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Relient K - Forget and Not Slow Down

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Relient K - Forget and Not Slow Down
Record Label: RCA/JIVE Label Group
Release Date: October 2, 2009
Feeling down about a recent heartbreak or loss in your life? Matt Thiessen of Relient K has an album for you and all your troubles. In the past, Relient K has been known for their pop-rock songs mixed with pop-culture references and a few inspiring lyrics when need be. Evidently Matt has been going through some rough times, because their newest album Forget and Not Slow Down might take the cake for trying to get something horrible out of the mind and trying to let the good times flood back in. In this case, a breakup album is what fans get, but this is not your typical breakup album. There really aren't any sad and pathetic songs that stretch this album. Rather, Thiessen and the gang try hard to keep positive about a sad situation.

Right from the get-go, the title track lets everyone know that Relient K want to move on from problems and get back on track, maybe both musically and spiritually. "Is it time I befriended all the ghosts of all the things that haunt me most, so they leave me alone" is just one of the examples of how personal the lyrics can get on this album and this is only track one. From there, Relient K goes for a perfect blending of each track into the next, kicking off a spectacular song called "I Don't Need a Soul." I love the background piano on this track and how Thiessen uses his vocals to convey a sort of flashback tone and vibe that resonate throughout the album. While "Candlelight" doesn't necessarily hold up on this album, it's a nice song about perhaps Thiessen's ex and how she was perfect for him and he wants the world to know. Soon, songs like "Candlelight" get extended treatment through small little songs that tend to help move things along at a nice pace. Though for those of you out there who are shuffle-happy with your iPod, this technique of album sorting might drive you crazy.

"Therapy" is designed to feel like a road trip song, and I must say when I recently went out on a road trip this song was on repeat half of the time. With Tom Petty-like background guitars and a sweet piano hook, it's clear that this is a standout track on the album and I hope a future single. Since Relient K is known as a Christian rock band, lyrics such as "Cause you won't take my calls and that makes God, the only one who's left here listening to me" certainly reinstate this claim. But I love how the subject matter toward God and religion is never beat upon you on this record just as before in this band's catalog. The middle part of the record is rather well done, but "Sahara" and "Savannah" don't hold up to me as much as I've heard it does with fans. I suppose maybe I think "Sahara" is a tad bit generic sounding compared with the large amount of creativity this album shows. "Savannah" just seems like Thiessen is living in denial about the failed relationship, and while the lyrics are strong on the song, musically it doesn't really fit with my take on the album. If trying to get over a lost love is equivalent to wishing to see them once more, that's perfectly normal, but I think Relient K could've done something more hopeful than include that song here. Maybe the track listing was off for me.

Lucky for me, by the time the audience hits "If You Believe Me" the album starts to pick back up and I feel like Thiessen has realized that the chance for redemption toward his relationship is coming to an end. I absolutely love the lyrics "If you believe me, you'd have to disbelieve yourself." Right at that moment, the listener realizes that Thiessen knows that he and his ex will never agree on their thoughts toward love or being together. Which brings us to the rather beautiful one-two punch that is "This Is the End" and "(If You Want It)." Without a doubt, "This Is the End" demonstrates how someone feels when they don't care about the other person they've been with anymore. Of course, I feel "This Is the End" does a grand job musically toward the previously mentioned emotion, where "(If You Want It)" showcases how strong a writer Thiessen can be. "You're not the first thing in my life I've loved and lost, yeah I've thought worse things that I might be less inclined to merely just shrug off" feels like the climax of the album even though it's the bitter end.

Bottom Line: This is a fantastic album about dealing with loss and moving toward something better. The music is strong like always, and the lyrics hit home personally on many different levels, making this album a possible classic in Relient K's catalog.

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09:59 PM on 11/06/09
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thepianominstre's Avatar
"Savannah" is my personal favorite of the record... I love how they explore that bouncy rhythm with the different instrumentation. I have other disagreements with your review, too, but Relient K is the type of band where we can disagree about details and still appreciate Matt's fantastic work.
01:26 AM on 11/07/09
We never met, you and I
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awakeohsleeper's Avatar
I love this record.
12:51 PM on 11/07/09
Having trouble inside my skin...
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fanberlinboy's Avatar
Great review, but the RIYL doesn't make sense to me.
02:09 PM on 11/07/09
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No Avatar Selected
Solid review, solid album
10:34 PM on 11/07/09
Registered User
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honestykills's Avatar
"Savannah" is my personal favorite of the record... I love how they explore that bouncy rhythm with the different instrumentation. I have other disagreements with your review, too, but Relient K is the type of band where we can disagree about details and still appreciate Matt's fantastic work.
this! "savannah" is my favorite as well.
06:38 PM on 11/08/09
Thanks Anberlin 2002-2014
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fightinirish217's Avatar
Really liked this review, really explains how I feel about many of the songs. Well done.
06:53 PM on 11/28/09
Calvin Lauber
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Calvin Lauber's Avatar
This album is so good. One of my new favorite albums.
11:25 PM on 01/03/10
Regular Member
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nathaniel's Avatar
I have been a fan of Relient K from the start, and they put this album out right when I needed it. It's helped me cope with a lot these past few months. Even so, it's a very good album.
10:24 PM on 01/04/10
Registered User
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Great review. I believe that Forget and Not Slow Down is definitely the best in Relient K's career. I cannot wait to see what they do next.
I do disagree about "Savannah" though. That track happens to be my favorite song. It's so different for them musically, but maybe that's what i love about it. I love the cello plucking at the beginning. I don't think it's placed wrong either. I feel like Thiessen was just kind of imagining what it would be like if they got back together, or showing that there's still a part of him that really misses her. The, "but until then..." at the end shows that he kind of knows that there's really no hope, but he can't help but wish for it.
I don't know, just my take on things.
10:17 AM on 03/01/12
Registered User
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Best album they have ever put out! A true Masterpiece! All the instrumentals are genius! and the lyrics are soo personal and outstanding! i give this album a 9/10!!!!

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