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Posted by - 04:40 PM on 08/21/06
Gatsby's American Dream is currently having a fans-only chat. Click here to talk to the boys!
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04:55 PM on 08/21/06
The Silencer
the one above all
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this whole moderator thing is pissing me off...none of my questions are getting asked!
05:12 PM on 08/21/06
Token Blackie
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The moderation was necessary, otherwise the chat would be haywire.
05:29 PM on 08/21/06
Alex DiVincenzo
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Cool but you have to log in and I'm far too lazy for that.
05:54 PM on 08/21/06
Token Blackie
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It was worth it. They answered my question about a rap song :)
06:02 PM on 08/21/06
Fuckface Extraordinaire
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Is it over already? Did anyone happen to get a transcript of it?
06:21 PM on 08/21/06
Token Blackie
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Is it over already? Did anyone happen to get a transcript of it?
That's what I kept asking them!!! but they never got back to me *argh*
07:32 PM on 08/21/06
too caught up in the beautiful
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Theatre lol so good.
07:54 PM on 08/21/06
good things come to those who wait
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i have a transcript. i copied and pasted most of it (i missed two lines) for my sister since she was at work. i didn't go to the aim chat. where should i post it?
04:10 PM on 08/22/06
Token Blackie
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i have a transcript. i copied and pasted most of it (i missed two lines) for my sister since she was at work. i didn't go to the aim chat. where should i post it?
Save it in a txt file and upload it somewhere, be it yousendit or megaupload. Or just paste it here :)
08:49 PM on 08/22/06
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someone posted the aim chat in their ljcomm: http://community.livejournal.com/gat...2.html?#cutid1
09:52 PM on 08/29/06
good things come to those who wait
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Save it in a txt file and upload it somewhere, be it yousendit or megaupload. Or just paste it here :)

i don't know if anyone still cares... i've been away a while... but here it is:

This chat room is moderated. Your message will be displayed when it has been approved.
Surgtch2000: hey
Surgtch2000: how is everyone
This chat room is moderated. Your message will be displayed when it has been approved.
xfreshwill: Hey everyone we will be starting in a bout 10 minutes and just to let you know we'll be
screening questions and what not so they will come one at a time
xfreshwill: thanks for your support of GAD and let's make this go well!
xfreshwill: I am the moderator
LuckyCharms©: whooo
Coonor: www.snickerattheswine.com
Laura: i'm good, how about you?
Coonor: are you the mod?
Surgtch2000: sweet
LuckyCharms©: peachy
Surgtch2000: im john tampa, florida
bobgatsby: hello?
LuckyCharms©: i hail from boston, massachussetts
SuperKRad: youre purple
Surgtch2000: hey
Coonor: hay bob
This chat room is moderated. Your message will be displayed when it has been approved.
bobgatsby: hi everyone
bobgatsby: haha
Laura: hi
tinana31: hey
bobgatsby: there we go
Surgtch2000: whats up
bobgatsby: just hanging out
bobgatsby: i was in a boating accident on friday morning
bobgatsby: so now i have six stitches in my eye
This chat room is moderated. Your message will be displayed when it has been approved.
bobgatsby: no kidding
bobgatsby: mike are you there?
bobgatsby: hellllooooo
bobgatsby: i'm not seeing any responses
bobgatsby: am i connected?
SuperKRad: bob
SuperKRad: i think they turned off everyone but the band
bobgatsby: hi mike
bobgatsby: why?
SuperKRad: its moderated
bobgatsby: uh ok but they should be able to chat with us right?
Moderator: hey all - just want to say whats up ... in a few minutes we'll begin the chat. here's how it
This chat room is moderated. Your message will be displayed when it has been approved.
SuperKRad: they can see what you write
bobgatsby: haha
SuperKRad: youre God.
Moderator: the chatroom is moderated... so right now only the band can be seen in the chatroom ..
