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Technology Round-Up (04/25/10)

Posted by - 08:03 PM on 04/25/10
Check out this week's technology round-up in the replies.
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08:04 PM on 04/25/10
Linda Ferreira
The Retired Maillady
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Thanks to Frank, Melissa and Chad for putting this together.

Technology Round-Up Poll

A glitch on Blippy caused it to reveal users' credit card numbers on Google searches.

Do you feel safe storing your credit card information on websites?


Steve Jobs believes Apple has a moral obligation to iPhone users, so don't expect pornography apps any time soon.

Apple's second-quarter profits were up almost 90% from the same period last year.

Some universities are banning iPads.

Someone hacked an iPhone to run Google's Android operating system.

Gizmodo may be charged with a crime for purchasing the lost/stolen iPhone prototype. Reports indicate that the prototype was close to the final specifications. Check out pictures and a report on the hardware.

Despite Japan not normally taking to Western companies (look at Xbox sales compared to PS3 sales), the iPhone captured 72% of the cell phone market during the last 12 months.

Anyone who purchased a Shuffle from February 2009 to February 2010 is entitled to free replacement headphones.


YouTube has started offering on-demand movie and TV show rentals.

A Russian man hacked into 1.5 million Facebook accounts and is now selling them for relatively cheap.

This clock tweets when you receive Twitter updates.

Facebook and Microsoft have launched Docs.com, which allows users to share Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files with Facebook friends.

Popbox, a media streamer, is finally launching for preorders.

Facebook's changing privacy policies are seriously scary.


Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation may be coming soon to iPhone and other platforms. It's already become available to UK Android users with version 1.6 and above.

Google Maps now offers search suggestions. Next in line are in-store views.

Sync notes with Google Docs using NotySync.

Ten nations send their complaints to Google about Buzz and Street View, among other things.


Barnes and Noble Nook gets much-needed updates: web browsing, games, and more.

The Kindle will be available in Target stores beginning April 25.

Psyko Audio is finally shipping out 5.1 surround sound headphones to US customers, only 1.5 years late.

Turn your laptop charger into a powerstrip.

This tiny camera actually takes photos.

Nokia's CEO Anssi Vanjoki thinks cell phone cameras will soon replace SLRs.


The Dell Lightning, a Windows Phone 7 portrait slider, has leaked and should be ready for a Q4 release. The Lightning is shaping up to have really nice specs and will most likely be Dell's top-end luxury Windows Mobile phone.

The Dell Thunder will run on Android 2.1 and will feature social networking apps and Hulu.

The Dell Aero will be Dell's new lower-end product and will be ready for a Q2 release.

The Dell Streak, formerly the Mini 5, will be updated to Android 2.1.

The Dell Smoke looks gorgeous and will not break the bank.

The Dell Flash will run Android Froyo. Dell has been really busy lately in the mobile phones market!

The Motorola Devour was updated with bug fixes, but not the Android 2.1 update that users have been hoping for.

SMSing has helped to increase efficiency in saving malaria patients.

Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein insists that Palm can survive on its on. Furthermore, HTC will not be buying Palm.

The Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two will have a 600MHz processor and EV-DO Rev. A, as well as light and proximity sensors.

AT&T's first quarter numbers beat Verizon's.

Here is a BlackBerry OS 6.0 theme based on the leaked screenshots of OS 6.0.

Cypress TrueTouch is the future of touchscreens.


A school that distributes laptops activated one student's webcam while he was partially undressed because the family was allegedly not up-to-date on payments.

McAfee has issued an apology for accidentally wiping out people's computers.

Rumor has it that AMD and Apple may start developing computers together. AMD has also reported record earnings. Is AMD finally ready to step toe-to-toe with Intel?

Anyone can now "print" physical objects for a mere $17,000.

Anyone with Windows 7 and a touchscreen can now download the Microsoft Touch Pack for free (how many dirty comments can you think of?).

The retail version of Microsoft Office 2010 is available for download on Technet and MSDN. College students should see if their school offers MSDNAA (academic alliance) access.

Check out a video of the new Asus Eee keyboards.


Boeing's X-37B is now in orbit.

A caring father has developed Speaks4me, an electronic communication system that is helping his autistic son communicate.

Interested in test driving the Chevrolet Volt?

Check out these pictures of Carina Nebula hydrogen and dust titan in the Milky Way Galaxy.

This couple was married via Skype when their airplane was grounded due to the volcano.

iFixit, known for its Mac repair guides and manuals, will now fix anything.

Augmented reality lets you be Iron Man.

Want a circular bookshelf that you can walk in? I knew you would.

Japan plans to develop though-controlled devices and robots by 2020.


Windows users can take advantage of a free 25GB online drive from Microsoft.

Mac OS X users can copy one of Windows 7's better features, the Aero Snap, with Shift It.

If anyone is looking for legal torrents, check out ClearBits.

Untiny expands shortened URLs to help people avoid being rickrolled.

Tired of squinting at Firefox's address bar? Make it larger.

Contributors: Sarcasm, klawansie7, CyberInferno

Feel free to voice your comments and suggestions in the replies.
08:14 PM on 04/25/10
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yay So happy that the tech round ups are back!!
08:20 PM on 04/25/10
Linda Ferreira
The Retired Maillady
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And, don't forget the Games Round-Up here
08:32 PM on 04/25/10
Format, The, Format, The
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Formatfun's Avatar
Nice round up. Thanks guys for doing it. That Docs.com thing looks interesting.
09:18 PM on 04/25/10
pop pop
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simpleawakening's Avatar
some of those dell phones look nice
09:19 PM on 04/25/10
You have my attention
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sokonfused's Avatar
thanks for the tech round up! seriously made my day. haha. i've missed it.
09:25 PM on 04/25/10
Xx sorrow xX
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Xx sorrow xX's Avatar
i like reading through these
09:46 PM on 04/25/10
do you believe in magic?
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klawansie7's Avatar
Nice round up. Thanks guys for doing it. That Docs.com thing looks interesting.
isn't it? i'm super interested to try it out.
10:48 PM on 04/25/10
Registered Member
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flask's Avatar
LOVE LOVE LOVE those hubble pics.
11:18 PM on 04/25/10
Registered User
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kylestarr's Avatar
Would I be wrong for attributing iPhone's success to the fact that Apple only manufactures a single phone with a single OS? While nice looking, all of the varieties of HTC and Dell hardware along with the many varieties of Android OS's seem a little daunting and overwhelming as a consumer. Simplify. That could be why iPhone is killing it in Japan as well.
12:05 AM on 04/26/10
Registered User
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muzicislife31's Avatar
I really need that circular bookshelf.

I also now plan to get married on skype.
02:25 AM on 04/26/10
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Sarcasm's Avatar
I really need that circular bookshelf.

I also now plan to get married on skype.
Haha that bookshelf just seems so awesome, no matter how pointless it really is.
05:50 AM on 04/26/10
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carlosonthedrums's Avatar
Has anyone tried out that Iron Man HUD simulation thing? It looks sweet (the Heads Up Display part of it anyway) but the author of the article said the download time can be a bit of a pain in the ass. I'm gonna give it a shot when I get home though. If it works, I'll definitely post it on my FB, cause if there's one thing my friends haven't already seen enough of, it's me doing nerdy shit.
11:07 AM on 04/26/10
Registered User
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muzicislife31's Avatar
Haha that bookshelf just seems so awesome, no matter how pointless it really is.
It really does! I would think anyone was cool who had that in their house.

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