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Technology Round-Up (08/22/10)

Posted by - 09:28 AM on 08/22/10
Head to the replies to read this week's Technology Round-Up.
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09:28 AM on 08/22/10
Linda Ferreira
The Retired Maillady
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Linda Ferreira's Avatar
Thanks to Chad, Frank and Melissa for putting together this round-up.

Technology Round-Up Poll

A new study shows that "internet access increases odds of romantic relationships."

Have you ever found love over the internet? [Poll]


Apple may be working on a 7" iPad.

Future iPhones and iPads might adjust themselves to individual users by analyzing peoples' voices.

China will get the iPhone 4 next month.

Justin Long, Apple's #1 spokesperson, uses a jailbroken iPhone.

The latest version of iOS 4.1 will fix the proximity sensor and Bluetooth issues.

Pink Floyd music is no longer available for purchase on the iTunes Store.

HBO will allow its subscribers to watch premium content on their iPads.

Apple has released a graphics update for OS X 10.6 to improve gaming on Starcraft II and Portal.


Internet Explorer turned 15 this week.

Opera users are 50% more likely to click on ads than Chrome users.

Yahoo has transferred all of its searches to Bing.

Students who use Facebook frequently are more likely to finish college.

Learn how to disable Facebook Places.

YouTube launched Charts, a section that displays the top videos on the site. Sorry Gaga, looks like Bieber's got you beat.

Learn how to fully utilize every aspect of Flikr.


The Chrome Web Store will launch in October. One of the main focuses of the store will be online games.

Google Calendar Sync is almost completely compatible with Outlook 2010 with the most recent update.

Watch this video to check out Google Live Search, which transforms the search box into a query that updates every time you edit the search term. I see the future of online searching, right here.

Have a favorite Google Doodle? Use this guide to permanently pin it one the Google homepage.

Like Facebook, Google is getting its own feature film.

Google TV made its live demo debut at ComicCon.

Google has purchased Riva and its subsidiary Like.com, a visual searh engine and recognition service.

Picasa 3.8 has been released.


A must-have this season - the Ferrari hair dryer.

Polaroid tries to stay relevant by teaming up with RealD to create some premium 3D glasses.

The Canon PowerShot S95 will shoot HD video.

A group of high school students built the world's most fuel-efficient car.

Pharmaceutical vending machines are being tested in the UK.


Check out the new leaks of the BlackBerry Bold R020 and 9670 Oxford.

Tubemote offers users the ability to watch YouTube videos on a big screen, controlled by mobile phones or any other device that has a Web browser.

Google has sold out of Nexus Ones for developers. It's a shame they're not doing as well with consumers.

Check out this preview of the LG C900 for AT&T with Windows Phone 7.

More pictures of the T-Mobile G2 have emerged. Here are some more pictures, albeit a bit more blurry.

The Android 2.2 update for Droid X has been leaked.

Nokia has bought out Motally, an analytic firm, in order to compete with Apple's App Store.

The Samsung Cetus i917, equipped with Windows Phone 7, will be carried by AT&T.

BlackBerry App World 2.0 has left beta stages and is now available.


The school that remotely activated webcams on its students' laptops will not face any criminal charges.

Intel will buy McAfee for $7.68 billion.

Rumor has it that Google and Verizon will launch a tablet PC on Black Friday.

Due to the success of the iPad, Asus will ship fewer netbooks this quarter.

About a quarter of Dell investors would like to fire Michael Dell.

Razer has announced a new mechanical keyboard designed for gaming.

Sandisk has announced a 64GB solid-state drive that is smaller than a postage stamp.

Microsoft Office 15 is said to feature a mystery application.

Microsoft has released a new version of Windows Live Essentials that provides better webapp compatibility (including Gmail).

The latest Chrome release fixes 11 security vulerabilities.


Learn the best places to edjumacate yourself online.

If anyone wants to take a vacation between September 7 and October 6, JetBlue is offering unlimited flights for the flat rate of $699. Just make sure there's a hub near you first!

