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Weekly Entertainment Article (05/12/06)

Posted by - 08:57 AM on 05/12/06
Whats up everyone. This week we've had some awesome clips out. First off Snakes on a Plane! and then we had a 7 min clip of X3, they're in the trailers section so check it out....

News and Rumors:

Metal Gear Solid is going to be the next videogame to become a movie, Kojima announced that it will be made into a feature film. No details on when it will happen though.

"Toy Story 3" has started production, no word on if everyone is returning.

James Wan, director of SAW, is set to direct "Death Sentence", the story is about a father who is out for revenge after his family was attacked by a gang. The father decides to get justice by killing every member of the gang.

Dimension Films has gained the rights to "Devil's Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three." It is about an Arkansas murder case where three children were brutally murdered in 1993. Weeks later the police arrested three teenagers who committed the crimes as part of a satanic ritual.

J.J. Abrams is very busy lately, ABC has given the greenlight to another drama Six Degrees, about a group of NY strangers whose lives become intertwined.

"The Other Side" is getting a huge cast. Brittany Murphy, Giovanni Ribisi, Jason Lee, Tim Roth, and Anjelica Huston are all attached to star. The film is about a student studying science who spends the summer on an island that is behind the times of the real world. The student tries to discover the mystery that has stunted the islanders.

Well Hollywood is still fucking up...50 Cent is set to star in "Live Bet", which is a heist film in the New York underworld. 50 also is going to star in the boxing film "The Dance"

Seann William Scott and John C. Reilly are in talks to star in the upcoming film "Quebec." About grocery store assistant managers who compete against each other for the job of manager.

The Dead Zone will start its fifth season Sunday June 18th, Also the 4400 will return on June 11th

Halle Berry and Benicio Del Toro are being tipped to star in "Things We Lost in the Fire." The film is about a woman whose husband suddenly dies, who then invites his best friend to live with the family who helps the family cope with their loss.

George Lucas has said the script for "Indiana Jones 4" is done and they will probably start shooting next year.

Michelle Gellar, Alec Baldwin and Maggie Grace are all in talks to star in "The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing." Based on the best selling book, the story is about a young girl's struggle with New Yorks' publishing world and her relationship with her father as he battles a terminal illness.

Rumor is that Brad Pitt has yet to sign a contract to star in Oceans 13 and they're getting worried since Angelina Jolie is preggers he might opt not to be in the film

The Jimi Hendrix biopic has been stopped in its tracks. The company that was believed to have the rights to the music was informed that they do not. So as it is right now there are no plans for a biopic yet.

Ben Stiller and Jim Carrey will star in "Used Guys." Set in the future, women run society where the men are cloned and sold off to the women where Stiller and Carrey are two men who go in search of the meaning of manhood. Jay Roach is directing

Commander in Chief has gotten pulled from the air. It will show the final three episodes.

"Knight Rider" is getting a movie. I really hope they don't update the car.....

The third Resident Evil movie will start shooting next monday. Ashanti will star in the film along with Milla Jovovich.

Warner Brothers will start putting films out on BitTorrent

"The Mutant Chronicles" which currently stars Thomas Jane and John Malkovich has signed on three more to the cast. Stephen Rea, Ron Perlman and Benno Furmann have all joined, Rea will play a former commander of Lieutenant Mitch Hunter (Jane), who is a marine who tries to save earth against the NecroMutants. Pearlman will play the leader of a religious group who thinks he can destroy the mutants.

In more videogame to movie news, "World of Warcraft" is also going to be hitting the big screen. It was announced at E3 that Legendary Pictures has acquired the rights.

Another Dirty Harry movie is in the works.

Sophia Bush has signed to play the lead in "The Hitcher", a remake about two travelers who are hunted by a hitchhiker.

Wli Harris will be playing the boyfriend of Alicia Key's character in the film adaptation of "The Nanny Diaries"

Jason Bateman has joined the cast of "The Kingdom" the film also stars Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner, which is about an American counter-terrorism agent who goes to a Middle Eastern country after a bombing attack.

"Wrong Turn 2" is going to start filming around May 29th, not much news on casting yet but Eliza Dushku is not involved.

The "SAW 3" official site is up www.saw3.com

And finally, the most out there rumor we all hope is true, they're looking to turn the Lingerie Bowl into a movie and Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson are supposed to star......yeah i don't see this happening at all.....

Movies Released this Week 5/12:

Remake of the 1972 disaster classic, a luxury ocean liner capsizes from a colossal tidal wave, leaving its survivors to fend for themselves as they find a way out.

Manhattanite Ashley (Lindsay Lohan) is known to many as the luckiest woman around. After a chance encounter with a down-and-out young man (Chris Pine), however, she realizes that she's swapped her fortune for his.

GOAL: The Dream Begins
Living in the Barrios section of Los Angeles, Santiago (Kuno Becker) harbors the dream of being a professional soccer player. Until, one day an extraordinary turn of events has him trying out for Premiership club Newcastle United.

