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11:02 PM on 05/20/10
Pedestrian Verse
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haha, I forgot to do the ratings...my bad. fixed now.
05:45 PM on 05/21/10
Pedestrian Verse
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Yeah, why an 8%? That is fucking stupid.

And "Arguably the best song that Frightened Rabbit has ever written, this song seems to encompass the entire theme of this album, as it proclaims, “Let’s call me a Baptist, Call this a drowning of the past. She is there on the shoreline throwing stones, at my back. So swim until you can’t see land. Are you a man, are you a bag of sand?”

I completely argue with this claim. This song [despite its EPIC lyrical content, and I mean that, I truly do] is the most forumlaic song Frightened Rabbit have ever produced. It's such a "radio song" that it kind of disgusts me.

I would venture to say that "Things" is absolutely, hands down, the gem of this record. It's gorgeous. And builds upon itself, recalling "Keep Yourself Warm" from Midnight Organ Fight.

I suppose to each their own, but the structure of "Swim" is just way too easy for this talented band.

The author rating should be fixed, for me it reads 90% now.

As far as "Swim.." goes I respect your opinion - but you're wrong. haha. Seriously though, I think "nothing like you" and "living in colour" are more mainstream "radio" songs then "swim" is. Myself and my friend (who is much better at guitar than I am), have attempted to learn how to play "swim until you can't see land" the way that Scott plays it, and it is super hard to get the chord changes. What do you mean when you say that the structure of the song is too easy? just the verse/chorus/verse structure?
10:15 AM on 05/22/10
Pedestrian Verse
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Dude, just because a riff is difficult to play doesn't mean the song isn't commercial as shit. Think about it: marketability. How long have you been playing guitar, anyway? And just because a riff is deemed "difficult" by some nebulous AP.net user, makes it true..or makes the song structure "complicated?" Come on man, you gotta think outside the box here. "Swim" sounds like every song ever produced for any commercial gain, and that's why it's a single. If you disagree, well that's your opinion, but you are wrong, indeed. Listen to the integrity of the last album. Every song is sonically layered to convey emotion. Whereas "Swim" is just a pleasant little day time lullaby. I'm not trying to rag on your opinions and whatnot, but you sound like the type of kid who's just gotten into Modest Mouse and thinks that "We've Got Everything" is some progressive new development because it happens to relate to the "now-ness" of Indie Dance Pop, which you may claim to be originated by MGMT. Look back. That's all I'm saying. Look back to when the artist had no motive to pursue anything but their art. Before they "knew" they were good. You'll be surprised at what you find.

Okay, I have a few points to make here.

first of all, you still haven't explained what you think is so "easy" about the song. If it's such an easy song, lets see you write one half as good. I also never said that because the riff is hard, it makes it a good song. It's quite obvious you enjoyed the midnight organ fight more than the new album, and that's fine, but we're going to have to agree to disagree.

Secondly, I'm far from "a kid who just got into modest mouse" however I think "we've got everything" is a good song too.

Also, fuck MGMT.

Nice attempt to make fun of my musical tastes though, especially when you know nothing about them, other than I really enjoy the new Frightened Rabbit album.

and, I've been a fan of Frightened Rabbit for a long time, and spent many hours with the "midnight organ fight" and "sing the greys" so I'm not sure I'll be surprised at what I find when I go back to those albums. Maybe you should get over yourself and look forward, you might be surprised at what you find. It's called progression sir.

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