" represents better than any song the mood of a party gone wrong.

Aside from a few mistakes, ATL made one of the best pop-punk albums of this decade, almost as good as So Wrong, Itís Right. They can still do better if they focus a little more, but for now, Nothing Personal is everything a pop listener could ask for.
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06:48 PM on 08/10/09
The Next Horizon / Eugene
User Info.
DoubleAW's Avatar
Very good review. Down to earth. Can't really find anything to disagree with.
06:49 PM on 08/10/09
She didn't turn out to be that cool
User Info.
MattRM's Avatar
"Come One, Come All" was atrocious. Other than that, I agree with you about SWIR being a good album.

But there's no way this is one of the best pop-punk albums of the decade. It's hardly even pop-punk, it's just pop.
06:51 PM on 08/10/09
Be Human
User Info.
symbiote28's Avatar
yup .. don't agree on the best pop-punk album of the decade part. but it's still a good album.
06:53 PM on 08/10/09
Zack Zarrillo
User Info.
Zack Zarrillo's Avatar
I really can't agree with So Wrong, It's Right being one of the better pop-punk albums in even the last 5 years..
06:53 PM on 08/10/09
User Info.
blimpcityhero11's Avatar
"Come One, Come All" was atrocious. Other than that, I agree with you about SWIR being a good album.

But there's no way this is one of the best pop-punk albums of the decade. It's hardly even pop-punk, it's just pop.
Seriously... Whether you want to classify them as pop-punk or not, this probably wouldn't even be the best pop-punk album of the year.
07:00 PM on 08/10/09
User Info.
birtcho's Avatar
weightless and damned if i do ya aside, this album is nothing compared to so wrong its right
07:07 PM on 08/10/09
User Info.
socoxshelby's Avatar
Fairly solid review. Although I disagree with ATL making one the of the best pop-punk albums of the decade.

Also, you should spice up your next adventures in reviewing/writing. Your words are bland (be on the lookout for powerful adjectives, they really ignite a review), and your sentence structure is "ehh".
07:07 PM on 08/10/09
User Info.
sweetfootaction's Avatar
...ATL made one of the best pop-punk albums of this decade...
So many things wrong with this statement.

And above an 8 for lyrics... You've got to be kidding.
07:09 PM on 08/10/09
No I will not make out with you
User Info.
Croggs's Avatar
Not sure about Stella being the best song on the album
07:14 PM on 08/10/09
Registered User
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
why does no one ever mention the song Walls? its by far my favorite on the album.

and whether or not all time low is pop punk anymore is irrelevant. They write really good pop. While i do love the ep this new one is really good to. The pop nature of them does give them much less of a lasting enjoyment though,
07:14 PM on 08/10/09
Hearts without chains.
User Info.
Spenny's Avatar
Stella is tied for worst song with Too Much for me.
Other than that, good review.
07:15 PM on 08/10/09
I guess that I just don't know
User Info.
starynightsky's Avatar
i agree mostly. except i dont think its the best of the decade. it was just alright. only one dud on the whole cd. but none that were perticularilly outstanding.
07:24 PM on 08/10/09
The Raine
on this sinking night
User Info.
The Raine's Avatar
Stella is tied for worst song with Too Much for me.
Other than that, good review.
07:41 PM on 08/10/09
destination: beautiful
User Info.
boscorelli's Avatar
one of the best pop punk albums of the dacade? no. good album yes, but not that good.
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