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Technology Round-Up (06/12/10)

Posted by - 10:24 PM on 06/12/10
Check out this week's technology round-up in the replies.
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10:25 PM on 06/12/10
Linda Ferreira
The Retired Maillady
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Thanks to Chad, Frank and Melissa for putting together this round-up.

Technology Round-Up Poll

One restaurant has replaced their paper menus with iPads. This leads to the question, will we someday live completely paper free? Poll


Foxconn may
move some factories out of China in order to help avoid more suicides.

Will T-Mobile be the next cellular provider to get the iPhone?

Apple has
renamed its mobile operations system to iOS 4.

Anyone who purchased an iPhone 3GS within a month of the iPhone 4 announcement can
get credit towards the purchase of an iPhone 4.

Apple's new advertising restrictions may
get it in trouble with the U.S. Government.

Apple has already
acquired 22% of the ebook market.

The FBI is investigating how
100,000 iPad owners' email addresses were revealed.

Check out the latest
details about iPhone 4's Facetime video calling.

Radio Shack will be
accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 4 for people afraid to enter the land of the Apple Store.


An Internet Explorer add-in displays certain webpages as if you were in Google Chrome.

Safari 5 was
released this week, but its performance improvements still don't measure up to Chrome and Opera.

Firefox 4 will support
WebM, the video platform recently acquired by Google.

Microsoft released
Bing Social beta, a search engine that only displays results from Facebook and Twitter.

BP attempts to do some damage control by
purchasing search phrases like "oil spill" on Google and Yahoo.

If you're a web developer, you know how big of a pain it is to make sites work properly on all web browsers. Use
this chart to help you decide what is best for your project.

Looks like Hulu will add a
subscription service for older movies and TV shows.

Twitter now provides its own
URL shortener and will no longer count characters from URLs in the 140 character limit.

Amtrak may be
adding WiFi to all of its routes, since the test run on the Acela Express was a huge success.

At a conference on Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg *gasp* removed his signature hoodie. Inside revealed to be a very strange Facebook insignia.
Read here to help make sense of it all.

One man took his rage over a parking ticket out on the court by purchasing the Police Department's expired website domain.


Watch this 3D Google Earth video of all the world cup stadiums.

Android's Google Map turn-by-turn navigation is
now available in Canada and most of mainland Europe. Also, search by voice is now available in three new languages.

Use Google Maps'
starring feature to never get lost in a parking lot again.

You can now
overlay user-uploaded photos onto Street View.

Gmail has
reformatted its chat windows to encourage users to utilize its voice and video chat features. This push, plus a new dial pad appear to be the beginnings of a Skype competitor.

Use this cool
tutorial to learn to make your own Chrome extensions.

Google has announced its new search index system, called

What is Google planning to do to
reinvent news?

Turkey has apparently
banned Google.

Google search will now try and
correct your spelling before you even hit the "search" button.

If you were on Google at all on Thursday, you probably saw a
background image on the homepage. Due to some issues, Google removed the preview early.


Sony just announced seven 3D and 3D-ready TVs. Panasonic showcases two smaller models of its 3D TVs in Japan.

Springteq unveils the
WeGo HUD/GPS for your car, basically a mini projector that shows you turn-by-turn directions right on your windshield.

Get the new Sony
3D Blu-Ray player, or update the firmware on your older Sony Blu-Ray player.

The Kindle gets a suit of armor in the form of an
M-Edge Guardian Case, which is waterproof and airtight but very heavy.

Pandigital releases a full-color eReader, simply called
Novel, through Kohls stores. It will have access to the Barnes and Nobel eBookstore.

Lite-On lightbulb keeps working even when the power goes out.

Nokero has created the world's first
solar powered light bulb. It's also waterproof and very durable, as the most practical use of it would probably be in developing countries.

Some scientists are working on
smart underwear for the military that will monitor the wearer's blood pressure and heart rate, among other things.

Samsung has introduced its first
pico projector.

ePrinter lets you send an email to your printer from any device without having to install any drivers or software.

Orange Power Wellies take energy from walking and dancing and turn it into power for your cell phone.


How would you change HTC's Droid Incredible (other than making it the Sprint EVO 4G)?

The HTC Legend has debuted on
Virgin Mobile in Canada.

Check out these shots of the Motorola Droid X. Is it coming to Verizon?

Samsung's Galaxy Apollo
is coming soon.

The HTC Liberty for AT&T
has been revealed.

Check out this hands-on review of Fring, the all-in-one VOIP and IM app for Android.

