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Technology Round-Up (04/12/10)

Posted by - 08:06 AM on 04/12/10
The Round-Up is here again! Chad has put together one for this week and it can be found in the replies. There is a group of 10 volunteers working together to provide it each weekend from now on.
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08:07 AM on 04/12/10
Linda Ferreira
The Retired Maillady
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Linda Ferreira's Avatar
Thanks to Chad for putting this together.

Technology Round-Up Discussion topics

The iPad is out. What do you think of it? [Poll]


One of the co-founders of Wikipedia has reported to the FBI that the site links to child pornography.

The Digital Economy Bill has passed in the United Kingdom, severely restricting the rights of internet surfers.

Finland is replacing its regular postal service for 126 households and 20 businesses with scanned, e-mailed copies. Could the United States ever adopt such a system?

An Intel guru has predicted that 3D internet will arrive in the next five years.

A 16-year-old boy took his mother to court after she changed his Facebook and e-mail passwords, then posted on his Facebook account.

A 12-year-old boy spent $1,300 playing FarmVille on Facebook.

Spamming a judge led to one man being jailed for 30 days.

Comcast recently won an appeal of a 2008 court case, and as such has been granted the ability to control and allocate its bandwidth as it sees fit, much to the chagrin of privacy advocates.
Pandora's popularity has led to $51.7 million in artist revenue.

ChatImprov is a Facebook app which attempts to match people on Chatroulette while avoiding the expected male nudity.

Seats3D is a new site that allows people to preview stadium seats before they purchase them.

Twitter's announcement of official apps for the Blackberry and iPhone has angered third-party developers. As part of the news, Twitter has acquired Tweetie.I bet no one would have expected that sentence to make sense five years ago.

Google is attempting to intervene when people look up how to commit suicide.

Google includes website speed when it calculates a site's Pagerank.

After Ubuntu's surprising switch to Yahoo! as the default search engine, the company has changed its mind and reverted to Google.

Google Buzz users now have the option to wipe their "security" settings and start from scratch (without the automatically-added followers).

Gmail Labs have added "sneak peak" and nested label features.

Google Voice users can now enable a "Do Not Disturb" mode that is either manually activated or time-based.


Morocco plans to be 50% solar-powered by 2020.

Bank of America customers in Charlotte, NC might want to check their bank statements. An employee has been charged with installing malware on ATMs.

Check out a review of the iPad, which has already been jailbroken and costs $260 to manufacture the $499 version. Apple reportedly sold 450,000 devices in the first five days of its release.

Check out the leaked specifications of the HP Slateand a review of the Fusion Garage JooJoo tablet.

The class action iPod Nano lawsuit regarding customer complaints about scratches resulted in each represented customer receiving $37.50.
Sony and FIFA have announced specifics about the World Cup 2010 games that will be broadcast in 3D.

Mitsubishi has announced three new lines of 3D televisions.

The Blu-Ray standard now includes 100GB and 200GB discs.

Netflix has signed a deal with Twentieth Century Fox and Universal that will grant it more streaming options but also includes the 28-day DVD delay.

Engadget has written an interesting piece about the current state of the LCD vs. Plasma debate.

UC Berkeley researchers have taught a robot to fold towels. Now if only there were a robot to do all my laundry...

Math and a stopwatch can help people get out of red light cameras.

The 64GB version of the Zune HD is now available for $349.


The Mexican Government will disconnect 25.9 million cell phones of users who have not yet registered their numbers.

Palm has dropped its ad agency (will anyone miss the creepy lady from the Palm Pre commercials?). Also, rumor has it that Palm is up for sale and HTC might be an interested customer. The news comes after developers have hacked the Palm Pre to run almost any Linux application.

iPhone OS 4.0 will finally feature multitasking, an improved Mail app, and more, though multitasking will only (officially) be supported on the iPhone 3GS. Hackers have already bypassed the multitasking restriction for older iPhones. Further investigation of the operating system also indicates that it will feature video chat. Really devoted fans can watch the whole keynote.

Check out a comparison of iPhone OS 4, Android 2.1, and Windows Phone 7.

Apple has decided to remove the request for iPhone users to rate apps they delete.

Apple's iAd platform may generate $4.7 billion per year.

Check out a comparison of the various GPS apps available for the iPhone. The latest version of MapQuest 4 Mobile includes free built-in voice navigation.

Steve Jobs has responded to developers who are angry about having to rewrite their apps specifically for the iPhone OS.

Verizon's CEO has indicated that customers should not hold their breath for the iPhone.

Verizon may get the HTC Incredible on April 29.

T-Mobile is offering AT&T customers up to $350 to trade in their iPhones for the HTC HD2 and switch carriers.

SanDisk and Verizonhave leaked that Microsoft will announce Pink later today.

It appears that the 4G, Android-powered HTC EVO will arrive on the Sprint network this June, and the 4G service may carry an additional monthly service fee.

Can the Motorola Droid really determine bra sizes?

All the AT&T phones sold on Amazon (including the new Motorola Backflip) are now available for 1 cent with two-year contract.

Google Maps 4.0 has been released for Blackberry.

It looks as though Netflix might be preparing for an Android app.

Vonage customers on AT&T and T-Mobile with Android phones can now download an app to place domestic calls over WiFi or international calls over WiFi or 3G.

