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10:48 PM on 10/27/09
Idle Will Kill
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I don't want to sound like a dick, but if you still believe in god in 2009, there is something wrong with you

they are just bands and they are just lyrics you idiots
10:56 PM on 10/27/09
Nick Le
Yeezy taught me.
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I didn't know Rocketown was a Christian venue. I wonder if the dad knows that there are "dark sounding" Christian bands
10:58 PM on 10/27/09
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LOL @ Christians!
11:05 PM on 10/27/09
Regular Member
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I've been to quite a few shows at Rocketown. The people who work there are really nice and during some shows, someone from the venue will go on stage between band sets and make general safety rule announcements and say something like, 'If you need to talk someone about anything, find a staff member and we'll talk with you. We're here to talk with you if you need to.' Something like that. I knew that it was a Christian establishment and I liked that. I hate being around a bunch of people smoking and drinking because I hate breathing in someone else's smoke and I hate stomping or tripping on plastic cups when I'm in the middle of a crowd in the middle of a set.

As the article mentioned, this isn't the first 'hardcore satanic metal band' to go through Rocketown. They have heavy metal shows there all the time. I would say that the majority of the bands that play there aren't Christian, but if they only let Christian bands play, the venue probably would have gone under a while ago. If this guy doesn't like the fact that his kid wants to go to this show, then he shouldn't let him go, it's as simple as that. Rocketown won't change their band bookings no matter how many people think they shouldn't have bands like Black Dahlia Murder. And if his kid does go, he should feel a little better knowing that his kid won't be around any alcohol or cigarettes (unless he goes outside) and that they have security all over the place.

Plus, Rocketown is moving sometime soon. So if they move too far out of downtown Nashville, more bands may not want to go that far to play there. There are already a lot of bands that don't come here in the first place.

Also, if this guy is so up in arms about the fact that a Christian venue lets these kinds of bands play there, why does he allow his child to listen to this music? Why can he listen to it, but he can't go see the band? Would he prefer his son to go to someplace shadier like The Muse and hear them play? Rocketown is probably one of the safest venues in Nashville.
Thanks for writing this. The area I'm in doesn't really have a problem with shows being unsafe but I can still appreciate a venue like this.
11:08 PM on 10/27/09
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Andres3thousand's Avatar
I'm Catholic too, but on the real, I think that these bands are just trying to stir shat up. I mean, it's not even about religion, they're just trying to prove a point. It's like when a black person gets treated wrong by someone who isn't black and it's called "racism."

11:09 PM on 10/27/09
Poop My Pants
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Just wanted to add that Tennessee has a large amout of Christian bullshit metal bands.

It's fucking sad.
11:47 PM on 10/27/09
Regular Member
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Jason_Merch's Avatar
Christian venue my ass. There might be a christian band or show there once a month, but the majority of the bands that play there are not christian. Seriously, it would be such a better venue if they dropped the whole "christian" thing.
11:57 PM on 10/27/09
Robert Weber
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setthestage's Avatar
i played at rocketown this summer, from what the sound guy was telling me, the people who run the shows aren't really 100% tied to the church. i make sure to ask about cursing on stage at venues i've never played at so i don't piss anyone off/fuck up our chances of playing there again. His exact words were," i don't give a shit. people might not like it, but i'm not going to turn you off for it." so basically, people need to just chill out. the people there are all cool as hell too. love that place.
11:59 PM on 10/27/09
Registered User
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Wishy washy people make me sick. Be real. Stand up for what you believe and don't water it down.
12:00 AM on 10/28/09
I believe in you.
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Best news article title I've seen in a while.

Rocketown has a serious decision to make...

12:01 AM on 10/28/09
Registered User
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fuck religion.

these kind of people are partially the reason i'm an atheist.
12:10 AM on 10/28/09
Joel Ion
Defender of Dudes
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Oh man, Toxic Holocaust... I saw those dudes open for GWAR last year. They started a song by saying, "THIS IS A SONG FOR ALL YOU DEVIL WORSHIPERS OUT THERE! IT'S CALLED 6-6-6!!"

I nearly died laughing.

Then they got booked at the bar I used to work at.

I got to laugh twice in the same year at the same "joke".

12:37 AM on 10/28/09
panda @ weworemasks.com
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kissbangkill's Avatar
fuck religion.

these kind of people are partially the reason i'm an atheist.

I don't want to sound like a dick, but if you still believe in god in 2009, there is something wrong with you

they are just bands and they are just lyrics you idiots

your hypocrisy is astounding. you're both probably the types that get pissed when people of religion preach their beliefs anywhere within hearing distance of you, yet here you are doing the exact same thing.

live and let live.. i know it's a strange concept, but give it a shot. i promise it's better than the whole 'being the bitter douche on a message board' thing.
05:19 AM on 10/28/09
I've never heard of you either!
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I'd be more concerned that my son listens to such shit music than the fact that they are "SATANIC".
05:27 AM on 10/28/09
Alex DiVincenzo
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