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Technology Round-Up (08/08/10)

Posted by - 04:49 PM on 08/08/10
Head to the replies to read this week's Technology Round-Up.
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04:49 PM on 08/08/10
Linda Ferreira
The Retired Maillady
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Thanks to Chad, Frank and Melissa for putting together this round-up.

Technology Round-Up Poll

TechRadar has written an article called "Why serious gamers won't go for wireless mice." For those of you who play online computer games, do you use wireless peripherals? [Poll]


The FTC is investigating Apple's refusal to support Flash on its mobile devices.

The iPhone 4 can now be unlocked to work on T-Mobile and other SIM-based carriers.

As AP.net user zachff mentioned in the comments of last week's round-up, hackers released a website that can jailbreak iPhones and iPods without needing any technical expertise or an outside computer. Apple, expectedly, is working on a software solution that would block the browser-based jailbreak. People looking to have some fun and jailbreak Apple's in-store iPhone and iPod demos are out of luck; Apple Stores are blocking the website. Despite the stores banning the website, one user was still able to jailbreak an in-store demo of the iPad.

iPhone 4 users report fewer dropped calls than iPhone 3G users. In related news, Apple has removed the videos of other manufacturer's phones' "death grips".

Apple has released an interesting patent of a bicycle.

Apple will most likely unveil its new iPod lineup on August 16 or 17.

The refreshed Macbook Air will feature a lower price and be announced next month.

Check out full reviews of Apple's mid-year iMac refreshes. One website has analyzed the price per performance and recommends the high end model as the best value.

The iPad App Store now has the Genius recommendation feature.

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac will launch in late October.


Which browser is the most pixel-friendly?

CNN believes that Bing is out-inovating Google.

The FBI is forcing Wikipedia to take down their seal.

Fur.ly now offers URL shortening for multiple URLs.

Hotmail has been completely revamped, but isn't perfect.

Advertisers are spending more money than ever on Facebook.

Vonage just released an iPhone and Android App to let people call their Facebook friends for free.

New York car services are now going to be outfitted with free Wi-Fi.


Google now lets users sign into multiple accounts at once.

Gmail supports drag-and-drop file attachments.

Google App Inventor gives "regular people" the opportunity to create their own Android Apps.

Google Wave has been put to pasture after just one year. Here's what Google has to say about it. Why do you think it wasn't a success?

Google and Verizon deny that they are in secret negotiations to speed up YouTube videos on Verizon phones.

Officials are using Google Earth to find unlicensed pools.

Google has officially acquired social network start up Slide.


Logitech announces a new line of home security cameras.

Sharp is attempting to release a glasses-free 3D smartphone.

Control Mario Kart with your eyes.

Humans have begun testing mind-controlled artificial arms.

The Kindle gets games.


Android is now the most popular consumer smartphone in the US. Nokia, however, points out that Symbian is the largest smartphone platform across the globe.

Zoomappy searches through the iPhone app store, Android Market, and Windows Marketplace, all on one site.

The Droid 2 will be released August 12th.

Motorola's Milestone XT720 has made its US debut on regional provider Cincinnati Bell.

HTC's new dual-mode CDMA / GSM Android slider may be available on Verizon in 2011.

Pictures may have leaked of ASUS's new Windows Phone 7 device.

Is this the new HTC Desire HD?

PSX4droid allows you to play emulated PlayStation games on your Android phone.

As posted last week, BlackBerry messaging services were shut down in Saudi Arabia. However, the services were restored a couple hours later. BlackBerry executives are also reportedly making a deal with the Saudis to restore its mobile email service.


French internet surfers may be asked to install spyware on their machines so that the French government can monitor their surfing habits.

PC gaming hardware (video cards not integrated into the motherboard) sold twice as many units as all gaming consoles combined in 2009. Of course, the article doesn't indicate how many of these people are editing videos rather than playing games on their computers.

Firefox 4 will automatically install minor patches in the background and will only notify users of major updates. Users who prefer controlling when the browser updates can turn off the feature.

Firefox may overtake Internet Explorer as the most popular browser in Europe.

Opera 10.70 developer was just released.

Microsoft has released the final test version of Internet Explorer 9 before the beta is publicly released in September.

Microsoft will release 14 patches this Tuesday, the most security patches in a single week. The patches cover 34 vulnerabilities.

More people are using Windows 7 than Windows Vista.

Corsair has launched the Hydro Series H70 water cooler for people who want to get the most out of their processors. And for people who want the fastest memory around, Corsair has also launched water-cooled DDR3 memory.