Hipmunk is a user-friendly flight search engine.

Though you may believe going on the AP.net forums and complaining is a therapeutic exercise, it will actually infuriate you more.

Learn how to download torrents anonymously and avoid the wrath of the MPAA and RIAA.

Disable Facebook Places to hide your whereabouts. Also, simplify the site's layout with Minimalist Facebook.

Replace batteries with USB power.

Boomerang is a new service that allows you to schedule when Gmail messages are sent and received. Check in the comments for updated invite codes.

Easily stream music across the internet using Audiogalaxy.

People who can't leave Windows' side but want the look of OS X should check out the Snow Transformation Pack.

The new version of Picasa allows you to make face videos.

Quickly tweak photos with SunlitGreen Photo Editor.

Change Windows settings easily using Tweak Me!

Use your own e-mail client rather than your school's solution.

Block website scripts in Chrome using NotScripts.


A Norwegian company has developed a paint-on surface coating that acts as a solar cell to generate electrical power.

Check out this backyard-built rocket launcher.

Kapersky Internet Security 2011 has been released.

North Korea has joined Facebook and Twitter this week. South Korea is reportedly attempting to ban the North Korean Twitter feed.

A group from Redmond's Windows team has entered into the Red Bull Flugtag competition in South Carolina.

This Belgian Internet user downloaded 2.68 terabytes of data in one month.

Nobel Prize winner Robert Richardson claims that we are running out of helium.

Contributors: klawansie7, Sarcasm, CyberInferno
09:40 AM on 08/22/10
Goodbye Cool World.
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yayitsjoe's Avatar
that school that used laptops to spy on kids is right near me.
10:26 AM on 08/22/10
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zachff's Avatar
In other news, Belgians love full length porn films a lot.
10:34 AM on 08/22/10
Dynamite Hero
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DanTGD's Avatar
of that 2.68 terrabites of downloaded data, i bet about .68 of it wasn't porn related.
01:27 PM on 08/22/10
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SomedayTheFire's Avatar
of that 2.68 terrabites of downloaded data, i bet about .68 of it wasn't porn related.
That's a lot of non-porn related downloading.
01:44 PM on 08/22/10
Dynamite Hero
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DanTGD's Avatar
That's a lot of non-porn related downloading.
it was mostly things he thought was porn.
08:02 PM on 08/22/10
Registered User
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kazuma_ootaro28's Avatar
A group of high school students built the world's most fuel-efficient car.
For now, it just looks like a cool prototype. Then again, it's only a class project, and a nice one at that.

The school that remotely activated webcams on its students' laptops will not face any criminal charges.
This just pisses me off. I understand the school used it to track lost or stolen laptops, but they should've vied for better solutions that don't invade the privacy of students. The comments to HardOCP's section also mentions good points against the outcome.

Easily stream music across the internet using Audiogalaxy.
It's not the same as it was of course, but this is nostalgic for those who were using the internet back in 2001.

I should also thank the people that put together this round-up for some of the useful tips and links on here, as always.
06:56 AM on 08/23/10
do you believe in magic?
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klawansie7's Avatar
For now, it just looks like a cool prototype. Then again, it's only a class project, and a nice one at that.

well obviously it's a prototype. but the kids are getting Guinness to look at it for the world records. it gets 300 miles to the gallon!
09:45 AM on 08/23/10
accidentally on purpose
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Rest_Easy's Avatar
nice update very enjoyable.

Does that Google TV play mkv files with USB hard drive hookups and computer streaming? If so very nice, if not then it's a remote controlled laptop....
I will not be buying it as my cinematube does what I need playing all my files smoothly.
It would be cool if the remote could turn sideways to be used as a keyboard instead of pointing at a virtual keyboard... or using an actual keyboard. OR if it was all touchscreen and when you turned it sideways it was a keyboard on the remote screen. That would be a great idea.

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