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Supervillains, The - Grow Yer Own Album Cover
Author's Rating
Vocals 5.5
Musicianship 6.5
Lyrics 3
Production 6
Creativity 6.75
Lasting Value 3
Reviewer Tilt 5.25
Final Verdict: 51%
Member Ratings
Vocals 9.75
Musicianship 9.75
Lyrics 10
Production 5
Creativity 10
Lasting Value 10
Reviewer Tilt 10
Average: 92%
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Supervillains, The - Grow Yer Own

Reviewed by: Tony Pascarella (06/29/06)
The Supervillains - Grow Yer Own
Release Date: April 25, 2006
Record Label: LAW Records

For an almost-local band (Orlando, Florida), The Supervillains have earned quite a bit of press regionally for their tight ska-reggae sound. Three albums into their illustrious career, their sound has developed nicely, although the still hit some rough patches with Grow Yer Own. Described by their label (LAW Records) as “an updated Sublime,” while the resemblance is there, The Supervillains’ smooth instrumentals push them slightly ahead of Sublime (the caveat is that many songs fail to stand out). With the release of Grow Yer Own, they have tried to drop a sultry yet comical album on an unsuspecting public. The horn section on “Uno Momento” is creative and insanely infectious, despite some weak lyrics. “Ooh baby baby baby, why did you give those crabs to me?/I know ‘cause it burns when I pee” certainly isn’t lyrical gold, although “Ex-Girlfriend” happens to be one of the more humorous tracks on the album. That is pretty much the overall vibe of the CD—fun and catchy (see the lead single, "20 Excuses"), but replay value is minimal to none, save for three or four songs. Highlighted by excellent instrumental solos, Grow Yer Own is recommended to devoted fans of ska who would like to add a decent album to their collections and those casual fans interested in hearing one of the best genre’s up and coming artists.

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Track List01. 20 Excuses
02. Moonshine
03. Little Girl
04. Jumpin' Beans
05. Beaches
06. Surfin' USA
07. Resin
08. Punch Drunk Club
09. Ex-Girlfriend
10. Baghdad
11. Uno Momento
12. Get Out Da Way
13. Breakfast On A Mirror
14. Mary Jane & Jagermeister
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09:36 AM on 06/30/06
Burning bicycles for revenge
User Info.
fluke182's Avatar
Wow...that's funny. I thought the band that was playing in Spokane was the pseudo-techno outfit that sampled old cartoon villain quotes into beats, which is absolutely hilarious and strangely good music, especially the one featuring Gargamel. Now that I found out it's whoever these guys are, I am much less excited, but at least I am aware of the truth now.
06:09 PM on 04/07/11
Bob Calwell
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
Definitely can't agree with this review. One of my favourite albums.
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