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01:40 AM on 09/24/09
Adam Pfleider
wait. what were we talking about?
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Adam Pfleider's Avatar
if you haven't heard at least one song from this band that pulls you into a rift in life...

...you have no soul...
01:59 AM on 09/24/09
tech-savvy at-risk youth
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tonyC4L's Avatar
The Get Up Kids played in my town last night (San Luis Obispo, CA). We're like half way between LA and SF, it's a kinda small/mid sized town. Anyways, I was extremely disappointed that the show did not sell out. I was initially surprised they were playing in our town at all, at such a small venue. Holds only a couple hundred people. And the fact that it didn't sell out, and only filled half the capacity was upsetting.
While I was stoked that I got to be apart of a really personal, small Get Up Kids show, I was just ashamed of my town that none of the local scene kids would come out to such an amazing band. Hell, some of the local bands that play (who honestly aren't that great) get bigger crowds than the band that inspired all these new bands. Such a shame.
I was there too! It was a little disappointing to see so few people... I was so sure it would sell out. But man, when Sherwood comes through, everyone goes nuts for tickets (funny, last time I saw them at DTB they covered Holiday and gave a little speech about how they wouldn't be the band they are if it weren't for STWHA). It's so strange. Regardless, I had an awesome time and it was great to see that the few people there were so into it. Like Jim said, quality over quantity.
02:01 AM on 09/24/09
Hellogoodbye / Joseph
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JosephMarro's Avatar
great band
02:14 AM on 09/24/09
Metal Now
Talking about the second and third
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Metal Now's Avatar
Just getting into them with Something To Write Home About.
02:16 AM on 09/24/09
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GamEin's Avatar
Something to Write Home About is amazing.
02:18 AM on 09/24/09
KY Jelly
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KY Jelly's Avatar
fucking love this band so much, started all because this surf dvd Loose Change had 10 Minutes. i remember thinking, if this band can put out a cd with songs just as good as that, they will be amazing. far exceeded my expectaions. so many gems. i shit my pants when i saw they were reuniting, ive never seen them before but i in november that will change. SOOOO stoked :)
02:27 AM on 09/24/09
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jco3's Avatar
Another great Kansas band in weekly Nostalgia. First The Anniversary, now The Get up Kids.

I'm so proud to call them a hometown band, they represent something wonderful, and worth listening to. If you haven't heard their music, do yourself a favor... cut that shit out! Hit up a record store, or browse the internet; anything!
03:04 AM on 09/24/09
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Tails's Avatar
Ahhh TGUK, where would I be without you. Something To Write Home About was the album of choice to go to for all my teenage angst. Four Minute Mile was a staple of all my pre-university parties. I picked up On A Wire in my Freshers Week. While many songs on Guilt Show defined my last couple of years at uni.

Suffice to say; this band have played a major part in my adolescent life. Hell, I use to text an old girlfriend the last line from "I'll Catch You" (I face-palm a little at that now but back then I felt like a regular Cyrano De Bergerac for using it). The Get Up Kids are a band firmly in my list of all time favourites, STWHA is always a candidate for my favourite albums of all time.

After the split I was devastated I would never see them live. Thank god they reformed a trekked over the uk last month. Seeing them in Birmingham was like an epithany. The Get Up Kids are a true modern classic.
04:16 AM on 09/24/09
Zack Haughton
The song that goes like danananana
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Zack Haughton's Avatar
Saying that I loved this band wouldnt do justice to how I feel about them
04:26 AM on 09/24/09
We All Need A Reason To Believe
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meganonthetrain's Avatar
I got into The Get Up Kids about a year ago from being on this site. I'm glad I did. Now I'm going to see them in a month. I'm excited to see them live, and happy to have their music in my life!
04:30 AM on 09/24/09
Cue the Sun
Baby, we're scramblin'
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Cue the Sun's Avatar
I remember my friend introducing them to me and I instantly fell in love... and then they broke up two weeks later. Needless to say, I cannot wait for them to play up here in October.
04:30 AM on 09/24/09
Infamous since '85
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TheInfamousAdam's Avatar
Oh man... I've loved Somthing to Write Home About for just about as long as I can remember. Four Minute Mile is also great stuff, The Last Place You Look is my all time favorite. I also make sure I listen to Mass Pike every time I drive down the Mass Pike, even before I could drive. The Get Up Kids are one of those bands you don't realize how much you absolutely love until you sit back and think about it. It all started because I downloaded two random Get Up Kids songs on napster... lol. Gotta love napster back in the day!
04:59 AM on 09/24/09
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marky2468's Avatar
Its Like Youre Falling In Love While I Just Fall Apart
04:59 AM on 09/24/09
was I good to you, wife of my youth
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ilovesofie's Avatar
Damn, such a pefect band. This band was so important to a lot of bands here on this website, I'm sure of that. Besides, I think 'On A Wire' is one of the most underrated albums I've heard. 'Campfre Kansas' still gives me chills every time I hear it.
05:27 AM on 09/24/09
I've hated airports ever since...
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goodarmcindy's Avatar
Just to say it again, Something To Write Home About is one of the most coherent albums ever produced. You just run it from beginning to end and sit back and enjoy, no filler, no weak songs and the perfect track listing. Just a fantastic album with more depth than you expect on the first couple of listens.

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