Comeback Kid - 08.15.06

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Comeback Kid - 08.15.06How has it been doing vocals for CBK ever since Scott left the band?

Its been going pretty good. We've been touring for the last few months with me on vocals and it seems like its been working well. Although I miss playing guitar, I'm having a great time doing vocals again, and looking forward to getting some new material with the new role.

To clear things up, what was the main reason as to why Scott left?

Scott left because he just didn't feel like he wanted to do this band anymore. We have been touring for a few years, and the schedule has been quite hectic to say the least. We're never home, and it gets pretty exhausting. We're pretty "go go go" all the time and he wanted to chill at home more, pursue other things in his life, that he didn't have time to do while being in this band. He's doing really good though. He's working on a few projects and he has been doing some design work (merch, etc) and that seems to be going really well for him. He did everything that he wanted to do with the band and just felt like it was time.

Why did you decide to be his replacement instead of scouting for a new vocalist?

Because I dont trust anybody else to sing in our band. Im kind of a prick when it comes to my music. I have a vision and want it executed. haha. I mean, maybe if the right person came along, it could work, but it would have to be someone with experience, that would fit the band, that we can hang out with, that can tour all the time, etc. Its a hard thing to find. It just worked out naturally that I would sing.

The band is gearing up for the studio, how has the new material been coming along and what can we expect from it?

Well, as of now we have about half of the record written. We're going to go demo some songs in a few weeks when we get home from this tour we're on with the Gorilla Biscuits. Its hard to say what you should expect. There are going to be songs that are heavier than anything we've ever done before, and there will be songs that are more melodic. I'm hoping that we can accomplish what we are setting out to do on this album.

What's the writing process like for Comeback Kid?

Sometimes I will write a song in my apartment and show the dudes. Sometimes Jeremy writes riffs and shows us. Most of the time, we have a few ideas and we will get together and try to hammer out the details and put the parts together. If we get stumped, we take a break and I pace around singing the song in my head until something is figured out. We got a board to put in our jam room so that we could keep track of what songs we have finished, or half done, or whatever. Usually they don't have lyrics so the titles are "thrashy 1" or " fast 1212".

You guy's are going with producer/engineer Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore once again. Why did the band choose that team for a second time?

Because they kick ass. We worked with them on Wake The Dead and thought it came out awesome. We know them now, and know what to expect. I think we will be able to deliver an even better album now and it will be easier working with them the 2nd time around. I always hear horror stories about anal control freak producers trying to change the bands ideas around. We will stick with what we know and I know it will be sweet. Besides, Bill makes awesome chili and his farts smell like roses.

How many songs do you plan to track and/or hope to have on the new full length?

We're still writing so who knows. Im hoping for 50.

When can we expect the album out?

Expect it out late Febuary 2007.

A lot of people are asking "What's going on with Figure Four these days?" Care to fill us in?

Nothing is going on with Figure Four. I always think about trying to organize a few last shows but there isn't any time right now. Everyone is doing their own thing and there is no set plans of future shows, recordings, breakups, etc.

Other than the upcoming CBK/Bad Religion/Dropkick Murphy's tour, are there any other tours scheduled or in the works?

YEAH! We're going to Europe in December after we record our record with Sick Of It All, Madball, Terror, Black Daliah Murder, and Walls Of Jericho. Its called the Persistance tour. I can't believe we get to tour with Madball. I'm so psyched!

A while back there was talk about the band filming a video for "Partners In Crime." Did this video ever get filmed and if so, when will it surface?

We couldn't get a factor grant to do it so no dice on that video. Would have been cool though!

Around the beginning of the year you formed a side-project called Sights and Sounds with your brother, Joel, of Sick City. How has the project been coming along and is there any info available regarding the projects debut?

Yeah, we were jamming a little bit before I left on this tour and we have started recording a demo. The thing that sucks is that we have to do it in pieces since we are all busy, touring, and living in different places. Our other guitar player Adrian lives in Toronto. So we've got some drums recorded for the demo and we will do the rest in pieces whenever we have time. Hold your horses though because that shit is gonna be tight. I hope. haha. We have a rough demo song @ www.myspace.com/sightsandsoundsmusic

After being around the "industry" for the past few years, what advice can you give to some up and coming artist/bands?

I don't know if I have any advice that people haven't heard before on a general topic like this. All I can say is write some songs the best you can and if you can, get them recorded well. A good recording will help out so much. No one wants to listen to a shitty recording. Once you have that, send it out to as many people as possible. hand your stuff out at shows for free, get the word out. Try to play as many shows as possible, and most importantly TOUR. Unless you want to be a local band you have to tour to get your name out there. Some people that I know think that if they can sign to a good label, all their problems will be taken away and they will sell tons of records. The record label only gets your music in stores or distros. They get you promotion but you don't need to wait for them to do it. You can do it yourself now. Borrow some money from someone and get a banner ad on absolutepunk.net ,

Well, that's about it. Thanks again Andrew for taking the time to fill this out. If you have any shout outs or recs, feel free to drop them now.

Thanks Jon! see you around man.
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01:18 PM on 08/15/06
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jon.fftl's Avatar
Good interview. I really like Andrew. Can't wait to hear some studio recorded stuff with him on vocals.
01:20 PM on 08/15/06
Alex DiVincenzo
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Alex DiVincenzo's Avatar
Damn that Persistance tour sounds awesome. Any way, good interview. I liked Scott but hopefully Andrew can pull it off and the new record will be good.
05:46 PM on 08/15/06
Midtown Saves.
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RiCCioLi's Avatar
CBK is amazing. Wake The Dead is such a great album and I cant wait for new material. I thnik they are the greatest Hardcore band that has surfaced over the past few years. I got to see them with the Gorilla Biscuits 2 weeks ago and they rocked that shit.
09:13 PM on 08/15/06
riff breakdown solo
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knibl's Avatar
CBK is awesome.

andrew seems like a really cool straight forward dude.
i like his answer to the "singer replacement" question. very honest of him.
10:22 PM on 08/15/06
plain white t's
Skate Punk
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plain white t's's Avatar
wicked band
11:42 PM on 08/15/06
Fabian Johnson <3
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StandMyBrothers's Avatar
a figure four reunion would be sweet, but never the less, I'm, excited for the gorilla biscuits/set your goals/comeback kid show
12:29 PM on 08/16/06
Registered User
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xrateddream's Avatar
Comeback kid is the reason I love living in Winnipeg!

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