(yes, i am_
xfreshwill: We'll start our questions in a bout five just to let some more people get in here
Coonor: nic!
nicgatsby: coonor! brakkiss! i recognize some d00ds in here!
bobgatsby: cool
Brakkiss: one brew
Brakkiss: hahaha sup d00d
FightThisOff: I'm from kentucky,
Coonor: one brew
nicgatsby: well hello from kentucky
Brakkiss: nic's from washington lol
nicgatsby: brakkis is from san diego
FightThisOff: i got here a little late, so i was trying to catch up with what people were saying.
nicgatsby: ah no one is really saying anything yet
Coonor: washington > you
Moderator: as fans begin to ask questions they build up in the queue and as the band answers, the
next one will go up
xfreshwill: OK Well, we're gonna throw out some questions now! Everybody ready!?
LuckyCharms©: i heard that you guys didn't play in fitchburg for warped?
nicgatsby: we didn't play any warped dates this year
Brakkiss: I'm so bummed I missed the release sho
Moderator: it keeps the screen from getting all messed up and shit
Katie Baima: they were off all of warped i think
monster: aw man, this stuff is moderated
This chat room is moderated. Your message will be displayed when it has been approved.
rudy: hola gatsby room!
bobgatsby: hahah
bobgatsby: hi rudy
Moderator: Will is going to take over and start throwing the questions up - enjoy!!!
rudy: hello bobby
bobgatsby: sweet
DarkRoosterMusic: On your new self-titled album, a vast majority, if not all of the tracks are about
your music being forced, or the industry and/or lable taking advantage of you. Is your situation that
severe? And if so, what are your plans concerning the future?
Katie Baima: you guys are fond of literary references, can you list all of them (or most of them) on the
new record?
bobgatsby: good question
SuperKRad: hahahahahahah
bobgatsby: no literary references on the new record i don't think
bobgatsby: not intentionally
bobgatsby: lol
nicgatsby: ...
bobgatsby: darkrooster
bobgatsby: our specific situation isn't "that" severe
Laura: What do you guys think of the new This Providence cd... if you've heard it yet?
rudy: they're a great band! good guys
rudy: except for their drummer
rudy: i kid
Laura: What are your plans for the fall?
bobgatsby: the new this providence record rules.
bobgatsby: we have no plans. we're all getting married.
bobgatsby: well the heterosexual ones in our band are getting married.
rudy: and are very excited about those plans
rudy: haha
Ashley: Whens the next time you guys will be touring?
bobgatsby: rudy i'll let you take this one
bobgatsby: lol
rudy: haha.
rudy: thanks bobby
rudy: we dont have any set plans right now
The Quilt Engine: Bobby, as far as literary ref's go, What about John Christopher's series The White
Mountains? And the tripods and whatnot?
rudy: we're enjoying our time home right now
bobgatsby: i wasn't really making any specific literary references. obviously i'm a big fan of that series
but i also love war of the worlds.
wrongsideoftheworld: heres an opinion i want to hear, what does gatsbys think about hardcore
SuperKRad: you better plug Fear Before guys!
bobgatsby: i felt like the message in volcano was obscured by too many literary references
rudy: hmmmmm
bobgatsby: well i produced a hardcore record
nicgatsby: i like a few hardcore bands. anyone in any genre who is bringing something new to the
table deserves respect
rudy: i have nothing against hardcore but i'm really not a fan of the crazy dancing
bobgatsby: agreed
Surgtch2000: How did you guys come about Badd Beat on you new album
bobgatsby: i don't like anything rehashed, whether it's punk, hardcore, emo whatever
Nick Lopez: what is kyle saying in the speech in "you all everybody"
bobgatsby: we agreed to do a tour last year and at the last minute a booking agent basically
blackmailed our label into throwing down ridiculous amounts of money or we would be kicked off the
bobgatsby: badd beat is basically about that
bobgatsby: ha kyle isn't doing the speech
bobgatsby: it's a voicemail i eft on casey bates' cell phone
christian: Did you guys watch Snakes On A Plane yet?
nicgatsby: i kinda want to see that tonight
Katie Baima: if you were a woman for a day what would you do?
bobgatsby: rudy that's all yours
bobgatsby: hahah
nicgatsby: um... i think rudy could feild this one
rudy: oh man, i always get the good ones
rudy: okay.... i'll play it safe
rudy: um... i'd go to the mall?
