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Les Sages - Share This

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Les Sages - Share This
Record Label: Deep Elm
Release Date: April 27, 2010
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
Les Sages is four Canadian brothers each separated by only eighteen months. The band's drummer is not a sibling but a close friend. The band's name is pronounced "Lay-Sahj," and they now reside in Salt Lake City, UT. Share This is their second full-length effort.

How is it?
Fan-freaking-tastic. There's good reason why Deep Elm has hailed the disc as "one of the most memorable ever released by our label." Blending sensitivity and tenderness with bitter acid-tongued barbs, Share This is an album that caters to just about everyone. Introspection? Check. Caustic kiss-offs? Check. Ornate harmonies? Check. Spiky guitars? Check. You get the drill. Whatever you want in a disc, this has it. From the mid-tempo movement of album opener "The League War," to the jittery "Friends," there's a certain charisma at work here that just isn't found these days. Of the album's first half, the two most memorable compositions are the vindictive and vitriolic "Reinvention," and the earnest and compassionate "Nomads," the latter evoking a definitive Death Cab sentiment.

The urgent "Red Lights," is a call to action, offering up positivity, self-exploration and a rousing movement that should not be played softly. Those of us who've spent time in one-horse towns and rural America, will certainly find a kinship with the song's imploring nature. The feathery valentine "Action," is the best song Waking Ashland never recorded, while "Rain City," has a pulsing, rhythmic cadence that only further cements the band as something worth watching. Of the disc's last two offerings, "Driver of the Hearse," is a rumbling and look at identity that should not be skipped, while "Tricks," is a brooding and timeless ballad that documents the collapse of a romance.

There's a good chance that 2010 might fly by without anyone taking a proper glance at Share This. That the disc came out in late April and is still vastly ignored is proof of that very point. But make no mistake, Share This is as inspired, earnest and as compelling as any disc released so far this year. Remember all the reasons you fell in love Straylight Run, Brand New and Taking Back Sunday, then marry that with all the reasons you fell for Death Cab for Cutie, Lydia and Mae. That's what listening to Share This is like. So maybe it won't reach the masses and maybe they won't play stadiums, but hot damn, if music like this is getting ignored, then the state of music in a far darker place than any of us ever imagined.

Les Sages is Joe Larson: vocals, piano, bass
Andrew Larson: vocals, piano, bass
Peter Larson: vocals, guitar
Kris Larson: vocals, guitar
Andrew McQuay: drums

Track Listing 1. The League War
*2. Reinvention
*3. The Soldiers Mark
4. Friends
*5. Nomads
6. Red Lights
*7. Action
8. Rain City
9. Driver of the Hearse
*10. Tricks
*=Recommended Tracks

Recommended If You Like Farewell Flight, Death Cab for Cutie, Paulson, New Atlantic

Find Them Here Myspace
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07:52 AM on 08/06/10
Kaneki-kun, BON APPÉTIT
User Info.
PetitnaindesÎles's Avatar
one of my favorite releases this year, good review.
you can hear this album here : http://music.lessages.com/album/share-this
01:32 PM on 08/06/10
Registered User
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emoboy333's Avatar
You can read my interview of the band here :


The English version is at the bottom of the page.. Enjoy ;)
01:45 PM on 08/06/10
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
This is a great album. Definitely will be in my top 5 AOTYs. Question though... my album, which I got from Amazon MP3, has an extra track (besides what is listed here), "Mumbled". It is between "Rain City" and "Driver of the Hearse". Did you just miss it or did your copy not have it?

Anyhow, great review! More people need to check this out!
02:31 PM on 08/06/10
Regular Member
User Info.
Fatalix's Avatar
I absolutely love this album! Haven't had a chance to buy it yet but I've been meaning to for a while now. I don't listen to too much in this genre, really, but I've been totally hooked on Share This for months.
10:41 PM on 08/06/10
Sunken In
All I think about is floating away
User Info.
Sunken In's Avatar
Holy crap this is good
12:47 AM on 08/07/10
Gregory Robson
Under Rug Swept
User Info.
Gregory Robson's Avatar
Holy crap this is good
Not to be arrogant, but I don't exactly listen to shitty music. People just don't take the time to think outside of the box. I'm glad someone (read: you) took the time to go the extra mile. So thrilled you're enjoying it.
07:27 AM on 08/07/10
Sunken In
All I think about is floating away
User Info.
Sunken In's Avatar
Not to be arrogant, but I don't exactly listen to shitty music. People just don't take the time to think outside of the box. I'm glad someone (read: you) took the time to go the extra mile. So thrilled you're enjoying it.
Hey, well yea I always try to give bands a chance and if there's an album review, that often helps give me ideas for stuff to listen to. Your reviews are generally pretty spot-on too.

Keep up the good work dude
07:42 AM on 08/08/10
Registered User
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sushigewd's Avatar
I absolutely love these guys! I first heard them on one of the samplers Deep Elm is giving away, and now I'm hooked.

Great review! Hopefully more people start listening to them.
10:58 PM on 08/08/10
Something charming
User Info.
Basara's Avatar
Excellent, I love this band.
12:06 PM on 08/09/10
Sunken In
All I think about is floating away
User Info.
Sunken In's Avatar
The beginning/verses of "Nomads" are incredible. Just had to add that
03:27 PM on 08/09/10
User Info.
VanTree's Avatar
great CD, thanks for the review man.
01:08 AM on 08/11/10
Registered User
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DJC23's Avatar
I checked their myspace out and really enjoyed what i heard. "Nomads" is great, I may have to buy the whole album. I really like the 4 singers, it gives the songs some spice. I'll be curious what this band puts together in the future.... best of all? i'm from Utah, i really hope they put on a show very soon.
04:03 PM on 08/01/11
Regular Member
User Info.
BaysideFan88's Avatar
I just bought this album recently, even though i have known about them, and this album is amazing. The lyrics and musicianship is amazing. It's sad that they are going to be overlooked. I love "Tricks" and "Nomads".

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