People curious about the Windows Phone 7 can try out the new interface on their computers.


New Macbook Pros may be announced tomorrow.

The Mac vs PC ads may finally have run their course.

Intel plans to ship samples of 48-core processes by the end of Q2 2010.

Windows Media Player 12 allows library streaming over the internet.

A beta of Windows 7 SP1 has leaked.

Adobe Flash 10.1 RC1 is available to download.

Check out the improvements coming in Webkit2.

Mozilla reports that Firefox 3.6 crashes 30% less often than Firefox 3.5.

The latest beta of Firefox 3.7 allows people to move the tabs to the top ala Chrome.

Check out leaked pictures of Internet Explorer 9.

While people love to blame Microsoft for all their problems, 70% of crashes on Internet Explorer 8 are caused by addons.

A new Java flaw affects all Java-capable browsers.

Microsoft has released the full details of the ad-based, free version of Microsoft Office 2010.

If lighter memory usage wasn't motivation enough, studies show that uTorrent actually downloads 16% faster than Vuze.


Archaeologists may have unearthed a key to human origins.

Scientists at Wake Forest are printing cells on injured flesh.

The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating the hiring practices of Google, Intel, IBM, and Apple.

Soon rappers won't need to wear bulletproof vests thanks to bulletproof t-shirts.

Kids that are bribed make better grades.



Sony's removal of the "Other OS" feature from the Playstation 3 may make customers eligible for a partial system refund on Amazon. Meanwhile, a hacker has restored the option to the firmware update. Some users are reporting that the firmware update is bricking their system.

The random study of the week goes to the British Dental Health Foundation which asserts that kids who play lots of video games are more likely to have poor dental hygiene.

Just because you can drive a car in a game does not mean you can actually drive.

A lawsuit is delaying the production of Modern Warfare 3.

Blizzard has announced the full contents of the $99 collector's edition of Starcraft 2.

The high score for Asteroidsthat was set in 1982 has been broken.

According to Gamestop's release dates, a new Legend of Zelda game for Wii will arrive this November.

A Rap Hero game is on the way.

The Used, Serj Tankian, and Smash Mouth are available for Rock Band DLC this week.

PS3 and PC users will be treated to Modern Warfare 2 DLC in early May.


iPhone users can get a taste of OS 4 without upgrading using a WinterBoard theme. Also, check out this week's 10 best iPhone apps.

Learn how to make a stylus for the iPhone, Android phones, or other touchscreen devices.

Fix scratched CDs with Vaseline.

Check the security of your computer with ShieldsUP.

Make the most of Windows 7 with Ultimate Windows Tweaker.

Bypass download timers at sites like Rapidshare using JDownloader.

Temporarily prevent Windows' automated power saving modes with Don't Sleep.

One of the best system process managers, Process Explorer, has released a new version. It's well worth replacing the standard Windows Task Manager.

Written by: CyberInferno

Articles found via RSS feeds of respective linked websites. Google Reader used to browse the feeds. Round-up written using Google Docs.

Thanks for checking out the technology roundup!

Please direct any comments or suggestions to cyberinferno@gmail.com (or post them in the replies).
08:12 AM on 04/12/10
it was my only wish to rise
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jeremyc's Avatar
Palm is going down unfortunately. No surprise but def the buzz of convos here in the Silicon Valley.
08:16 AM on 04/12/10
I'll buy you a raincoat
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Yellowcard2006's Avatar
As for IE9

Turns out that these are just part of a very cruel joke. How could someone tease us with something so pretty?

nothing to see here folks
08:17 AM on 04/12/10
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zachff's Avatar
Thanks for this man, 1 or 2 things I didn't see this week on here.

I think the hyperlink on
iPhone users can get a taste of OS 4 without upgrading using a WinterBoard theme
is wrong, but it links to a funny article so that's ok with me
08:20 AM on 04/12/10
Fight Milk
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anthonydarko's Avatar
I want that $100 version of Starcraft II so bad.
08:24 AM on 04/12/10
only the clouds
throw your body on the bad times
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only the clouds's Avatar
That new Australopithecus discovery is really cool. Also cool: bio-printers. Seriously. I love having Tech Roundup back to blow my mind :)
08:37 AM on 04/12/10
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spunkmastaflex's Avatar
very cool, thanks guys
08:45 AM on 04/12/10
Every cloud is in your way
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popdisaster00's Avatar
Glad to see this back!
08:57 AM on 04/12/10
User Info.
price's Avatar
Really excited that this got up and going again. thank you to the volunteers and chad!
09:08 AM on 04/12/10
Blake Solomon
every outcome's such a comedown
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Blake Solomon's Avatar
also Adobe CS5 is out now
09:27 AM on 04/12/10
Cody Nelson
FightHaver (Fast Drive)
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Cody Nelson's Avatar
Glad this is back up. I'm excited to be helping out with this, one of my favorite round-ups out there.
09:40 AM on 04/12/10
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trindaddy's Avatar
ilu chad
09:41 AM on 04/12/10
Hayley > Hayley
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Rap Hero?! -____-

edit: so it isnt a activision game with the name rap hero, its a completely different company haha
09:54 AM on 04/12/10
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Mirrorsandfevers's Avatar
Portal 2 and new Zelda?! fuck me.

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