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Weekly Entertainment Article (06/23/06)

Posted by - 11:12 AM on 06/23/06
Whats up everybody, Here's this week's update.

News and Rumors:

The rumor that Steven Spielberg is going to direct the World of Warcraft movie has been confirmed to be fake.

A rumor that is sure to make some people happy, Comedy Central has plans to bring "Futurama" back to television with 13 new episodes. New and old episodes will begin airing in 2008, and all the main voice actors have agreed to return.

Some early reports of the Spider-Man 3 teaser trailer runs about 1:38 and doesn't include Venom, seeing as how he'd be a huge draw I don't see a reason why they wouldn't.

The official novelization of "Snakes on a Plane" will be hitting book-stores on July 11th.

"Grind House" has yet to be released and Rodriguez already has plans for a sequel. The first installment is going to hit theaters next April.

Zach Snyder has signed on to direct and develop the upcoming movie "Watchmen," which is the big screen adaptation of the 1986 comic book series.

Jon Favreau is hoping to get a May 2008 release for "Iron Man."

Nia Vardalos is thinking about making a sequel to the 2002 movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."

Robert Cochran and Joel Surnow has closed a deal with Twentieth Century Fox to bring "24" to the big screen. Both will write the script which they will start this summer.

Billy Bob Thornton is in talks to star in the film adaptation of "Peace like a River." A film that follows an American family that gets into a deadly fight with some neighborhood thugs.

After the announcement that Apple will begin releasing movies through Itunes, Netflix has announced that it will release movies in a somewhat similiar way. Plans are to have a set-top box that, when connected to the internet, will automatically download a movie from your queue to the box.

Lucasfilm is looking at a Summer 2008 release for "Indiana Jones 4."

Natalie Portman is in talks to star in the movie adaptation of "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay." The film is about two Jewish cousins who live in post-WWII New York who create a superhero named The Escapist and create what is known as the golden age of comic books.

Rumor is JJ Abrams has already gotten some ideas for casting in the upcoming "Star Trek" movie and he's looking at Matt Damon as Kirk.

New Line Cinema has signed Matthew McConaughey to back to back picture deals for "Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past" and "The Grackle." The first is a romantic comedy where he will play a bachelor who attends his younger brother's wedding and is haunted by the ghosts of his exes. "The Grackle" is a comedy about a New Orleans barroom fighter who hires himself out for $250 to settle disputes for people too poor to pay for lawyers.

Ridley Scott is attached to direct a biopic on the Gucci family.

Brittany Murphy will be providing the voice of Tinker Bell in the CGI film of the pixie. "Tinker Bell" is set for a Fall 2007 release

Seems Lex Luthor has hijacked the "Superman Returns" website

Rob Zombie isn't exactly making a remake of the original "Halloween." He says that it will be a prequel and a semi-remake all in one. The film will address the early years of Michael Myers.

Gwen "I'd be 1 million times hotter if I had tits" Stefani is in talks to star in the remake of "Baby Doll." She would be playing the lead role of Baby Doll Meighan. The story is of a 19-year old virgin named Baby Doll who makes her husband wait to have sex for 1 year after their marriage.

Avi Arad confirmed in iF Magazine that the next "Hulk" movie will infact be a do-over.

Ray Romano is in talks to star in a 10 episode HBO series about a 40 year old billionaire who has six months to live. The creators of "24", Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran are developing the project.

Donald Trump is planning a reality series based on the board game "Monopoly."

William Fichtner will be joining the cast of "Prison Break" next season. He will play a federal agent who is assigned to track down the fugitives.

The yet to be titled film starring the Rock has been delayed because of an achilles injury during rehearsal. The film is about a professional football player whose bachelor lifestyle is halted when he finds out he has a 7-year-old daughter.
** its not the "Gridiron Gang", i got the two football movies mixed up.

Terrence Howard and Topher Grace are both in talks to star in "The Crusaders." The film is about the 1954 Supreme Court Case "Brown v. the Board of Education."

Depp hinted at the possibility of a 4th, 5th, and 6th Pirates movie if the money and a script is right, since he loves the character so much.

Steven Jablonsky will be providing the score for the "Transformers" movie.

Eric Bana and Natalie Portman have signed on to star in "The Other Boleyn Girl." A movie based on the historical novel about two sisters who are both after the heart of King Henry VIII. Anne will be played by Natalie Portman and Bana will be playing King Henry.

Alana De La Garza is going to be a regular on the crime drama "Law & Order." She will be playing a new assistant D.A. who replaces Alexandra Borgia who was killed off last season.

Corey Feldman and Corey Haim are back again! They are teaming up for a hybrid improv comedy show called "The Coreys." The show will be sort of a Curb Your Enthusiasm style show where they would play fictional versions of themselves.

One of the villains in the "Wolverine" spinoff will be Sabretooth. Also the time setting for the movie isn't going to be after X3, but they're not exactly sure of a timesetting, although hints are at a prequel.

The "Clock Tower" video game franchise is being made into a movie. Jorge Olguin will be directing.

