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12:02 AM on 07/01/06
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Actually I am on the BIGGEST Blink fix right now. I have been rockin a ton of Enema and Dude ranch, but I have incorporated stuff from all their discs in their material. I even bought a really tight HURLEY sticker with just the H logo. I think when it comes down to it, they are my favorite band ever. Being 23 years old makes What's my Age again so cool again. And how can you beat Apple shampoo, that song is one of my favs ever. in my book none of their new bands will come close to blink, infact it is depressing. it is funny how I can listen to them over and over and never get tired of them. Their music makes me remember so much stuff, and also there is nothing better than crusin unknown streets in the middle of no where, lost as hell at 3 am with some blink in the background on another fun summer night!
12:05 AM on 07/01/06
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ohhhh, sweet Jesus. how i miss/love my blink. it hurts me to know Mark and Tom basically hate each other now....And as excited as I am about AvA and (+44), there's nothing either of them can ever do that will compare to just how special blink-182 was....I don't give a fuck how epic Angels and Airwaves is. It will never be as special as blink.

But anyway, the untitled record is definetely their best. I love that record....But my favorite would have to be Jacket. I think it's really overlooked, because that's about as perfect as pop-punk can get. They're the KINGS of the genre.

They don't have a song I dislike...and I'm pretty sure Tom could fart into a microphone four 75 minutes and I'd still pay fifteen bucks for it. They got me into music, and the lifestyle, and everything.

And I can honestly say I owe my life to blink-182. At a shitty point in my life, they were the only thing that made sense to me. For days I'd sit and listen to every blink record over and over again and sheild myself from the bull shit.

they mean so much to me...it's almost pathetic. Which is, coincedentally, my third favorite song on dude ranch
12:42 AM on 07/01/06
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i am so fucking high and this thread is hilarious
01:00 AM on 07/01/06
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nateisbliss's Avatar
oldskool - that was amazing. couldn't have said it better myself. enema was my first blink record...but after listening to it over and over again, i became a true fan and bought all the albums, grew to know every song on every record. blink was the shit...they made want to play music. and when i listened to blink, i always thought...life seriously isn't that bad.
01:17 AM on 07/01/06
loved you at your darkest.
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I want to run a train on a bitch too.
02:04 AM on 07/01/06
poop butts
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Originally Posted by Ryan Imhof
brand new is the new blink 182

........sometimes you dont have to post a reply.
Originally Posted by Ailite

TAYPAJI has been a favorite record of mine for 4 solid years, thats a while for me.

hahahaha what cd is that?????? im just giving you a hard time. don't be angry.
02:09 AM on 07/01/06
you're money baby.
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TOYPAJ really defines music for me. Whenever I play that record I'm put back into the best summer of my life. It gets me every. single. fucking. time.

This post is making me sad though. I miss blink :(
02:12 AM on 07/01/06
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dude ranch is their best work. its overlooked alot...
02:24 AM on 07/01/06
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"you can leave now and beat the traffic, or you can stick around and beat your meat"
02:43 AM on 07/01/06
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one of my favorite lines in there songs was "a memory that's full of fun
fucked up when it's all done" -reckless abandon.. it makes me think of them and just my life on friendships with those lines.
03:27 AM on 07/01/06
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"and now I realize I should have kissed you in L.A., but I drove home all alone, as if I had a choice anyway. Where are you coming from? What are you running from? is it so hard to see, and if your feeling scared, remember the times we shared, you know it meant everything, you know that it meant everything to me." apple shampoo> Yep, Blink rules, best band EVER! When I saw Blink for the first time on Warped in '99 that changed everything for me! Can't wait for warped this year, it will be my 6th!
05:37 AM on 07/01/06
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haha my boyfriend and i just watched the urethra chronicles 2 the other night and we were talking about how sad it is that they'll never have another concert.

i'm not sure i can pick a favorite song. blink 182 and take off your pants and jacket are my favorite albums. i love rollercoaster and always.
i love this band.
05:43 AM on 07/01/06
mr chainsaw
lets all go to the magician's b-day
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My favorite songs are Josie, Wendy Clear, and Please Take Me Home.

The Alkaline Trio are amazing...
05:53 AM on 07/01/06
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Mr_V1tr1oL's Avatar
Enema Strikes Back (Mark, Tom, and Travis Show Live Album) is the first blink album i bought...and turned me into pop-punk genre...and now it brings me to whoever i am...but TOYPAJ is definitely the best....
06:16 AM on 07/01/06
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Originally Posted by Big_Guy
no, just no

it's a pretty good album though

yes. yes. tis a great album my friend...name a better pop-punk album? i mean green day contends i spose but thats it

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