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Broadway - Kingdoms

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Broadway - Kingdoms
Record Label: Uprising Records
Release Date: July 7, 2009
This review is a user submitted review from Dystroxia. You can see all of Dystroxia's submitted reviews here.
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11:17 PM on 12/29/09
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superBMRuth's Avatar
score is way to high and you obviously don't have that wide of a music scope, but I love this album. it borrows heavily from the names in your RIYL, but it comes off more sincere than most copy-cat bands. these guys play my city a lot, there really nice, sweet dudes for the most part and i always enjoy their sets and try to buy some sort of merch to help out.
11:26 PM on 12/29/09
Registered User
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their stage performance is very very entertaining but as far as vocals live...good scream... wasn't to fond of clean vocals (maybe an off day but jesus alot of flat notes)...but pretty good CD for this genre.
11:45 PM on 12/29/09
Why do you stay till you see blood?
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NateFoundGlory's Avatar
I've been meaning to look into this cd. Review helped a bit.
11:54 PM on 12/29/09
Registered User
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danawalker's Avatar
one of my favorite releases of the year, not a bad track. but seriously, WORST lyrics ever. I'd give it a 1 for effort. Just god-awful elementary level "poetry." It sucks they are so bad, but the rest of this record is honestly so good I can actually let it slide.
12:12 AM on 12/30/09
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Andrew33's Avatar
Eh, not that good. I liked it- felt too much like things I've heard before. On a side note, I'm pretty sure that Johnny Craig and Craig Owens are separate dudes; check into the guest vocals again, you mixed 'em up a bit. Also, please write more about the album and less about how we should get it. Good job though, take this only as constructive criticism! =)
02:18 AM on 12/30/09
Steve Holt is a bastard.
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shawnPLAGUES's Avatar
Love this album, seen them twice.

And to that note about hoping that none of their band members leave, their bassist Gabe left awhile ago, haha.

There is also a little confusion on the guest vocals bit. You refer to both of them as "Craig", but not Jonny/Craig or Craig/Owens. This could be confusing to some.

Other than that, solid review.
02:55 AM on 12/30/09
Registered User
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kaduck2007's Avatar
Love the album. Review was decent. Seemed a lot more like a praise though then a review, but you did give some good insight on a couple of the tracks. Nice work.
04:15 AM on 12/30/09
these pretzels are makin me thirst
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tottivillarossi's Avatar
It's not an 89% album.
05:08 AM on 12/30/09
Regular Member
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Alex1410's Avatar
redeeming a monster is a tune. but 89%?
06:09 AM on 12/30/09
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Too informal, too high rating.
08:47 AM on 12/30/09
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sweepthenation's Avatar
Great album, but idk what the fuck you are talking about, its pretty easy to hear Craig and Craig
08:56 AM on 12/30/09
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Dirge07's Avatar
Decent review. It's definitely one of my favorite albums of '09, but I kind of agree with everyone else the rating is a tad bit high. Played with these guys a few times; great dudes and definitely put on a good, entertaining live show :)
09:38 AM on 12/30/09
wake up i'm calling you
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tyramail's Avatar
i love this album, but that is a pretty high score. and i think you mixed up the part with jonny craig and craig owens a bit.
11:26 AM on 12/30/09
The Knight Who Says Ni
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KaneFails's Avatar
I disagree with a lot of what is said in this review. First, it's incredibly easy to distinguish Jonny Craig and Craig Owens from Misha Camacho. Owens tends to feature more falsetto in his guest spot and Craig features more vobratto, along with his famed use of heat, while Camacho, as you stated, is higher pitched. I also feel both singers outshine Camacho on their tracks due to their great performances.

Second, I don't find the lyrics to be as great as you say, although they are accessible and easy to relate to. I just don't them to be very repeatable, or quotable. To me, Broadway's lyrics simply come off as something a high school student would write for an English assignment. However, I will give them credit for not having all of them about girls, like a lot of "Screamo" and "Post-hardcore" bands are doing now. Although, some bands pull it off extremely well. My prime example for this is the band La Dispute. I strongly recommend you listen to their album: Somewhere At the Bottom of the River Between Vegas and Altair. But, that's irrelevant.

I feel you're giving the album in general more praise then it deserves. Now, I will agree that Kingdoms is a good album, but I will never say it's an amazing album, because it isn't. Although songs like "We Are Paramount" and "You Gotta Love That Southern Charm" are in fact great, songs like "Meg Ryan Would Play You in the Movie" and "The Prom Queen Has No Friends" do nothing but hurt the album with how boring and skippable each song is. Thus, you are left with a hit-and-miss album.

Speaking of "Southern Charm", I find it strange how it wasn't even given a mention on this review. The guitar solo intro sucks you into the song, leaving you with Misha's vocals for a brief verse before the fist-pumping chorus, and thus having your attention for the rest of the song, and having you banging your head and screaming along by the end of the song. Also, the raw passion of "AWOL" in this song appears to be greatly underestimated for some reason. For that song, I find the ballad is one of the best songs on the album due to the outstanding vocal performances by both Misha and the other singer, who to this day I'm unaware of who is singing, but he is no doubt a great singer. "You Bring the Thunder", sadly, isn't as incredible as you call it. Although it's a fist-pumping anthem about rejecting the false icons in music, it isn't really memorable besides Misha's performance.

Overall, Broadway are a band that are rising, and they're rising at an exceedingly fast rate. There is no doubt in my mind that by album two, they will be on the same level of fame as the front-runners of scenecore (A Skylit Drive, Chiodos, blessthefall, Emarosa, et cetera).

Oh, and inb4 tl;dr.

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