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12:58 AM on 09/30/09
Julia Conny
"Julia HurriConny"
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In listening to this album, and then going back to Riot!, I have realized that I truly enjoy Paramore.

I think my world has been turned upside down.
07:16 AM on 09/30/09
Julia Conny
"Julia HurriConny"
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You make some good points -- can't say the album entirely sold me on the band, however it's their first record I don't mind listening to from beginning to end. I think the lyrics and vocals have improved enough where I can take them seriously. If not for Hayley, it wouldn't be much to rave about though.

It was the first for me too, to be honest. I never took them seriously before this year.
07:20 AM on 09/30/09
Julia Conny
"Julia HurriConny"
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i feel like im going nuts when people say they like this band. how can this be?

For me, I find Hayley captivating as a frontwoman. I can't think of too many girls in the pop genre that know how to bring it, if you will.
04:13 PM on 09/30/09
Julia Conny
"Julia HurriConny"
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This album is definitely a grower. I didn't like it at first, but now i can honestly say that this one's my favourite by Paramore.

It kinda was for me too. First listen I didn't like so much, but repeated car plays did the trick.

Another homerun. You never cease to amaze me.

Aww, shucks. Thanks boo.

Dead on. Someone also said that the lyrics are immature, and I have to agree. This crap about them "maturing" is a farce. The lyrics are not more mature, they're childish and bitter. I can't relate to their band drama, and I don't want to hear about it in a song. Also, her vocals are not nearly as good as they were on the previous two albums. At this point, she's straining. She often sounds as if she's shouting to hit the notes and during softer parts she sounds awkward. She needs to sing within her range because when she does she's wonderful. Singing improperly is going to wreck her voice for the rest of her life.

I wholeheartedly disagree. I can't see how her vocals on All We Know Is Falling are better than now. That just doesn't make sense. Yeah, the lyrics aren't going to be huge feats of philosophical enlightenment - they are a pop band.

I have truly not enjoyed Paramore this much since All We Know Is Falling. I have to disagree in opinion about "All I Wanted", I feel like that's one of the tracks where Hayley sounds strongest.

Then again, I did enjoy Avril Lavigne for a while when I was younger...

I did too, I can't lie. But hey, I did like sk8ter bois, so I felt it was appropriate.

I really enjoy listening to this album at the moment. I also enjoy reading when JC writes reviews.

I enjoy writing them every once in awhile.


I'm surprised at how much I have grown to enjoy this band.

My sentiments exactly.
04:31 PM on 09/30/09
Julia Conny
"Julia HurriConny"
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So I'm an elitist for suggesting that Paramore isn't a very unique or particuliary talented band? Maybe one that is just riding the wave of a current trend in music? If thats elitism than sure I guess I am. I'd rather listen to something that intrigues me and impresses me on a level that hasn't been redone over and over by the same bands. I'm not knocking anyone that finds this music fun or whatever. I was just stating my opinion.

I think there's a time and a place for a variety of different genres. My iPod right now looks more hipster than normal, and then there's Paramore, throwing in the wrench.

The whole of the pop-punk and pop-rock genres aren't new or inventive, but I still find a few of those bands impressive and genuine. Valencia, The Dangerous Summer, Relient K, etc. Good stuff right there, even if it's not trying to break any molds.

Good review, but i do think Misguided Ghosts fits with the record nicely. It seems to be very raw, and her voice sounds more natural than all the rest of the songs on the album.

I'm just not hearing it! Although I can tell I'm in the minority. Maybe it win me over later down the line?

This album needs to be covered up, brick by boring brick.

Just kidding (couldn't resist a dumb joke).

I actually think there aren't as many upbeat catchy stuck-in-your head tracks on here as there were on Riot! See:Born For This, Thats What You Get, For A Pessimist....etc. If I had to say what sounds more radio to me, Feeling Sorry would take that prize.

Careful is very reminiscent of song Miracle, and I think thats what they were going for. I think everyone on here has had something useful to contribute. All in all, this album has its ups and downs, they've improved musicianship wise in some spots and lacking in others, where its somewhat run of the mill humdrum writing ie, Playing God. Ignorance sounds like No Doubt, mainly during " Well, it's nice to meet you, sir I guess I'll go, I best be on my way out." Must have influenced them on tour, heh, and the way Hayley's dressed in the video with her hair put up in is very Gwen Stefani.