Yo Soy El Dan: i hear u tour japan, maybe you come to korea? fable changed my life gatsbys
bobgatsby: thanks dan
bobgatsby: hah
nicgatsby: ha ha nice one dan. i hope we tour japan
bobgatsby: lol
MeganSmall: Why did you guys cancel the ending warped tour dates for?
nicgatsby: we cancelled all of our warped tour dates actually
bobgatsby: there were a lot of reasons. ultimately we just burned ourselves out.
rudy: we really needed a break
nicgatsby: we wanted a summer at home for once. its been like five years since we got one of those
This chat room is moderated. Your message will be displayed when it has been approved.
Katie Baima: if you were trapped on an island with NO food whatsoever, which band member would
you eat first and why?
bobgatsby: we recorded volcano, played 300 shows, recorded self-titled, played 100 more shows, and
were ready for a break.
bobgatsby: rudy because i like dark meat.
rudy: i'd eat kyle
rudy: nevermind
bobgatsby: hahah
bobgatsby: really rudy
rudy: i'd eat bobby
bobgatsby: thanks man
MattyXCoregasm: What is your favorite song?
nicgatsby: fave song in general in the world?
MattyXCoregasm: yea
rudy: hell bent by kenna
bobgatsby: Amsterdam by Coldplay
nicgatsby: hmmm... i like bones by saves the day currently. if i could listen to any song right now that
would be in
nicgatsby: it*
Yo Soy El Dan: nic, who are you gonna marry?
MeganSmall: How old are all of you, anyway? Just curious.
rudy: a/s/l
rudy: :0
nicgatsby: i will not marry
nicgatsby: ever!
nicgatsby: i'm like george clooney
Combat Rock: with a better haircut..
Codes: Rudy, what drums and cymbals did you use to record Volcano?
Katie Baima: what band do you think ruined music?
nicgatsby: money
rudy: okay, i'm 27!
FightThisOff: At what age did you begin to get into bands such as NOFX?
FightThisOff: do you believe it's money? or just pressure from labels to make money
rudy: i used a 14x8 truth snare brass snare
rudy: dw drums
rudy: and 14" A custom hi hats
Brakkiss: Bobby, in an interview you spoke about how your "faith" and view of humanity had a lot to
do with the lyrics/style of Volcano "can I be saved?", etc. Do you follow one particular faith or do you
have your interpretation of this world?
bobgatsby: Nic when did you get into the fat wreck scene? I got really into NOFX when I was in high
rudy: 2 - 19" A custom medium crash
rudy: 22" AAX Sabian Metal Ride
bobgatsby: I do have a personal faith, I don't try to force it on other people but it keeps me sailing
bobgatsby: The horse you rode in on from Ribbons and Sugar was in a similar vein, lyrically with
R-I: bob, what is that faith influenced from? the bible?
Matt: What are some bands you guys dig out of the Seattle scene?
obgatsby: My faith comes from life experience- I've been through a lot and my life suggests to me
that there's something bigger than us just being a fungus on the earth.
rudy: I love "Slender Means"
bobgatsby: slender means rules!
rudy: Aqueduct
bobgatsby: Dolour is awesome
Katie Baima: do you guys feel like your sound is more advanced on this record? i think volcano was
much more clear, if that makes sense, than your new one.
bobgatsby: This record sonically reflected where we were at as a band
bobgatsby: volcano was polished using protools
bobgatsby: just like everyone else's records
bobgatsby: and we decided we didn't want to be a part of that again
The Quilt Engine: If you could elect any barnyard animal to a public office, which would it be?
