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Fads of The Year/Decade --- Your Thoughts

Posted by - 11:05 AM on 11/12/09
Neon shirts. Similar feminine haircuts. Synth screams. Crunkcore. Well, you can see where I'm going with this. The past decade, and especially the past year, has given us a bit of cookie cutting within our little community. Some of us eat it up, while others look past it. There's no denying that it is selling, and there is a support system somewhere out there.

Are these new blended genres of music just a fad? Is the fan base just a naive crowd? How did we get to a place like this? We've certainly seen a grand homogenization of influences that have really molded into something special - I use that term sarcastically and loosely.

Of the music we have scoffed at this year, or scratched our head over around the ball dropping at the end of 1999, how much of that has lasted, and how much of it will last into the next ten years? We're constantly maturing and discovering new soundscapes. What don't you think you'll come back to that you were really into this year when sifting through your CD's years down the line? What do you hope goes away, or should implode on itself like a dying star?
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11:09 AM on 11/12/09
Registered User
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presdaddy's Avatar
my buddy wrote a great article relating to this...

11:12 AM on 11/12/09
*crying stars*
... are you crazy?
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*crying stars*'s Avatar
I feel like the fads we have seen will affect how we listen to music in the future. And it simultaneously bums me out and excites me at the same time.
11:12 AM on 11/12/09
I guess that I just don't know
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starynightsky's Avatar
i think all of it will be gone before 2012. the fad will fade.
11:14 AM on 11/12/09
You need human heat
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owiseone35's Avatar
Hopefully it won't last. I just think this Neon craze is like the new disco give it a few years and people will realize how stupid it is/it will die.
11:15 AM on 11/12/09
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Readyfuels's Avatar
Hah I remember when guys wore girl jeans.
11:19 AM on 11/12/09
Registered User
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finders's Avatar
fads always die out. there will always be people who like that they like and will continue to listen for years, but the majority of listeners will move along to the next fad. there's really nothing wrong with it though because that's just how things are now.
11:20 AM on 11/12/09
makin' good time
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Ryzenfall's Avatar
I'd like to think artists will realize the overuse of popularized outrageously obvious auto-tune has made fans really tired of it all across the board. But a lot of mainstream hip-hop and neon vocalists really might be that stubborn or lazy about their vocals to keep it going for a long time.

I don't want Jay-Z's death of autotune, because it can and is used well on a minor scale, and even in the overblown manifestation it can be used artfully. But as a fad, it needs to go.
11:22 AM on 11/12/09
Yea, you were right about me
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trappedintime's Avatar
In the words of Hayley Williams in the Paramore chat, "I think it's bullshit".
11:23 AM on 11/12/09
Every cloud is in your way
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popdisaster00's Avatar
This too shall pass.
11:25 AM on 11/12/09
Nth Degree
Love the Future
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Nth Degree's Avatar
I was on my purevolume page yesterday, I looked at some of my favorite artists. I can't believe that I listened to some of that stuff just a few years ago. But, I can't say that I even remember what they sounded like, so for me, I don't think most of this stuff will have a lasting impression.
11:26 AM on 11/12/09
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Neon will eventually phase itself out. The crunkcore trends of music will die as well, just as the whole "emo-Hawthorne Heights" trend died out after a year or two. However, I think it's totally up for grabs in terms of new trends. I would like to see indie or folk take more of a presence, though I'm not keeping my fingers crossed.

From 1999 to 2009, we saw the rise and fall of both Drive Thru and Fueled By Ramen. In the years to come, I, like probably 90% of this site, would like to see the resurrection of both labels. And, if DTR can't get their shit together, just give me my god-damned Early November DVD and I'll shut up.

