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I'm not quite sure what to say here...I've never been that big on words as you can see w ith my explanations hahaha. 2006 was a solid year for music..not the best but not the worst. Without further adu here is my list. Please note this is all personal prefrence...If you disagree with my list keep it to yourself, as I'm not interested in hearing your ignorant comments.

Top 30 Albums Of 2006:

30)This Providence-S/T
29)Fair-The Best Worst Case Scenario
28)Rx Bandits-...And The Battle Begun
27)Hawthorne Heights-If Only You Were Lonely
26)Boys Like Girls-S/T
25)Angels And Airwaves-We Don't Need To Whisper
24)Kevin Devine-Put Your Ghost To Rest
23)As Tall As Lions-S/T
22)Senses Fail-Still Searching
21)Rookie Of The Year-The Goodnight Moon
20)Ronnie Day-The Album
19)The Blood Brothers-Young Machetes
18)Rory-We're Up To No Good, We're Up To No Good
17)Watshi Wa-Eager Seas
16)Spitalfield-Better Than Knowing Where You Are
14)Thursday-A City By The Light Divided
13)Fear Before The March Of The Flames-The Always Open Mouth
12)This Day And Age-The Bell And The Hammer
11)Over It-Step Outside Yourself
10)Punchline-37 Everywhere
9)Gym Class Heroes-As Cruel As School Children
8)Brand New-The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me
7)Underoath-Define The Great Line
6)Rise Against-The Sufferer And The Witness
5)Plus 44-When Your Heart Stops Beating
4)The Fold-This Too Shall Pass
3)The Early November-The Mother, The Mechanic, The Path
2)New Found Glory-Coming Home
1)My Chemical Romance-The Black Parade

explanationI guess you can say this list is pretty diverse. These albums stood out most to me and alot caught me off guard(The Fold,GCH,Punchline). Overall it was a pretty solid year for music and these are what I thought were all good records to spin given a current mood.

Honorable Mentions:

20)Roses Are Red-What Became Of Me
19)Rocky V-Makers
18)The Hush Sound-Like Vines
17)Keane-Under The Iron Sea
16)Gatsbys American Dream-S/T
15)October Fall-A Season In Hell
14)Dashboard Confessional-Dusk And Summer
13)Head Automatica-Popaganda
12)Matchbook Romance-Voices
11)Owen-At Home With Owen
10)Saves The Day-Sound The Alarm
9)Cobra Starship-While The City Sleeps, We Rule The Streets
8)Forgive Durden-Wonderland
7)The Prizefighter Inferno-My Brother's Blood Machine
6)The Sleeping-Questions And Answers
5)Taking Back Sunday-Louder Now
4)Snow Patrol-Eyes Open
3)Justin Timberlake-Futuresex/Lovesounds
2)Inkwell-These Stars Are Monsters
1)Halifax-The Inevitability Of A Strange World

explanationThese albums might have been as good as the one's in my top 30. When all was said and done they didn't do as much for me as the albums in my Top 30 did.

Best EP's Of 06:

2)House Of Fools-S/T
1)Waking Ashland-Telescopes

explanationNormally I'm not a big fan of EPs, but I am a huge fan of Seth Roberts previous band (Watshi Wa) and a huge fan of Waking Ashland. House Of Fools came around and was a pleasant surprise. These also happen to be 3 of my most anticipated of next year.

Most Disappointing Albums Of 06:

3)Hellogoodbye-Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!
2)Brandston-Hello, Control
1)Yellowcard-Lights And Sounds

explanationBefore each of these albums was released I was hyped like no other and when they dropped I didn't know what to think. After a while it set in that these didn't quite live up to any of the hype or expectations I had for them. Sure they could have been better if a certain element was there that would have made it click for me. These elements were obviously missing, thus why they're my most disappointing of this year.

Worst Album Of 06:

The Killers-Sam's Town

explanationThis band can sure as hell put out some good singles...but when it comes down to it the album was flat. After all the drama surrounding The Killers this year I just lost all care and desire to listen to them.

Best Rap Album Of 06:

Jay-Z-Kingdom Come

Runner Ups:

Nas-Hip Hop Is Dead
Lupe Fiasco-Food And Liquor
Clipse-Hell Hath No Fury

explanationWhen I first heard Hova was coming out with something new this year I wasn't sure what to think at first, but he quickly silenced any doubts I had. Nas, Lupe and Clipse all put out outstanding albums as well.