SuperKRad: PANDAS!!!!!!!!!!!
bobgatsby: definitely pandas.
Lovemuscle: what about Ligers?
bobgatsby: pigs.
rudy: i literally did my first lol
xxamyxxsdsxx: pandas are barn yard animals? haha
bobgatsby: hahah
rudy: i would say a pig
SuperKRad: some kick amy out
SuperKRad: hahahaha
monster: pigs are already in office
jaimej: What are some of your favorite songs to perform? Mine's theatre lol so good.
rudy: haha
bobgatsby: hahahahaha
bobgatsby: jaime that was amazing
FightThisOff: Star Wars or Star Treck?
rudy: i love performing OZY
nicgatsby: ugh sorry i got signed off
nicgatsby: star wars
bobgatsby: star wars duh... yeah ozy is really fun.
Coonor: how come jamie got a sats cliche to go though? ONE BREW
bobgatsby: i was playing star wars knights of the old republic right before we started this chat
hooray_for_the_madness: I would like to know what kind of music you guys like other than the kind
you make
bobgatsby: this stupid droid keeps carbon freezing me
SuperKRad: did you get a 360 bobby
bobgatsby: not yet
nicgatsby: i like hip hop
nicgatsby: and some country
abbyforsleep: Hey where did you guys play your first gig?
bobgatsby: i listen to coldplay and elliott smith mostly
rudy: I'm not much of a country fan
rudy: I like oldies:)
bobgatsby: i like mellow downer music
nicgatsby: i love daft punk
bobgatsby: i think our first show was in a closet at the redmond firehouse is that right nic?
nicgatsby: i have no i dea where the first gatsbys american deam show was
Brakkiss: You played your CD release show on Saturday. Was this particular release show any more
special for you or different?
nicgatsby: i know our first show with the dudes that would become gatsby was in oak harbor but we
playedthat show as one point two
bobgatsby: haha i remember that
bobgatsby: sats?
nicgatsby: i actually came across a bunch of pics of that show bob, and ryan was wearing his sig visor
The Author: do any of the lyrics on the new album reflect your relationship with Fearless? if so...did
they pick up on it?
nicgatsby: this cd release show was the first time we had any fans fly in and that was super special
bobgatsby: yeah the sats kids that flew in made it awesome
bobgatsby: it was different tho
Katie Baima: LIES ive flown in for shows
bobgatsby: hahaha
nicgatsby: yeah? have you?
Katie Baima: YES i know tons of people who have
rememberingyesterday: i did too
tinana31: i've driven 6 hours to see a show
bobgatsby: wow
christian: i crossed the border for a show once
rememberingyesterday: i flew from portland oregon to vegas
SEK: I drive for shows... but I've never flown
The Quilt Engine: I sold a testicle to see a show. Just kidding.
Katie Baima: my friend followed screaming is for babies in its entirety
joya: i've driven 20 roundtrip for a show
Surgtch2000: Out of all of your albums which one would you guys say is your BEST?!?
SuperKRad: that tour was like 9 weeks!
rudy: iojkp;
rudy: ]
nicgatsby: she came to every screaming for babies show?? whats nuts
rudy: that wasn't me
bobgatsby: hahaha what
rudy: i'd say this one is our best
BizzyV: Who are the filthy beasts? I've heard about a dozen different interpretations of that song.
nicgatsby: ha rudy fell asleep on the heyboard
nicgatsby: keyboard*
bobgatsby: yeah this one is definitely our best. people have beef with the production, but when they
get old and jaded they'll like this one the best.
thechild: What's the meaning behind "My Name Is Ozymandias?" Does it involve the novel The White
bobgatsby: i don't believe it does. kirk wrote the lyrics to ozy. a lot of the times our song titles are
references but the lyrics have nothing to do with the titles.