This x4285291048194059324

Oh, and don't forget to include Victory Records in that list of labels who have risen and subsequently fallen. It's hard to believe where they are now considering how huge they were from like 2003-2007. I can honestly say I listen to three bands still with the label (ADTR, Silverstein, and the Audition), when it used to be up around 10-15.
11:27 AM on 11/12/09
Regular Member
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theripped0ne's Avatar
there's always been a cyclical trend in music for each decade. the genre of that particular decade starts strong. at the mid-way point, things begin to change. sometime its for good and some cases for the worse (ahem...crunkcore). a new decade brings an anticipated change, and people seek out that change, by either creating or listening.
60's rock... huge leaps and bounds from its creation in the 50's. as the beatles fell apart and hendrix passed, that era slowly faded... then came along the 70's disco and dance trend. thennn as electronics got better, 80's dance and pop became a whirlwind. then BAM, here comes hip hop! (whole other maze) this whole time in the UK and at CBGB's in NYC, the underground hardcore and punk scene was stirring like a pack of hungry dogs.
as the 80's turned over into the 90's people got sick of the glam and new neon, the epic new wave of rock came through. bringing punk rockers, metalheads, grunge kids, (now) classic rock rip-offs, pop rock, radio rock, etc. almost too much to handle. when kurt died alot of that droning rock died with him (and i love kurt in all his droning).
growing up as a teenager in the mid-late 90's on long island ny and in NYC, i saw this new era spawning from a hardcore, ska, and punk scene. bands like lifetime, saves the day, kid dynamite, silent majority, hatebreed, inside, glassjaw, knapsack, small brown bike, the get up kids, brand new, new found glory, taking back sunday, boysetsfire... it was this force that didnt stop. it was punk, but it was hardcore, but it was emotional as shit, but it was rock, but it was indie, but it wassss.... like i could hear these guys and their bleeding hearts on my cassette mix tapes. it was incredible. i didnt know how to handle it except engulf myself within it.
as the 2000's came around, the buzz kept buzzing and it was time to cash in! woohoo! mid 2000's brought you the success of the Used, Jimmy Eat World, Starting Line, TBS and more... and it was awesome to see all those bands doin their thing because it was good music. still is. more people SHOULD hear it. but this is why kevin and the warped tour machine and all his other megatours currently reign supreme. more and more people joining in. BRING ON THE NEW GENRES! emo, emo-core, screamo, speedcore, dancecore, crunkcore... some people did some cool shit, and some of it just got worse and worseee. i dont know about you, but i never made it a point to straighten my hair before a show. the neon, wayyy too much neon haha. start caring about the music and throw your image out the window.
see??? this era of emo and core this and core that, whatever you want to call it, is rapidly changing. and i see it ending, just like it always has at the end of each of the previous decades. the kids are catching on and noticing that crunkcore is a phase and it will fade quickly. hair metal came and went. got some good songs out of it, but that fad was beat after 5 years. "we're halfway thereeeeee! wooahh-ohhhh! (-insert awesome song lyric here-)".
there are some positives creeping in at the end of this decade... there always is!
i'm starting to see and feel some of the same vibes i got growing up in my surrounding music scene... but different genres, doing different things, creating different waves. paddle out and ride them... PLEASE!
bands like Polar Bear Club, the Swellers, Good Old War, Brand New, Manchester Orchestra, Look Mexico, Defeater, Say Anything, Capital, Envy on the Coast, A Wilhelm Scream, Maps & Atlases, The Bronx, Passion Pit, Circa Survive, Moving Mountains, Jose Gonzalez, Santogold, Minus the Bear, the freggin Rx Bandits!, Silversun Pickups, Strike Anywhere... oh my goodness i could go on forever.
basicalllllly, as we head in 2010, i think we'll be alright. this next wave wont be so bad after all.
i have hope :)
just keep your eyes peeled on the horizon. and not just for the biggest wave that comes in with the tide. but the right wave. the one that'll make you happy for paddling out and listening to the ocean for a while.
11:29 AM on 11/12/09
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finders's Avatar
I was on my purevolume page yesterday, I looked at some of my favorite artists. I can't believe that I listened to some of that stuff just a few years ago. But, I can't say that I even remember what they sounded like, so for me, I don't think most of this stuff will have a lasting impression.
yes i agree with this completely. there are some artists you can go back to years later and still love just as much. of course this fad is producing artists that you listen to and enjoy for a short time, but couldn't care less about years later.
11:30 AM on 11/12/09
Adam Pfleider
wait. what were we talking about?
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Adam Pfleider's Avatar
I forgot to mention in my origianl post about the use of networking sites. Does anyone use MySpace besides having a cheap webpage for advertisement? Now that there are Facebook fan pages and twitter feeds, is there a marketing saturation that's reaching annoyance?

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