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05:51 PM on 03/23/10
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that's what happens when you bomb at radio.

smart move by them.
06:14 PM on 03/23/10
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Not their fault. Hopeless really sucks at getting their artist radio play.
Hopeless doesn't have a radio department, so it has nothing to do with them. A major pushed their songs to radio, Hopeless had zero involvement in that process whatsoever. They peaked at about 70, if I'm not mistaken.

The record didn't have a hit, plain and simple. There was no "Sugar We're going Down", "Great Escape" or "Swing Swing" on it. That is no one else's fault except theres...especially given the co-writes and produces they had lined up for that record.

Jumping into the studio this quickly is the best thing they can do to hopefully redeem from the mainstream swing and miss of "Nothing Personal".
08:30 PM on 03/23/10
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Hopeless is an independent label. Do you know how hard it is for independent labels the size of Hopeless to sell a lot of albums, let alone get radio play for their artists?

The album actually did really well, and they definitely did decently on radio. Thus they were able to sign to Interscope...
The album did not do well by mainstream standards and the radio campaign was an absolute flop...i would bet the band would admit that (maybe not publically, but definitely to each other). There was nothing 'decent' about it.

They should be feeling the heat, and I bet they are, because the boat is about to leave the port. "Nothing Personal" was their best shot at Top 40 and their best shot at taking the next step. They peaked in this 'scene' 3 years ago, and they're still stuck here..nothing has progressed.

You don't have names like Sam/Sluggo, Bendeth, Squire & Butch Walker involved with your record and fail to have anything better than 12 'album tracks'. Nothing personal to them (had to).
08:42 PM on 03/23/10
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Pretty sure that the album did what they expected it to do. They were on a small label, they knew how far they could get on the label, and I'll bet that Nothing Personal met their expectations for radio.
No artist goes to radio expecting to peak in the 70s, and no label pushes to radio expecting that either. If they were expecting to put up the same exact numbers as "So Wrong, It's Right", they wouldn't have gotten the producers and co-writes they did for this record, nor would they have even elected to go to radio. The record was a swing and miss, and trust me, they're feeling the heat.

I think those kids are great, and I've always defended them in here when anyone unfairly berates them...awesome dudes on a personal level. But seriously, this is their last shot..."Nothing Personal" got the job done ENOUGH to grant them another shot, but they know they need significant Top 40 success with this record. I wouldn't even push a setup single. Just straight to radio. Get it done.

In pop-punk/pop-rock, bands can only service a core for so long without progression, before they become the next Starting Line, and wither down until you're out of careers. That's what seperates bands like BLG and ATL, in terms of awareness and deliverance.
10:11 AM on 03/24/10
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Andddd you're still a bitch Alex. Sink or Swim time, bro. 2010 is gonna be a bitch. Hahahaha.

And you're also an insecure pussy.
The failure of others doesn't vindicate or justify your lack of songwriting ability or marketing awareness, regardless of how much you think it does. At least my posts have some intellectual integrity, not just jealous rages by an incapable "musician".

Go back to writing songs no one gives a shit about, and falling completely short of any type of musical career.The hilarity in you telling someone to "sink or swim" when your career isn't even afloat is golden.

Like I said, I will always defend them from obvious personal attacks, especially when they're rooted in substance-less envy.
12:21 PM on 03/24/10
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Listen here man. It's not rage. I'm humorously talking shit to a guy, who I truthfull consider a joke, on a message board called ABSOLUTEPUNK. I say humorously, because it makes ME laugh. If you think I'm a joke, and that I suck at writing songs, and that my career is non-existant, that's your right.

2010 is going to be a year where REAL music steps into the spotlight over this kind of commercial nonsense. Me saying "sink or swim" was actually a way of teasing the dude saying "the pressure is on." He knows it too. If this record fails, the band will fall right back into the local scene they've stepped all over.

What Alex doesn't realize is that him and I have a ton of mutual friends who can't stand him because of how fake and cocky he is. Both of our bands were on Warped 07.' I know more than any of you would believe.

Theyre fucked because of the way theyve bit every hand that has fed them. Hell, they even fucked over Alternative Press. You dont know anything about why I'm doing this so dont assume that you do. Its your right to defend them as a FAN, but dont go picking fights with me unless you want to fight with me. If you care to know why I am on the offensive, just ask and I will educate you.

Remember how big Sugarcult, The Used, and Story of The Year used to be? They wrote some great songs too. What goes up, must come down. And the way you treat people on the way up will dictate how soon and how hard you fall back down.

You're implying that REAL music can't be commercial, or that there's some sort of massive line in between those two classifications...and that's the overall fault in your mindset. Just because something is commercial, doesn't necessarily means it lacks integrity. In a lot of cases, sure, but it's completely bogus and unfair to label every commercial or pop artist as bullshit. How do you know these All Time Low songs don't truly have stories behind them? Just because the songs are above or below your level of personal understanding, doesn't mean they aren't personal (unless you think you're some sort of musical god who represents the axis of musical integrity... which I wouldn't be surprised with).

And the way you treat people on the way up doesn't dictate shit...ask almost every lead singer in every rock band in history. Rock n roll was formed around douche bags, not saints.

I really don't care why you're offensive, I'm simply saying that you aren't intellectually equipped to speak a sentence without coming across as a tool who's fueled by the same jealous rages i experienced in 4th grade, before my nuts were furry. If you're trying to get a point across, then get it across without your immaturity blanketing every relevant thing you have to say.
01:57 PM on 03/24/10
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The funny thing is that you don't even realize how ignorant YOU sound yourself. The difference between you and me, is that you go into every one of these rooms speaking down to people to make yourself feel smarter.

I'm actually on this website about twice a week, and comment on probably 3 threads a week. You've just been lucky enough to see me more than once. I don't really have to speak down to you to make myself seem smarter, I can speak like an idiot, and probably still sound smarter.

If ATL came out with an album that sounded real, and had something more than a disposable thing about some girl, I'd be the first one to hit them up and pay some respect.
"Sounded real"... your interpretation of their music is obviously different a lot of other people's, as everyone interpret sound and music differently. I think for you to assume the songs are completely substance-less and have no merit is just that...an assumption. Like I said, it is possible for an artist to be REAL and commercial, and there's not necessarily a seperation.

And as for you, you don't know ANYTHING about me other than what I say in here. I'm glad you don't like me, because if you did, I know I'd consider myself an even bigger douche bag. Go fuck yourself.

The token "go fuck yourself". Like I said previously, if you want to get a point across, try not to sound like my 4 year old cousin after he's done watching an episode of South Park. Also, your Facebook statuses are nothing short of pretentious either (I see them daily). You're about as typical of a 25 year old elitist music "fan" as they come.

I don't have any issues with your views or opinions, I'm just simply saying you sound like a little bitch girl in every All Time Low thread. So go back to playing hopscotch in your sister's jumpsuit.

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