MattyXCoregasm: Speaker for the Dead is my second favorite song ever, what inspired you guys to
come up with that song?
bobgatsby: nic it's all yours
Coonor: what's your guys favorite color?
nicgatsby: just thinking about how hindsight is 20/20 when we look at history. it all seems so clear
where things went wrong. well fitting in to the whole theme of volcano i thought that it can be that
way with our lives sometimes too
nicgatsby: shame. duh
Veronica[ROCKS]: who was your favorite band that you guys had played with ?
nicgatsby: circa survive is my favorite
bobgatsby: hmmm that's a tough one veronica. waking ashland, down to earth approach were a couple
of my favorites, circa survive was definitely one of the best live shows i've ever seen
xxamyxxsdsxx: do any of you guys enjoy reading a lot?
nicgatsby: yes i am currently reading battle royale. its like lord of the flies on crach
nicgatsby: crack*
bobgatsby: Amy we read all the time. I'm reading a pulitzer prize winning book called Founding
Brothers about the revolutionaries that founded our country. Pretty awesome.
Poopsmith: have you guys ever had a cow patty fight? its all fun and games until someone gets hit in
the face with a wet one. luckily it wasn't me
Lovemuscle: wheres the best venue you have ever played at? or if u cant chose one your favorite
state to be in?
bobgatsby: snickerattheswine.com/forum lol so good
nicgatsby: lately i've been reading lots of SNICKERATTHESWINE.COM!!
bobgatsby: for me the best venue we ever played at was the chicago house of blues
bobgatsby: that was pretty amazing
nicgatsby: i loved the chicago house of blues
bobgatsby: ha nice nic
Ashley: Nic, has anybody influenced you with your stage presence?
hooray_for_the_madness: What do you guys do when you aren't recording or playing?
bobgatsby: remember that's when kyle fell down drunk on a table at the vip club and got kicked out
nicgatsby: um i really don't think so. i remember seeing saves the day back in the day and really
thinking it was neat how much chris smiled on stage. i like it when bands look like they're enjoying
rudy: i'm a fan of blue
rudy: circa survive
christian: What are some unheard of or otherwise undiscovered websites you guys frequent?
MrValentine: I saw you guys when you played with No Way Out (My American Heart) a long time ago at
Bubble Tea Cafe in San Diego. How do you like shows now compared to back then?
tinana31: nic i admire your stage presence... but where did you learn your dance moves? jay z videos?
i am a big fan of hova myself
nicgatsby: snickerattheswine.com.... its our fansite. people shouldj join up
nicgatsby: ha i don't really think of having dance moves i just like to get up there and have fun.
nothing is like thought out or anything
rudy: i remember that show at the bubble tea cafe... that was such a fun time
rudy: i miss shows like that
Lovemuscle: what is your favorite thing about touring?
nicgatsby: i like seeing the country and making friends with the other bands
bobgatsby: yeah i miss those shows too. that was special when we were so excited if even ten kids
showed up.
R-Mac: All these questions are nice, but would you ever consider doing a rap song?
nicgatsby: meeting all these people who your songs have affected is really inspiring too
rudy: been there done that
nicgatsby: bob and rudy have both rapped and been recorded doing so
abbyforsleep: Do you plan on the band being your only job or do you guys have other ambitions in life?
bloobafloob: THE ZIT SONG
rudy: i don't mean to brag but i used to be in a rap group
bobgatsby: i've actually really wanted to do some r&b stuff with nic if we ever had time
rudy: haha... the zit song needs to die!
Adam: GAD guys, how has your album been received as compared to Volcano, and even Ribbons and
nicgatsby: other ambitions include playing basketball everyday and maybe a family one day
Jake: what was the name of your rap group... so as to look it up?
nicgatsby: i think reviews have been very positive. my little sister doesn't like the new one as much
aha ha
The Quilt Engine: Will there be some sort of initiation ritual for Kyle to advance from his rookie status?