Best New Band Of 06:

The Fold

Runner Up:

Plus 44

explanationThese 2 bands put out very very strong debuts and stood out the most among new bands this year.

Best Tour Of 06:

Hit The Lights/Cartel/The Early Nov/New Found Glory

Runner Up:

Gym Class Heroes/The Format/The Starting Line/All American Rejects

Best Video Of 06:

Thrice-Red Sky

Runner Ups:

2)Plus 44-When Your Heart Stops Beating
1)Thursday-At This Velocity

Best Vocals Of 06:

5)Travis McCoy-Gym Class Heroes
4)Seth Roberts-Watshi Wa/Lakes
3)Jonathan Jones-Waking Ashland
2)Gerard Way-My Chemical Romance
1)Mark Hoppus-Plus 44

explanationI don't know what it is about these 5 guys that made me put them up on my list. The way the delivered lines was just incredible.

Best Lyrics Of 06:

3)Buddy Neilsen-Senses Fail
2)Ace Enders-The Early Nov.
1)Mark Hoppus-Plus 44

explanationI know many of you are going to question why Buddy made my list. He's on it for the sole reason that I was able to connect with many of the lyrics on Still Searching. At first I was a little skeptical that Ace could write such great lyrics spanning over 2 Cd's, but boy was I wrong. And with Mark it really showed who wrote the better half of the lyrics in Blink-182. I was also able to connect with the Plus 44 lyrics somewhat.

Best Collaboration Of 06:

5)Aaron Weis/Jeremy Enigk-O Porcupine
4)Nas/Jay-Z-Black Republican
3)Greenday/U2-The Saints Are Coming
2)Jay-Z/Chris Martin-Beach Chair
1)Justin Timberlake/T.I.-My Love

explanationWho would have ever expected Nas and Jay-Z to collab. All 5 of these collabs were all good across the board.

Best Label Of 06:

Decaynde/Fueled By Ramen

Runner Up:

One Eleven

explanationSolid releases from these labels all year. Goes without saying why they deserve the best label of 06 award from me.

Most Overrated Bands Of 06:

2)The Format
1)The Matches

explanationThese are perhaps two of the most talked about bands over here on AP. I fail to see whats so special about these bands. I've tried listening to their new albums respectively and all I came away with was a headache.

Most Underrated Band Of 06:


explanationThis band hardly gets enough love and attention they should. In my mind Better Than Knowing Where You are was the best Spitalfield album to be released to date.

Best Shows Of 06:

3)Prison Break

Best Movies Of 06:

5)V For Vendetta
3)Jackass 2
2)The Departed
1)Clerks 2

Best Band Related DVD Of 06:

Shit Happens-Everytime I Die

Best (Catchiest) Singles Of 06:

5)Here (In Your Arms)-Hellogoodbye
4)The Church Of Hot Addiction-Cobra Starship
3)Hair-The Early November
2)When Your Heart Stops Beating-Plus 44
1)The Black Parade-My Chemical Romance

explanationWhile these 5 songs weren't the best on the albums they were sure as hell catchy and I certainly wasn't able to get them out of my head.

Best Songs Of 06:

5)The Other Side Of The Crash/ Over(And Out)-Thursday
4)Under The Gun-Waking Ashland
3)7 Weeks-Gym Class Heroes
2)The Title Track-The Fold
1)155-Plus 44

explanationFive strong songs from 5 of my favorite bands.

Best B-Side Of 06:

Brand New-Demo 4

explanationI'm not quite sure if you could consider this a "b-side". But who cares I think this was the best song Brand News ever written. It's a shame it didn't make the CD.

Playlist Of 06:

Boys Like Girls-Dance Hall Drug
The Fold-The Title Track
Forgive Durden-Cue The Sun
Lupe Fiasco-Kick, Push
Fugazi-Waiting Room
Plus 44-155
My Chemical Romance-I Don't Love You
Anberlin-A Day Late
Far-Bury White
Mineral-Sounds Like Sunday
A Minor Threat-Small Man, Big Mouth
Moss Icon-The Life
Gym Class Heroes-7 Weeks
Dinosaur Jr-The Post
Christie Front Drive-Turn
Brand New-Jesus Christ
Punchline-For The Second Time
New Found Glory-Connected
Norma Jean-A Grand Scene For A Color Film
The Secret Handshake-An Outline
Texas Is The Reason-Magic Bullet Theroy
Spitalfield-The Only Thing That Matters
The Damnwells-I've Got You
Roses Are Red-These Days

explanationA good chunk of these songs didn't come from CD's this year, but it was still a fun playlist/mix regardless.

