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12:15 PM on 04/27/10
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im not blown away by this band, but i think they have talent. my questions for all the negative people -
1. why do you care how many people they have in the band, or how much money they make?
(people contradict themselves by saying their only out to make money, and then saying they made a bad financial decision by having 7 members)
2. if its SOOO EASY to cover a pop song and get big, why isnt EVERY shitty band in the country signed?
3. yeah their drummer was in that AWFUL band Of machines, but how does that automatically entitle every former band member to a record contract?
4. if you hate the "scene" so much, why is everyone spending so much time evaluating and criticizing every band in it?

ive said this before, and i stand by these words, it only takes an opinion to be a critic and therefore everyone is qualified, it takes drive, talent and dedication to be a true musician.

if you dont like these guys, i understand cuz i dont either, but not for any other reason than i just dont like their songs. who the fuck cares if they did a cover, have 15 members, do make money, dont make money. etc...

you people sound like a bunch of bitter ass failed musicians looking to take out your hostility on every band that isnt your favorite.
i would love to hear some of the garbage that your bands come up with.

music is art in all its forms. love it or hate it, if you cant do better shut the fuck up and move on.

:) tata
10:20 AM on 05/10/10
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for the really smart individual that responded to my post- clearly you dont read very well so ill make this easy to understand. apparently you didnt read my entire post cuz you would have seen how many times i said i didnt like this band. The fact that i said it multiple times and it seems to have escaped you says very little about your reading abillities. if my post has lead you to believe that im up this bands ass i would hate to see what you say about bands you like. honestly, im not surprised that someone (you) responded in the way that you did. these forums are almost always filled with shit talking little punks who wouldnt dare say to someones face the things they say on here. my words were an attempt to open peoples minds a little bit about the nasty and unfounded comments they make in regards to bands doing things that the over opinionated shit talkers like you will never do. so you think im a groupie? youd feel pretty stupid if you actually knew who i really am, but like i said, your response doesnt surprise me in the least and if i ever start to give a shit what you or any other little coward on here thinks of me, ill be sure to kill myself. so you can continue to think, say and do all the things that show just how uneducated and bitter you are, and ill continue thinking its hysterical. id bet my career that your yet another lame ass member in a lame ass band that hates anyone doing better than you are, which probably isnt a difficult task. thanks for the laughs homie. enjoy the rest of your meaningless existence.

have a lovely day
10:22 AM on 05/10/10
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and one more thing yontsey. what awesome label is your awesome band on, and how many CD's have you sold?
07:11 AM on 04/15/11
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the so-called "shit talkers" in this thread seem to make significantly better points than you do. this band does not have a single original characteristic to them, and are signed to a label that goes out of its way to find cookie-cutter screamo/post hardcore bands. i am into many different styles of music and have been to many live shows; and i can honestly say that this scene has notably the worst performers out of any other music style that i have ever witnessed. you obviously could care less about the passion for music that many bands have, and are perfectly okay with the fact that these atrocious/generic bands are flooding venues that once held real music.
well... now that so much time has passed, Woe, is me has some experience under their belts, and the band has blown up beyond huge, do you still claim that these other people make a better point than me. W,IM are known for having a great live show and and their CD is doing extremely well so i guess all your assumptions about them sucking just because they did a cover was completely wrong. i agree with you that a lot of scene bands are terrible live, and i believe its because those bands usually try to do more live than their capable of. That being said, there definitely are bands that pull off their show amazingly. ive been to quite a few shows lately and im stoked for all the up and coming bands. but there is a new wave of bands coming up that are super tight live. to name a few,

Abandon all ships (i know ill get ripped into for this one but those dudes play a sick live show and they own the crowd when theyre on stage),
Woe, Is Me (very solid live),
I See Stars, (devin can sing just as great without autotune he just prefers to have that type of sound on a lot of their stuff)
Us, From outside (one of the most unique, fan attentive and hard working bands to recently come to the scene. their singer can actually sing and doesnt need Pitch Correction or ATune and the screamer has a great authentic sounding scream with intensity and solid placement in the songs (tho id like to here more of him on the LP).
Memphis May Fire (stellar live, and great dudes. i got to meet them about a week ago and they are so down to earth i love them)
close your eyes, ( not my favorite but their album is pretty awesome, and tho they arent the best live band touring at the moment they hold their own
LetLive ( another amazing band live and recorded that Tragic Hero records completely over looks and clearly doesnt recognize the potential they have to make that label huge , much like the only other sick band they are lucky to have ,(Us, from outside), tho i hear both bands are moving onto bigger better labels very soon if not already.
the list goes on and on. you shouldnt blame an entire genre for the ugly mistakes that a lot of scene bands make by being carbon copies of eachother or the ones that write a 12 track album full of nothing but non stop breakdowns because they know it will gain them some attention at the shows. All the bands i named are unique in the scene in one way or another and i think you should check them out before completely giiving up on post hardcore. Jussayin bub

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