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Technology Round-Up (12-06-09)

Posted by - 06:27 PM on 12/06/09
Check out this week's technology roundup in the replies.
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06:27 PM on 12/06/09
Lueda Alia
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Thanks to Chad for putting this together.

Technology Roundup
Discussion topic

One third of teenagers recently surveyed admitted to "sexting." So let's turn the question on our readers. Have you sexted (transmitted lude photos to another person via MMS)? [Poll]


Did anyone watch the live stream of amnesic patient H.M.'s brain surgery?

Pornography apparently does not cause adverse effects on sexual behavior. The study also reports that the average single man watches porn three times a week for 40 minutes, while the average man in a relationship watches porn 1.7 times per week for 20 minutes (so ladies, don't feel bad that your man is still on the computer late at night).

Facebook and MySpace removed the accounts of 3,500 New York sex offenders. With that action, even fewer people use MySpace.

MySpace will adopt Facebook Connect in 2010.

If anyone accidentally downloads child pornography, call the authorities immediately rather than letting them find out and send you to jail.

Watch a sad, sad video as a couple update their Facebook statuses during their wedding vows. It would be funnier if one of them changed their relationship status to "single."

See "how HTML5 Will Change the Way You Use the Web."

Yahoo! search results will soon be powered by Bing. Microsoft and Yahoo! have reached a ten-year agreement that also includes revenue sharing. Oh, and a recent study indicates that 7 of 10 independently surveyed users prefer Bing to Google. Yahoo! has also added Facebook Connect to its pages.

Google is tailoring search results based on how you surf the internet whether or not your have a Google account. There is a link in the article to turn the feature off.

Apple has purchased the music service LaLa, which may indicate iTunes may be soon officially stream (officially) over the web.

Writers for online-only publications are now eligible for the Pulitzer Prize. Any wonderful AP.net writers you'd like to nominate?

US citizens looking for the fastest internet in the country need to head to Waterloo, Iowa.

Comcast is now allowing metered users to view their usage online.

YouTube has launched a lightweight "feather" player.

Microsoft has nice 3D overhaul of Bing Maps.

Wolfram Alpha will not only solve equations, but explain how they're solved. Also, the site has taken down its mobile page in hopes that people will buy the $50 iPhone app.

Google will speed up your internet...to their pages.

What does everyone think of Google's new homepage? The site has also added a dictionary.

To spread holiday cheer, Gmail is sending free postcards (yes, the physical kind).

Google has stopped development of Gears to spend more time working on HTML 5.


Researchers have modified electromagnetic pulses to cut through steel seven times faster than lasers.

An Italian man with a cybernetic arm can control it with his mind and claims to have actual feeling in it.

The US Air Force has confirmed the existence of a new stealth aircraft.

Audi's e-tron is by far the sexiest electric (concept, for now) car ever [via Gizmodo].

A woman who filmed her sister's birthday party in a theater while Twilight was playing has been charged with piracy. Though she is obviously not the brightest crayon in the box, is the MPAA out of line here?

Next year's World Cup will be recorded in 3D. In related news, Sony predicts that by 2012, half the TVs sold will be 3D.

See why burn-in on Plasma TVs is not a serious issue.

A guy in Denmark is pointing out the hypocrisy of allowing backups but putting protection on the originals by asking authorities to arrest him for backing up his own DVD collection.

Snoop Dogg can give voice directions on Tom Tom devices.

A carbon fiber, biometric, bluetooth wallet may be for people who worry about the security of their wallets.

The Kindle is the top-selling device on all of Amazon.com. Way to rake in those profits.


The cell phone cancer debate rages on as a 30-year study from Scandinavia reports that phones do not in fact increase the risk of brain cancer.

AT&T and Verizon have dropped their lawsuits against each other. Meanwhile, Verizon wins yet another battle in the customer service department, as it tops the pack while AT&T is content in dead last.

Sprint has admitted to revealing customers' GPS locations 8 million times between September 2008 and October 2009.