Maybe make him play a few show naked?
bobgatsby: this new record has been receiving amazing reviews, but we've caught a lot of flack ffrom
fans for not using studio tricks like auto tune and sampling.
rudy: i don't think you'll find it anywhere... we we're called THE WRAPPERS
rudy: i was Bombay
nicgatsby: well ryan re joined after kyle joined so technically ryan is the rookie now
nicgatsby: ha ha i never knew that rudy
kaily: nic, do you have a comfort item you take on tour...like a white comforter?
rudy: i have a dark past
Gidget: rudy is a dork
nicgatsby: you have a dark complexion
rudy: haha... yeah for Gidget
bobgatsby: Seriously, our publicist sends us links to every review we get for the new record, and every
review has been fantastic except for this malicious little write up at aversion.com. I think the only
people that respond like that have a personal beef with the band and what we stand for.
rudy: i mean yay
Ashley: If you had to chose one album to listen to forever, which would it be and why?
nicgatsby: the beatles abbey road?? i dunno... impossible question
bobgatsby: Rush of Blood to the Head by Coldplay. I'm listening to it right now.
MrValentine: Give me your DS friend codes posthaste
Cookieinabottle: how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
nicgatsby: ah i haven't played my ds since we've been home
bobgatsby: hold on i'm pulling my ds out right now
Beccah: what is the craziest thing a fan has done or given you?
Moderator: hey all - i just want to let you know we have to close the chatroom in about 5 minutes.
Moderator: we only have this place for an hour
bobgatsby: Awwwwwww
Moderator: SNICKERATTHESWINE.COM to continue the chat???
nicgatsby: a bra with a phone number got thrown up on stage once
kylan: what size cup?
FightThisOff: did you call?
jaimej: yeah and you never called me!
rudy: haha ...i don't get much from anyone
nicgatsby: never did call ha ha
rudy: i got brownies a few times
(i lost two posts sorry but they were worthless fan crap and a question why nic cuts off the linings of his hats)
nicgatsby: this last tour people started bringing some whiskey.. thats the coolest gift
Brind'Amour: hmm, what's the sweetest thing a girl could do for you?
nicgatsby: oh and juicy juice
nicgatsby: yes i do actually
nicgatsby: random how do you know that?
rudy: marry meeeeeeeee
bobgatsby: exactly
SuperKRad: can we unmoderate the chat for a couple mins?
nicgatsby: oh god listen to the sappy engaged dudes
bobgatsby: the sweetest thing a girl could do would be to say yes when i propose. hhaha
rudy: haha.... i know
bobgatsby: oh honey you should know that i could never go on without you!
rudy: we're so cheezy
Katie Baima: wahaha i am talking to the moderator here and i think an aim chat is best. i could help
set it up or something?
Moderator: katie - set it up and give me the info - i'll post it
Katie Baima: ok!
bobgatsby: it'll be too insane
bobgatsby: 100 people talking at once
Moderator: give it a shot - its all u guys, im going to grab dinner after this :)
Jake: why are none of my questions and comments being posted?
bobgatsby: hey there's one!
FightThisOff: What's your favorite Beatles song?
rudy: ALRIGHT!
FightThisOff: because, he's being flooded with 99 other questions and comments.
holycrapawalrus: thats what im saying
the white mountains: yeah me too.
danny oliver: when will a uk tour appear
nicgatsby: i like she's so heavy
Katie Baima: the chatroom is: "gatsbyschat" how do you want to moderate it? you guys can IM
"thelastofart" and i'll bold the questions to answer? we have to use order here dudes
bobgatsby: hahaha
Moderator: the chatroom is: "gatsbyschat" how do you want to moderate it? you guys can IM "thelastofa
rt" and i'll bold the questions to answer? we have to use order here dudes

bobgatsby: haha ok

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