An old 70 page script from 80's movie legend John Hughes is becoming a movie for Owen Wilson. A comedy called "Drillbit Taylor," about two high school freshman who hire who they think is a soldier to fend off a bully. Seth Rogan and Chris Brown have finished up the rest of the scrip and Steven Brill is in talks to direct.

Movies in theaters this week (6/23):

A workaholic architect (Adam Sandler) who finds a universal remote that allows him to fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life. Complications arise when the remote starts to overrule his choices.

Part drama, part documentary, the film focuses on the "Tipton Three", a trio of British Muslims who were held in Guantanamo Bay for two years until they were released without charge.

An ex-convict (Tyrese Gibson) gets tangled up with a gang after his car is hijacked with his son inside.

The Great New Wonderful weaves five stories against the backdrop of an anxious and uncertain post-9-11 New York City.

The story of a group of Latino teenagers who, instead of conforming to the hip hop culture of their gang infested neighborhood, wear their clothes tight, listen to and play punk rock, and ride their skateboards.

A documentary on the legendary singer-songwriter, with performances by those musicians he has influenced.

all summaries from themoviebox.net

DVD News:

DVD's Released this Week:

Eight Below
The Hills Have Eyes
Night Watch
The Omen
What's Eating Gilbert Grape SE
Look Up In the Sky - The Amazing Story of Superman
The Adventures of Superman Seasons 3 & 4
Justice League 2nd Season
The King of Queens 5th Season
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman 3rd Season
Married...With Children 5th Season
NewsRadio 4th Season
NYPD Blue 4th Season

DVD Release Dates:

Road House DE: July 18th
Road House 2: July 18th
R.V.: Aug 15th
Silent Hill: Aug 22nd
Pretty in Pink CE: Aug 29th
The Chuck Norris Collection: Aug 29th
Lord of the Rings Triology Limited Edition: Aug 29th
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Curse of the Hellmouth: Sept 5th
Lucky Number Slevin: Sept 12th
The Office S2: Sept 12th
My Name is Earl S1: Sept 26th
Nightmare On Elm Street: Sept 26th
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels DC: Oct 3rd
Scarface Platinum Edition: Oct 3rd
Numbers S2: Oct 10th
Charmed S6: Oct 17th
La Femme Nikita S5: Oct 17th


Clerks 2

Superman Returns


Say Uncle

Waist Deep

Step Up


The Holiday


The Assassination of Jesse James by The Coward Robert Ford


This week Slade has reviewed Nacho Libre

That's all Folks.

sources: darkhorizons.com, superherohype.com, cinemablend.com, tv.com, dvdactive.com, themoviebox.net, joblo.com
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11:18 AM on 06/23/06
Take Ecstasy With Me
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FeynmanWannabe's Avatar
Leonard Cohen. :love:
11:18 AM on 06/23/06
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
The wait for Futurama is too long..
11:21 AM on 06/23/06
sell the sunris
..is Batman
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sell the sunris's Avatar
Damon would be an intereting choice for Kirk and potentially take all that campiness away.

As for Futurama, I'll believe that when I see it since the last time a rumor started up (and confirmed by voice actor Billy West) it ended up being a wash.

Zack Snyder is an excellent choice for Watchmen. I really hope he does it.
11:21 AM on 06/23/06
Registered Member
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fromwithin's Avatar
clock tower has potential to be amazing. that gridiron gang movie story is nothing like what you described after seeing the trailer. its weird they would do that. basically what I say from it is that it was a teenage "the longest yard"
11:24 AM on 06/23/06
poppa Q
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poppa Q's Avatar
Nat <3
11:25 AM on 06/23/06
Koalas Aren't Hard.
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goyoyofosoco's Avatar

THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE (if it weren't for those other 10,000 days that were really cool, too.)
11:27 AM on 06/23/06
can't handle The Truth
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TBSowns524's Avatar
i think a prequel to halloween sounds cool
11:34 AM on 06/23/06
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Trainsaw's Avatar
Originally Posted by fromwithin
clock tower has potential to be amazing. that gridiron gang movie story is nothing like what you described after seeing the trailer. its weird they would do that. basically what I say from it is that it was a teenage "the longest yard"
they were in rehearsal for that movie i doubt they already have a trailer out for it it
11:35 AM on 06/23/06
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
the gwen stefani comment was pretty immature/unnecessary.
11:36 AM on 06/23/06
Registered User
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11:40 AM on 06/23/06
Registered User
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MrBaileySays's Avatar
Originally Posted by Selftitled02
the gwen stefani comment was pretty immature/unnecessary.

I agree with this dude.

why can't you be a clean-mouthed sweetheart, like Melissa Johnson?
11:46 AM on 06/23/06
Registered Member
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fromwithin's Avatar
Originally Posted by Brandon Trainer
they were in rehearsal for that movie i doubt they already have a trailer out for it it

11:46 AM on 06/23/06
Suit Up
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smogs's Avatar
Way to ruin Monopoly, Mr. Trump
11:47 AM on 06/23/06
Been Here A While
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poserpunker's Avatar
The Office S2:Sept 12th=Best news of the week.

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