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Hopeless Passion - Everything You Ever Wanted Album Cover
Author's Rating
Vocals 7.5
Musicianship 8
Lyrics 7
Production 7
Creativity 7.5
Lasting Value 7.25
Reviewer Tilt 7.5
Final Verdict: 74%
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Hopeless Passion - Everything You Ever Wanted

Reviewed by: <@Drawde> (08/09/09)
Hopeless Passion - Everything You Ever Wanted
Record Label: Unsigned
Release Date: January 1, 2008

Hopeless Passion. The name brings up images of many of the cheap, glorified pop bands around today, shamelessly following a formula, which, while it works, can get a bit stale. So what do you get from Everything You Ever Wanted?

Simply put, it is an album of catchy hooks and sweet melodies that, while taking it's influences from notable pop-punk bands around, gives off enough of it's own identity to feel as though you're listening to something new. While this is undeniably a good thing, some of the songs can seem, at first listen, bland, despite the originality shown. However, certain songs on this album ("Something," "Wasting Time") are excellent examples of this bands best work.

The vocals on this album are, in my opinion, not quite up to scratch. They have a tendency to vary in quality over the record, and at times seem quite bland and featureless. When they hit form, they sound excellent, passionate, and full of energy. However, at a lot of times they let the sound down.

The lyrics are quite typical of this scene, about girls and the emotions that can lead from them. Unfortunately, they don't show enough imagination to stand out, and combined with the poor-at-times vocals can turn a song into a bad one.

The musical ability shown on the record is excellent. The guitar work shows imagination, and allows you to drift into the music, giving it a pleasurable sound. This is the strong point of the album, and it pulls the album up. At times it is a soft, mellow, dreamy sound, at at times it soars, full of life.

While Hopeless Passion are a fairly new band, this work shows that there could be far better work to come. Although they fall flat at times, I look forward to hearing new work from Hopeless Passion.

Check out Hopeless Passion on Myspace.
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05:59 PM on 08/21/09
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09:55 AM on 08/23/09
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RIYL: Reviewers telling you it's pop punk when it's not, the radio, not pop punk.
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