I like the verses of WTLO, reminds me of early 90's indie rock ala Discount. (As a Discount fan, not saying that they are at all comparable or similar.) Anyway, a good move and unexpected twist from their typical style on their part.

And, cool review.

Agreed, I don't think the standouts here are highlighted as much as the singles do on Riot! Those songs were so goddamn catchy. But the whole of this album - definitely a valiant effort.

What I don't understand is reading other reviews claiming this sounds a lot like Jimmy Eat World. uhh I don't hear it.

Maybe because they're both really catchy? That's as much as I've got, ha.

Doing RIYLs for bands like Paramore is pointless on sites like ours.

of coarse this crap gets an 82%. People on here hate typical radio pop music yet they love Paramore weird.

Exactly. That's because Paramore does it well. Not weird.

Extremely good review. I kind of agree with your score if not make it a couple points higher. I think this should be the pop-punk album of 2009, not the Dangerous Summer's new record (of which I've heard insane amounts of praise for...they sound way too much like TSL to be honest) Paramore has taken a risk on this album by being way more mature than on RIOT! and succeeded with, what I think, are 11 great songs (some better than others of course) I was never a complete fan, or Parawhore if you will, of all their music (both RIOT! and AWKIF felt a little half-baked to me) but this album converted me. Definitely making my AOTY list with the Swellers' new record; yesterday was a great day for my music collection.

I dunno, right now Relient K has my pop-punk heart. The Dangerous Summer is a close second and then probably brand new eyes.
04:32 PM on 09/30/09
Julia Conny
"Julia HurriConny"
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I can understand if some people dislike Paramore after all the exposure "Riot" gained them but I don't really think saying they have "no creativity" is an even remotely fair assessment. If someone were to ask me to name three bands that they sound similar too I would struggle to do so. Its hard to not automatically think that these bands would have to employ a female lead singer...which limits the selection pool even more so. I think when someone asked me that question the best I could do was say they were a combo of Fall Out Boy, Alanis Morrisette, No Doubt, and Garbage. And I agree with that assessment even less when I type it than I did when it came out of my mouth. But if Haley Williams ever ends up as a liquid metal version Terminator on a television series based on the movie franchise I will have redeemed that statement at least a little bit. Must be the hair.

I cant fault the lyrics at all. Each albums lyrics show Haley's age...and that isn't a bad thing. Im not sure how many people wanna hear a 20 year old girl have a concept album based on a folk story about a Japanese man nursing a crane back to health and having it affect his life afterwards. God knows I dont.

When in doubt just write about love had and lost...it appeals to the core demographic of say....EVERYONE IN THE WORLD WHO HAS EVER EXISTED.
Well fucking said.
06:01 PM on 09/30/09
Julia Conny
"Julia HurriConny"
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Aah, I can't wait to hear the new Relient K. I'm holding out until the physical copy's in my hands. The clips did sound amazing though.

I've just been confused about The Dangerous Summer since their album came out. They made an album full of repepitive pop-punk songs that held too much of a resemblance to The Starting Line. Pop-punk isn't necessarily supposed to be groundbreaking or sound completely new with each band, but I just felt Reach for the Sun had nothing to garner the kind of praise this site gave it. Paramore delievered a somewhat diverse album and showed progression for the whole band. I just feel like this site's got it wrong sometimes about what's an amazing album and what's a medeocre album, but it's all opinion. My opinion is probably complete garbage to a ton of the users on here.

Sorry for the verbal vomit. Again, great review. I always love reading your reviews and your style of writing.
They definitely have room to grow as a band, and I think they've found their sound, per se, but haven't quite ran with it yet. But I do hear something really fresh and poignant about Reach for the Sun. Although, I'm a bit biased since they're a hometown band.

The Starting Line similarities are impossible to ignore when it comes to AJ's vocals, although I think they're at least starting on their own path instrumentally.

Relient K is so good! You'll love it. I never got into the band before, and then I gave this album a go. It's golden.
06:10 PM on 09/30/09
Julia Conny
"Julia HurriConny"
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Have you heard Mmmhmm or Five Score? Those two are both great as well.
Minimally. Guess I should start now. I dunno how long this pop kick will last though, hah.

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