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09:53 AM on 08/10/09
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I heard something happened but no details. Got any info?
Pretty much the lead singer kicked everybody out of the band because they found out that he's a snake. One of the members posted this on a bunch of sites:

Any future Mongoloids show that you may be able to see will not be the real Mongoloids. Greg (the singer) has come up with a group of scabs to continue his pathetic vision of the band. A few days ago Greg hit up a few members of the band saying that there were van troubles and they would leave for tour late. Earlier today, when Alan (the drummer) hit up Greg to see how the van was, greg replied saying that he was already on the tour and that Alan should check his email. In Alan's email inbox he had a message from Greg explaining that he has left for tour without letting any of the real members know and he will be continuing the band for good with this fake line up and any questions that anyone has should be directed towards the manager and not Greg himself.

Prior to said email, everyone in the band has been under the impression that the band would be taking a hiatus after this year's Great American Hardcore Festival. Greg has been having problems with the rest of the band for quite some time now. there have been many instances of him stealing money, booking tours without contacting any of the other members, constantly lying about many band related things to manipulate members into doing things that he wanted to do, etc.

In February, the Mongoloids did a tour with Agnostic front. For about a year before this tour it was suspected that Greg had been stealing thousands of dollars from the band and fabricating many fake debts. The Mongoloids played over 200 shows in 2008 and not one members of the band saw any money from it besides him. While everyone else in the band was practically starving and rationing food that they had bout for cheap, jobless Greg was indulging in $20 meals on tour from nice restaurants and practically living a lavish touring lifestyle from his infinite stash of money. Although none of the members were actually bothered by living cheap, its not fair. During the Agnostic Front tour the entire band had budgeted everything themselves without Greg's knowledge, keeping track of every toll, gas stop, oil change, etc. down to the cent. At the end of the tour Greg was called out after around $2100 was missing from the band's account. Greg was in complete control of the band money at all times and when he would go to the bank to deposit money into the band account, he would take small amounts and deposit it into his personal account as well.

After this incident it was decided that the band would be done. They would finish out everything that they had left and Europe would be the end of the band. before Europe, Greg had convinced everyone that a few shows should be played to budget the plane tickets for the trip. Somewhere shortly after this Greg agreed to do a Cro Mags tour without the rest of the bands consent which caused problems between members and outsiders as well. Greg was confronted by many people outside of the band who had heard about the break up. A few other bands were uncomfortable with a band that was on it's last limb being given such a great opportunity to play with a band such as the Cro Mags. Why would the Mongoloids take someone else's chance to reap the benefits from a Cro Mag's tour to just break up? it isn't fair to anyone else that could have played in their absence. When confronted, (without the knowledge of any of the other band members) Greg had lied to everyone about the break up so he wouldn't catch heat for abusing the tour.

During this whole time, (again without the consent of the rest of the band) Greg was confirming dates for this year's summer festivals as well as a few other shows and the 10 for 10 tour. He was confronted at a practice in May by everyone and was told that everything had to be figured out. Again, Greg agreed that everything that had been booked so far would be the last of the shows and that had been the plan until today when alan got Greg's email.

Greg is a lying, cheating, arrogant, manipulative human being who has fucked over many people. Whether stealing thousands of dollars from the band or using people who are supposed to be his "friends" just to get a leg up, he has ruined The Mongoloids for everyone besides himself. The band should be over but instead of going by what was agreed upon with everyone else he has snaked his way into furthering The Mongoloids with fill-ins who don't even know the band situation just so he can be on stage a few more times and feed his already oversized ego.

Aside from having stolen money from The Mongoloids, Greg has also tried to scam many other bands and promoters out of money as well. I don't want to state names but I will explain one situation in particular. Last year, while on tour in Europe. Greg tried to take money out of The Mongoloids' debts by pinning some of the tour costs on the other band without their knowledge. He had worked out something behind the backs of both the other band and the tour manager where they would be paying more money than they should have to split the cost of The Mongoloids' van and The mongoloids' driver. I could go on and on about the stories but it would make this even longer.

At this point, the band "The Mongoloids" is a joke. If you're a friend of the band or a fan with sympathy to the situation, please don't further support what Greg is doing. Don't put any more money into his pocket. Don't further feed his ego. And don't give him the chance to fuck over the new scabs like he did with the real members of The Mongoloids.

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