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12:37 PM on 05/21/10
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awesome record. awesome review.
12:11 PM on 05/22/10
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Dude, just because a riff is difficult to play doesn't mean the song isn't commercial as shit. Think about it: marketability. How long have you been playing guitar, anyway? And just because a riff is deemed "difficult" by some nebulous AP.net user, makes it true..or makes the song structure "complicated?" Come on man, you gotta think outside the box here. "Swim" sounds like every song ever produced for any commercial gain, and that's why it's a single. If you disagree, well that's your opinion, but you are wrong, indeed. Listen to the integrity of the last album. Every song is sonically layered to convey emotion. Whereas "Swim" is just a pleasant little day time lullaby. I'm not trying to rag on your opinions and whatnot, but you sound like the type of kid who's just gotten into Modest Mouse and thinks that "We've Got Everything" is some progressive new development because it happens to relate to the "now-ness" of Indie Dance Pop, which you may claim to be originated by MGMT. Look back. That's all I'm saying. Look back to when the artist had no motive to pursue anything but their art. Before they "knew" they were good. You'll be surprised at what you find.

I must interject after reading some of the comments posted in the past few days. To begin, I must agree that "Things" is a great song, but only in it's ability to set the tone for the rest of the album. To claim that it is "the gem of this record" provides evidence that you either: gave the album a once or twice over and were not happy that Mixed Drinks was not Organ Fight or you have completely missed the intentions of the band to progress from Organ Fight.

Secondly, KEB182 claims that, what you may think is bubble gum bullshit, "Swim..." is a declaration that they have progressed from a sort of sad Scottish quartet to an all around great alternative rock band. To this declaration, I must agree.

As the song progresses, it moves in an airy yet aquatic hum, and is not so much a “day-dream lullaby”. The song is an obvious metaphor to evaluate where Scott Hutchinson is willing to take his life and his future. Swimming from his past (i.e. the ex-girlfriend mentioned numerous times on Organ Fight, and the previous album, itself), as stated in the quote, “Let’s call me a Baptist, Call this a drowning of the past. She is there on the shoreline throwing stones, at my back. So swim until you can’t see land. Are you a man, are you a bag of sand?” is a concrete statement of progression, both emotionally and professionally.

The song may not be the best they’ve ever written; that is only to be left up to personal opinion. However, it absurd to claim that it is a “formulaic” song that should be used for radio prostitution. Read between the lines, and maybe “you’ll be surprised at what you find.”

Thirdly, I see absolutely no correlation between FRabbit and MGMT. MGMT is a pop-electro band with acid-driven lyrics, and trippy synthesizers. Not to mention, they would never have had the success they got in 2008, without producer Dave Freidman. If you haven’t heard of this producer, than your musical “integrity” must be brought into question. He was not a part of Congratulations, which has had far inferior success, despite their “apologies” to their fans.

Modest Mouse, however, is a band that I have been listening to for quite sometime. If you want to talk about band’s selling out, than “We’ve Got Everything” would not be the song to have done that with Modest Mouse. I believe that would be “Float On”. Again, I believe your musical “integrity” must be brought into question for that quip.

Finally, having read many hateful reviews and many positive reviews on Mixed Drinks, your opinions clearly seem to parallel themselves with those of Pitchfork. Having been notoriously critical of all progressions from first albums, such as Midnight Organ Fight. You seem to be one of those people who just do not like progression from, what may be thought of as, the ”original sound.”

As fans of FRabbit, we can all agree that Organ Fight seized our immediate attention, and as a fan of music, I truly fell in love after one or two times through the album. Yet, Mixed Drinks is a much deeper album, with much higher quality than the lo-fi, basement-recorded, post break-up effort that was Organ Fight. So do yourself a favor, and shut the fuck up.

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