At least one analyst believes the iPhone might find a new home at T-Mobile in 2010.

The FCC has written Verizon a letter asking them why they are intentionally tricking customers to pay internet fees.

Motorola has invested in touchscreen technology that uses sound to determine exactly where a user is pressing.

See where your friends are tweeting using an augmented reality twitter apps. Twitter has also launched a new mobile site.

One of the co-founders of Twitter has started trials for an iPhone credit card payment system.

Check out this week's best iPhone apps.

Android users without a multitouch browser should check out Dolphin.

AT&T has cut the price of all Blackberry phones in half.

LG's 12-megapixel Arena Max phone may be released soon.

Check out the Zii Trinity (Android, 5mp camera, accelerated 3D graphics, etc.) in action.

A successor to the HTC Hero will be released in 2010.

The Droid Eris will be upgraded to Android 2.0/2.1 in the first quarter of 2010. Meanwhile, its older brother, Droid, will be receiving Android 2.0.1 over the air pretty soon and adventurous users can put a leaked build of Android 2.1 on their phones. Less adventurous Android fans can simply check out screenshots.

Nokia's Symbian OS is about to undergo a major visual renovation.

The Nokia N97 Mini is shipping to the US.

Gizmodo was not too impressed with the Samsung Omnia II.


Psystar and Apple have reached a legal deal. Psystar is paying Apple $2.7 million and trying to get around its legal woes using a third-party adapter and not pre-installing OS X. As predicted, the company has already stopped selling computers with OS X pre-installed.

See what the next six months have in store for netbooks. Speaking of netbooks, Intel is developing an app store for them.

Intel is delaying its highly-touted Larrabee graphics chip.

Are you a laptop user that's craving a numberpad? Turn your iPhone into a numberpad.

Dell has released a bunch of BIOS updates. Make sure your computer is running properly.

Microsoft is finally telling IE6 users that they need to upgrade. Speaking of browsers, after much debate, Microsoft's browser ballot choice in Europe will randomly select the order of the recommended browsers. This decision comes after pretty much all of the involved parties complained at some point.

Microsoft claims to have run out of Windows 7 family packs.

Office 2007 would make a crappy Christmas gift since Office 2010 has been confirmed for release this June.

Google is now bundling Chrome with Avast antivirus software.


As if Scientology doesn't have enough going against it, the religion has now been charged with slavery and human trafficking.

The Large Hadron Collider has set a world record.

Be careful...searching for aliens too much on the job might get you fired.

1,000 members of the HP staff will strike on December 11.

------------------------------ ----------

Screenshots: Alien Breed Evolution | Brink | Final Fantasy XIII | Metro 2033 | The Scourge Project | Star Wars: The Old Republic


Microsoft is working on software to prepare soldiers for battle.

In another case of a video game preparing someone for a real life task, a Gran Turismo gamer has become a real professional racer. Oh, and he has already won a race.

The CEO of EA predicts that digital game sales will surpass console sales next year. Oh, and regarding EA and their arrangement with a certain not-so-faithful golfer, the company has announced that his infidelity will not affect their financial arrangements.

Eminem has scored 229,100 in Donkey Kong.

British tennis star Andy Murray was dumped because he plays Playstation 3 for seven hours a day.

82% of Americans between the ages of 2 and 17 are gamers.

Australia has found a game it hates worse than Left 4 Dead 2 (which sold 2 million copies in two weeks). It refused to even rate Aliens vs. Predator so the game will not be released in any form there. The firm has expressed "disappointment" about the decision.

Check out Cnet's "30 most anticipated games of 2010." What titles are on you holding your breath for in the upcoming year?

A Duke Nukem teaser of some sort has popped up on the action game hero's Facebook page.

Rock Band is getting a dose of Slipknot and Simon & Garfunkel this week, with more Green Day on the way the following week. Harmonix has also announced they will be slowing down the flow of Rock Band Unplugged DLC to prepare for the Rock Band Network.