The Nexus One has been hacked to record video in
720p high definition.

AT&T data service
is down in the Southeast and even in Puerto Rico.

Microsoft is helping OEMs develop new and unique applications and software for Windows Phone 7.

T-Mobile, not Verizon,
will most likely receive the iPhone 4 first.

AT&T's iPhone 4 launch day
has been set for June 24th, starting at 7AM.

A developer
wants to send an Android smartphone into space to take pictures and collect location data.

The HTC EVO 4G has held its own
in a series of scratch tests.

Adobe expects Flash
on 250 million smartphones by the end of 2012.


U.S. Border Patrol agents now
need to obtain a search warrant before searching people's laptops.

Dell has settled with the SEC to the
sum of $100 million.

A shocking new study indicates that PC gamers have the "
bod[ies] of 60 year old chain smokers."

PC shipments
have risen 23%.

beta of Windows 7 SP1 will arrive in July.

Office 2010's web version compared to the desktop version.

Check out a
dual-screen notebook.

Ubuntu for tablets is on the way.


Learn how viruses, trojans, and other malware differer.

SSD owners should learn how to
maintain the life of their drives.

If you've ever downloaded a CD image that you couldn't figure out how to burn (Dreamcast piraters should have fond memories of DiscJuggler),
ISOBuddy can help convert them into ISO's.

Windows users can speed up their computers' boot times with

Safari users
can now block ads.

Windows users who need to mute sound quickly should check out

Android users with HTC Sense keyboards can
learn how to delete individual words from the keyboard.


A new voice-based stress detector can identify stress and which job candidates can perform best under pressure.

The Terrestrial Shrub Rover is a solar-powered car that is
disiguised as a moving shrub.

Math genius Ian McHale of the University of Salford has used statistics to attempt to
predict the the winners during the World Cup. You can learn how to follow the World Cup on Twitter here.

has launched with FIFA World Cup coverage.

Movie theater 3D glasses
carry bacteria.

A law firm called White Berberian
will defend accused file sharers of The Hurt Locker.

The world's first plastic antibodies work in mice.

Try Ragdoll Tennis.

A virtual graveyard has been created for Hong Kong's dead.


Contributors: Sarcasm, klawansie7, CyberInferno

Feel free to voice your comments and suggestions in the replies.
10:53 PM on 06/12/10
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Scrandon's Avatar
Awesome as always.
11:29 PM on 06/12/10
Registered User
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sooperdoodey's Avatar
Awesome. Between this, and the Australian music roundup, I really don't need anything else from the internet.
11:54 PM on 06/12/10
Regular Member
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juice182's Avatar
thank you!
07:17 AM on 06/13/10
Blake Solomon
A tree you cannot cut.
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Blake Solomon's Avatar
best roundup hands down.
11:50 AM on 06/13/10
only the clouds
throw your body on the bad times
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only the clouds's Avatar
One man took his rage over a parking ticket out on the court by purchasing the Police Department's expired website domain.
This guy rules
12:29 PM on 06/13/10
Registered User
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Ross's Avatar
Ditto that
03:25 PM on 06/13/10
Drummer. Designer. Music Lover.
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mfrazier35's Avatar
thanks for doing these. i know a lot of people like myself like this thread every week.
05:26 PM on 06/13/10
do you believe in magic?
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klawansie7's Avatar
thanks for all the kind words guys!! i absolutely love being a part of this roundup.
05:35 PM on 06/13/10
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Mochem's Avatar
If you've ever downloaded a CD image that you couldn't figure out how to burn (Dreamcast piraters should have fond memories of DiscJuggler), ISOBuddy can help convert them into ISO's.

Hahaha oh boy. That made me smile.
06:54 PM on 06/13/10
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Sarcasm's Avatar
thanks for all the kind words guys!! i absolutely love being a part of this roundup.
Same here! Thanks everyone!
06:55 PM on 06/13/10
Registered User
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love it, look forward to this every week!! keep it up
11:28 PM on 06/13/10
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carlosonthedrums's Avatar
I know it's tough to tell with no scheduled announcement, but how accurate do you think that iPhone/T-Mobile info is...I've been out-of-contract w/ T-Mobile for over a year and was considering making the switch to AT&T for the iPhone4, but if that's not too far off, I'll wait.
11:43 PM on 06/13/10
promesas son sombras
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EchoPark's Avatar
Once again, a great roundup. I'll be one of those people in line at Radio Shack on the 24th June.

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