Best Forum Of 06:

Sports Forum

Most Anticipated Of 07:

Fallout Boy
The Starting Line
Everytime I Die
Hidden In Plainview
Sum 41
Waking Ashland
Relient K
The Secret Handshake
Straylight Run
I Am The Avalanche
The Spill Canvas
Coheed And Cambria
Green Day?
Motion City Soundtrack

ExplanationThese are in no order but they're all bands I enjoyed with previous releases.

Most Anticipated Movies Of 07:

14)Rush Hour 3
12)Knocked Up
11)Smokin' Aces
10)Ghost Rider
9)The Number 23
8)Blades Of Glory
5)Pirates Of The Caribbean: At Worlds End
4)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
3)Shrek The Third
2)The Simpsons Movie
1)Spider-Man 3

explanationReally no order here...these are probably the best 15 movies that will be released next year.

The Next Big Things In 07:

2)The Fold
1)Boys Like Girls

explanationBoth of these bands have enormous potential to blow up with the releases they put out this year. If they get any kind of push next year they will be sure to get big.

In Conclusion:

Song Of The Year155-Plus 44

Band Of The YearMy Chemical Romance

Album Of The YearThe Black Parade by My Chemical Romance
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01:50 AM on 12/21/06
on the edge of summer
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No Avatar Selected
nice list sxy
12:49 PM on 12/21/06
Everybody! Everybody!
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LPMagic's Avatar
I love Robert and Boots and this list.

- Jeff
04:18 PM on 12/21/06
James Johnson
Bottle Kissing Since '05
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James Johnson's Avatar
yay rob!
05:28 PM on 12/21/06
probably been here longer than you
User Info.
Domenic182's Avatar
I was looking for Seinfeld in the best tv shows, haha.
Good lists, Rob.
05:37 PM on 12/21/06
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No Avatar Selected
I was looking for Seinfeld in the best tv shows, haha.
Good lists, Rob.

hahahha, well it goes without saying its the best show ever
12:24 AM on 12/22/06
im 2*Sweet
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
i like how you call the matches overrated and they are not very well known...and spitalfield is on everyone's list so that isnt very underrated either
10:35 AM on 12/22/06
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No Avatar Selected
i like how you call the matches overrated and they are not very well known...and spitalfield is on everyone's list so that isnt very underrated either

prime example of ignorant comment
01:14 PM on 12/22/06
Brady Is The Answer
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looksthatkillbn's Avatar
Best Forum Of 06:

Sports Forum

i just wanted to see that in print again
07:47 PM on 12/22/06
Benny the Jet
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thejetstolehome's Avatar
i like how you call the matches overrated and they are not very well known...and spitalfield is on everyone's list so that isnt very underrated either

i don't know the matches but Spitalfield is underrated as hell. you should shut up now.

Best Forum Of 06:

Sports Forum

i just wanted to see that in print again

me too.

Best Forum Of 06:

Sports Forum
11:08 PM on 12/22/06
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smoke4thecaper's Avatar
Dude, that top 10 is baller status. I love you so much more after seeing that. You are the best, qt.
05:15 PM on 12/24/06
Let's Go Oakland
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jacnrh's Avatar
Thanks for mentioning The Fold and Jonathan Jones/Waking Ashland.
Both of these bands rarely get the credit they deserve.

You are beyond right that BLG will blow up.
Already their fan base has seemed to triple.
01:42 AM on 12/26/06
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No Avatar Selected
Thanks for mentioning The Fold and Jonathan Jones/Waking Ashland.
Both of these bands rarely get the credit they deserve.

You are beyond right that BLG will blow up.
Already their fan base has seemed to triple.
04:51 PM on 01/08/07
Even If It Kills Me ♥
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villevalo1666's Avatar
i love your list!
10:23 PM on 05/26/07
No IThinkNot
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No IThinkNot's Avatar
A lot is two words.

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