Check out the list of this month's Guitar Hero and Band Hero tracks.

Ubisoft has announced a new Prince of Persia game to accompany the upcoming movie.

There is a glitch in Assassin's Creed II in which a player gets stuck and cannot progress or escape.

One World of Warcraft gamer has received every achievement in the game. Another gamer has sued the game's makers for ruining his life (maybe he read about the guy who beat him to getting every achievement).

Max Payne 3 has been delayed a year.

Anyone who likes driving over zombies (and who doesn't?) might want to check out Zombie Driver for only $10.

Battlefield: Heroes has changed its pricing structure so it's almost impossible to play for free.

Redbox may start renting games for $2. Let's hope all the free rental codes still work.

A Pac-Man watch will make every geek smile this holiday season.


Learn how to clean gadgets without messing them up.

Gizmodo has written The Ultimate HDTV Cheat Guide. An interesting read even for those who are pretty familiar with the different technologies. Do you really need 1080p or 120Hz/240Hz?

Check out a TVTrigger, a free desktop TV guide with torrent links built-in.

For Windows 7 users looking for a new look for the taskbar, check out AeroWorks.

Looking for an easy way to snazz up that Twitter page? Check out themeleon for quick and easy customization.

Tired of hitting F5 over and over to refresh pages (for instance, during a wootoff)? Firefox addon, ReloadEvery, keeps you updated without the hassle.

Keep bookmarks clean and organized with Incredible Bookmarks.

People shopping for a used car on Craigslist can save themselves some time with this Firefox addon.

Parents (or wives) can easily block adult sites using the ProConn Latte add-on for Firefox.

Subtitles to all your legally-downloaded shows and movies can be found at AnySubs.

Want to see all those font options on your hard drive? WinFontsView can help.

Need a quick, easy way to memorize something factual? Check the Mneumonics Guide to see if others have already come up with an easy trick.

Avoid extra luggage fees before you leave for the airport with Luggage Limits.

For people who are hooked on price drops, check out the Travelocity Desktop software.

Written by: CyberInferno

Articles found via RSS feeds of respective linked websites. Google Reader used to browse the feeds. Round-up written using Google Docs.

Thanks for checking out the technology roundup!

Please direct any comments or suggestions to cyberinferno@gmail.com (or post them in the replies).
06:48 PM on 12/06/09
Creeping Death
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look forward to this each week
07:31 PM on 12/06/09
...punch and pie
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07:43 PM on 12/06/09
One Who Gets Away/NJ Success Story
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Writers for online-only publications are now eligible for the Pulitzer Prize. Any wonderful AP.net writers you'd like to nominate?

*stares at anamericangod and "The Scene is Dead"*
07:56 PM on 12/06/09
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This + entertainment roundup makes my entire weekend
08:08 PM on 12/06/09
Format, The, Format, The
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Checking this out in 3, 2, 1... NOW.
08:16 PM on 12/06/09
Every cloud is in your way
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08:19 PM on 12/06/09
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Good stuff as always
08:24 PM on 12/06/09
indie sounding lyrics here
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tech roundup is legend
08:53 PM on 12/06/09
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Shame on you for advocating pornography. There is nothing good or okay about it. It ruins marriages and relationships, and its users develop addictions that plague them for the rest of their lives.
09:09 PM on 12/06/09
Desolate Earth :: The End Is Here
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love this
09:24 PM on 12/06/09
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look forward to this each week
As do I!

Kudos on the FFAF avatar!
09:25 PM on 12/06/09
yes. yes. yes.
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Shame on you for advocating pornography. There is nothing good or okay about it. It ruins marriages and relationships, and its users develop addictions that plague them for the rest of their lives.
I'm not complaining
09:53 PM on 12/06/09
There's 104 days of Summer vacation
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Shame on you for advocating pornography. There is nothing good or okay about it. It ruins marriages and relationships, and its users develop addictions that plague them for the rest of their lives.
Ok Millie....

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