The story of a 13-year-old boy who uses his upcoming bar mitzvah to reconcile the strained relationship between his father and grandfather.

Set at the end of the 60's as Swaziland is about to receive Independence from Great Britain, the film follows the young Richard E Grant at 12 (Zach Fox) through his parents traumatic separation, till he's 14 (Nicholas Hoult).

Richard (Paddy Considine) returns home from military service to a small town in the Midlands. He has one thing on his mind: revenge.

all summaries taken from themoviebox.net

DVD News:

DVD's Released this Week:

Grandma's Boy
Rumor Has It
Nanny McPhee
The New World
Big Momma's House 2
Poseidon Adventure SE
Scrubs: 3rd Season
The West Wing: 6th Season
That 70's Show: 4th Season
Rescue Me: 2nd Season
Everybody Loves Raymond: 6th Season
Northern Exposure: Seasons 1 and 2
Life Goes On: 1st Season
Golden Girls: 5th Season
Dr Katz: 1st Season
The Andy Griffith Show: 6th Season

Announced DVD Release Dates:

The Sci-Fi Boys: May 16th
Something New: May 16th
16 Blocks: June 13th
Lady and the Tramp II: June 20th
Annapolis: June 27th
Find Me Guilty: June 27th
She's the Man: July 18th
Road House: July 18th
Ask the Dust: July 25th
Beavis and Butthead: Mike Judge Collection Vol 3: Aug 1st
The Simpsons: Season 8: Aug 15th (Maggie's Box)
Invasion: Season 1: Aug 22nd
Veronica Mars: Season 2: Aug 22nd
Romancing The Stone: Aug 29th
The Flintstones Season 6: Sept 5th
Supernatural Season 1: Sept 5th


Snakes on a Plane clip from Ellen

7 Min Sneak Peek of X-Men 3

Rocky Balboa

Casino Royale


Strangers With Candy

Miami Vice

District B13

Dead Man's Shoes

Three Times

Russian Dolls

Lady in the Water


This week Slade has reviewed American Haunting

that's it for this week.

sources: joblo.com, darkhorizons.com, themoviebox.net, yahoo.com, apple.com, tv.com, cinemablend.com
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08:59 AM on 05/12/06
True Punk Fan
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
I'd rather Brad Bitt not do Oceans Thirteen and that was Angelina would have time to go ahead do Sin City 2
09:04 AM on 05/12/06
Registered User
User Info.
Erkin's Avatar
cant wait for saw 3
09:05 AM on 05/12/06
Listen To Saves The Day
User Info.
gengen's Avatar
dude i am hooked on commander in chief. dang it.
09:06 AM on 05/12/06
We Still Care
User Info.
Speyside's Avatar
Just so you know, Henry Rollins is set to be in Wrong Turn 2. Why Henry, why?
09:10 AM on 05/12/06
Registered User
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
Originally Posted by Speyside
Just so you know, Henry Rollins is set to be in Wrong Turn 2. Why Henry, why?
omg no.
this topic is mostly about bad movies that are being made. i'm doubtful for that jim carrey/ben stiller thing. the only one that sounds good for sure (jimi hendrix biopic) is now postponed. great. 20 bucks says whoever plays jimi hendrix ends up with an oscar
09:11 AM on 05/12/06
Jared Kaufman
Registered Member
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
Casino Royale looks pretty sweet.
09:22 AM on 05/12/06
User Info.
puNk_tHeoRy's Avatar
the Metal Gear games are already movies.
09:38 AM on 05/12/06
True Punk Fan
User Info.
resUrectMe617's Avatar
toy story 3 huh? i loved toy story 1.

oh and if anyone sees poseidon tonight... someone tell me what they think of it! i've heard mixed reviews.
09:49 AM on 05/12/06
sell the sunris
..is Batman
User Info.
sell the sunris's Avatar
i believer the sci fi boys has been on dvd for a while, at least it's been at my local Best Buy from a little bit.

Kurt Russell needs to play Snake.
09:56 AM on 05/12/06
i was young and love was fun
User Info.
GoTHErelentless's Avatar
Strangers with Candy looks awesome.

Mutant Chronnicles sounds god-like.

American Apparel bores me. Get new ads.
10:02 AM on 05/12/06
Fuckface Extraordinaire
User Info.
Tony's Avatar
Originally Posted by puNk_tHeoRy
the Metal Gear games are already movies.
my thoughts exactly.
10:11 AM on 05/12/06
Registered User
User Info.
brandneww's Avatar
lingerie bowl? jessica simpson and jessica alba? best picture of the year? i think so!! but yeah...probably won't happen! DAMMIT!
10:12 AM on 05/12/06
Awesome User
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
man, that X3 clip gave me chills. i think im waaay too excited for it...no wait, i take that back...X3 will be the shit and i will be first in line to see it.
10:41 AM on 05/12/06
Rated Arg = best live act
User Info.
bigmig22's Avatar
Originally Posted by puNk_tHeoRy
the Metal Gear games are already movies.

ha, very true. I love the games, but 90% of it is the in-game movie.

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