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Immoor - The Thievery of Your Own Things Album Cover
Author's Rating
Vocals 8
Musicianship 8
Lyrics 9
Production 9
Creativity 8.5
Lasting Value 9.5
Reviewer Tilt 10
Final Verdict: 89%
Member Ratings
Vocals 8.5
Musicianship 8
Lyrics 8
Production 9.5
Creativity 9.5
Lasting Value 10
Reviewer Tilt 10
Average: 91%
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Immoor - The Thievery of Your Own Things

Reviewed by: acemvivere (11/09/09)
Immoor - The Thievery of Your Own Things
Release Date: 11/2/06
Record Label: Immoor Productions

I recently purchased a brand new laptop after its predecessor, which served me faithfully for the last two years, literally went up in a blazing conflagration of smoke and flames. I reinstalled iTunes, and as it was supposed to do, it allowed me to download any music I had directly purchased from the store by browsing my purchase history. I wasn't surprised to find very little on it, but I was surprised to find an artist I couldn't recall ever listening to, much less spending money on. I spent a good hour or so listening to Casey Immoor's first full-length album, and then proceeded to take a pencil, stick it between my index and middle finger, and squeeze. Hard.

It hurt, incredibly; but I only did it because I'm not flexible enough to kick myself in the ass for having ignored the presence of this ecstatic musical presence for a good year or so.

Immoor doesn't have the kind of voice that can cut through the air with crystal clear clarity and finesse, or the brute force of a brick to the face, but he does have a hypnotic quality to his droning, almost monotone voice. The music he presents through synthetic melodies is calm, methodical, and flows smoothly with mechanical precision. The vast majority, if not all, of his lyrics are thoughtful, dealing in pleasant, at times quirky, messages (In "Unit 371", the melancholy yet upbeat story of a machine about to be recycled: "Well I'd rather not be dismantled here, I've been chosen to be shaped into cans for beer, to keep costs down and earnings up this week"). The end result is a polished and mesmerizing musical experience. Listening to Immoor drives in a point many artists in the music industry seem to have forgotten as of late: there is harmony in honest simplicity.

THE THIEVERY of YOUR OWN THINGS, as it is technically referred to in all of its humble, caps-locked glory, is a gem of an album that will very likely remain buried under a pile of rubble veiled in glitz and glamor. It's a tragic statement due to the fact that for every Postal Service out there, a dozen more half-assed productions which parade around in neon lights spewing out more generic garbage exist. In light of this, I am fully prepared to fend off the avalanche of shit Immoor will no doubt bring, or has already brought. Some things are just worth it.

Recommended If You LikeThe Postal Service, Air; electronic music with a tinge of rock, or vice versa.
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01:33 PM on 11/24/09
Travis Parno
my sensible heart
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Travis Parno's Avatar
i love this album.
10:08 AM on 11/28/09
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circasurvivor's Avatar
I wish he would drop another album sometime in the future. I'm surprised this album got passed by while Owl City has gone on to burn up the charts.
04:24 PM on 12/01/09
Feeling lazy due to weather
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acemvivere's Avatar
Evidently, as posted on his facebook, a 2nd full-length album is finished, and is due to be released sometime this year.

03:30 PM on 12/18/09
Registered User
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Actually, it is coming out early 2010. The physical cd's of my next album "She Moves" are already in my hands, but I am waiting until after the holidays to do an official release. Lets just say around 1/15/10 you should be able to get the whole album anywhere you like! Also, one of the songs on the new album was used in a montage in the feature film "Douchebag" that will compete for best dramatic feature at the Sundance festival next month - that's another good reason to hold off on releasing it just yet. Anyone who liked the first record should check out the three bonus songs that I uploaded to www.myspace.com/immoor for a sneak peek. Thanks again for the good opinions - I'm glad that even three years after I released the last one, it still merits a review!

-Casey Immoor
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