Learn how to block people from calling your cell phone.

Key Ring is an Android/iOS app that allows you to take off store convenience cards from your keychain. Please be aware that some comments indicate the app may share your information with its creators.

Dragontape is a really cool site that lets users compile playlists of YouTube videos rather than having to manually click the next part.

Check out LifeHacker's list of the "Top 10 Tools for Managing and Automating Your Media Downloads."

Online-ConVert can convert images, video, audio, e-books, and more.

Need help with your idioms? Try IdiomDictionary.

Find a taxi route and estimate the fare with Bing.

Watch Netflix movies on your jailbroken iPhone/iPod with an unofficial app.

Keep your Windows PC clear of temp files, cache, etc. with CCleaner Enhancer. Please note that the CCleaner install is separate and the website is currently down. Use the mirrored URL's provided in the article.

Trillian 5 is now in beta for Windows.

Foobar2000 1.1 features better plugin updating and management.

If there are any Windows users who are interested in the Apple Magic Trackpad, learn how to get the device functioning properly.

Mac users who miss the Windows-style menu at the top of each window can bring back that style with MenuEverywhere.


If you shine two lasers at each other on certain surfaces, the beams will cancel and create darkness.

Graphene, a newly discovered supermaterial, can kill bacteria.

Plug free electric cars may have a bigger carbon footprint than diesel cars.

Satellites in low-Earth orbit could blow helium bubbles at the end of their lives, allowing them to be dragged back to Earth and avoiding space pollution.

Yoko Ono says the Beatles will not be available on iTunes anytime soon.

Check out the future of DJ-ing.

India is recruiting computer hackers for a major cyber-offensive.

Purdue University scientists have developed a metamaterial invisibility cloak.

Contributors: klawansie7, Sarcasm, CyberInferno
05:30 PM on 08/08/10
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ETGsynth's Avatar
Touchscreen DJing? oh hello Daft Punk.
05:36 PM on 08/08/10
it was my only wish to rise
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jeremyc's Avatar
BlackBerry Torch coming out this week. Can't wait.
06:12 PM on 08/08/10
life is a test and I get bad marks
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Kiguel182's Avatar
That French thing is pretty alarming and I don't think is even legal...
06:13 PM on 08/08/10
The Registered User
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IndieKid!'s Avatar
Wrong: "Graphene, a newly discovered supermaterial, can kil bacteria."
Graphene isn't new, it is a few years old ( at least ), plus it is graphene oxide not graphene, huge difference. This is a the usual bad reporting that physorg and newscientist suffers from, in future read the article. It would had been better to say 'a new use', because currently it is supposed to be set to replace silicon in computers :)

Also the cloak isn't real news either, it has been done before, heck it is so old i have seen it mentioned / shown mulitple times on the science television channels.

Sorry about that, just suggestions/observation. Keep up the good work
06:14 PM on 08/08/10
The Registered User
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IndieKid!'s Avatar
That French thing is pretty alarming and I don't think is even legal...
From my unerstanding the goverment can pass new laws, so it will be legal if they make it legal. :)
06:27 PM on 08/08/10
life is a test and I get bad marks
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Kiguel182's Avatar
From my unerstanding the goverment can pass new laws, so it will be legal if they make it legal. :)
You have a point. But they are espying people and that's unconstitutional I think.. it's a gray area
06:41 PM on 08/08/10
The Registered User
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IndieKid!'s Avatar
You have a point. But they are espying people and that's unconstitutional I think.. it's a gray area
It will most likely never pass or happen, this kind of stuff pops up all the time.
Also if they put it on your machine, what is to stop you from deleting it?
Opensource spyware remover = they are defeated.
06:43 PM on 08/08/10
The Registered User
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IndieKid!'s Avatar
Also the shining two beams to cancel eachother out hasn't happened, it is an idea on paper.
I think where you are going wrong is the phrasing.
06:51 PM on 08/08/10
kick me, i'm irish
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iIi's Avatar
I just quit my job. I'm gonna be a DJ.
07:21 PM on 08/08/10
Goodbye Cool World.
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yayitsjoe's Avatar
always the most interesting round-up in my opinion.
08:42 PM on 08/08/10
We're never dead unless we give up.
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XLT917's Avatar
The NES games controlled by your eyes video was sweet.
09:23 PM on 08/08/10
Registered User
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HeadSock's Avatar
As anyone heard of Godwin's Law? The Wiki/FBI article alludes to it. I find it hilarious.
10:08 PM on 08/08/10
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Scrandon's Avatar
Damn, just bought an iPod, too.

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