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Danger Is My Middle Name - Giant Killer EP Album Cover
Author's Rating
Vocals 7.75
Musicianship 7
Lyrics 6
Production 7.5
Creativity 6
Lasting Value 5.5
Reviewer Tilt 8
Final Verdict: 68%
Member Ratings
Vocals 8.13
Musicianship 7.88
Lyrics 7.38
Production 8.63
Creativity 7.88
Lasting Value 7.38
Reviewer Tilt 7.13
Average: 78%
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Danger Is My Middle Name - Giant Killer EP

Reviewed by: Cody Nelson (08/23/10)
Danger Is My Middle Name - Giant Killer EP
Record Label - Unsigned
Release Date: August 10th, 2010

Everybody has that loose relation with somebody or something. ĎIím sixth cousins with Ben Franklin! No, honestly!.í ĎMy step-cousin took a picture with the guy that built the first Arbyís. I know, right?!í This is exactly how I am with the band Danger Is My Middle Name. My best friendís brother-in-lawís best friendís brother is the singer. Beat that. Itís a sick brag, Iím aware, but itís not the reason Iím doing this review.

Two EPís in, and Danger Is My Middle Name was doing their best to survive in a diluted genre. Were they original? By no means, but they were better than a good amount of bands doing the exact same thing. Their first two EPís were very well written and did their best to break away from the ever-drying cement of pop-punk. Rumors of a breakup began to surface soon after announcing a third EP, however, and it seemed it never would see the light of day. Those rumors were soon falsified, and all the Ďwasísí turned back to Ďisís,í and the Ďwereísí to Ďareís.í

I wonít lie, though; after one listen, my first few thoughts of this EP were less than stellar. This album had everything thatÖwell, every other mediocre pop-punk album in the last few years has had. Whether itís the gang vocals, cheeseball lyrics, or simple and repetitive musical progressions, this album does very well at not standing out.

The albumís opener, ĎArmed And Dangerousí starts out with a guitar riff that weíre all sure weíve heard before we just canít remember where. Speaking metaphorically about singer Gabe Atkins as something, you guessed it, armed and dangerous (probably a time bomb, original), this song fades quickly into the background. ĎHere we go, again/here we go, baby. I donít need a friend/I need an enemy,í Atkins croons at the end of the second chorus of the second song ĎHere We Go,í continuing the lyrical regression many fans (myself included) never hoped would affect this band.

Donít let major lack of substance turn you away from a fun angst-y summer EP, though; I never do. While none of these songs may make you question your existence here, they will possibly stir up frustrating thoughts about your girlfriend for dancing a little too close to some other guy, or your parents for unnecessarily grounding you (if either of those scenarios apply) while you drive down I-___ (insert freeway here) singing along to every word.

Thereís a very good chance this EP doesnít hold the attention of its listeners far past this summer. It does nothing to set itself apart, the way its two predecessors did, so dance and party to it while you remember it exists. I still have hope in the group, though, and Iím doing what I can to convince myself this is just a small misstep in a career that doesnít even have a full-length in it yet. All in all, a giant killer Giant Killer is not, but Danger Is My Middle Name can still do some damage.

Track Listing 1. Armed And Dangerous - 2:43
2. Here We Go - 3:17
3. Nightmare - 2:42
4. Seeing Stars - 3:20
5. Here We Go (Bonus Remix) - 2:57
6. Revenge On The Radio (Acoustic Remix) - 3:52

RIYL Pop Punk; Punk Pop; Genericism; Pop Punk that could easily be better but the potential isn't reached
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07:51 PM on 08/30/10
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cshadows2887's Avatar
"the drying cement of pop-punk"

Really nice turn of phrase. Thumbs up.
05:26 AM on 09/05/10
Regular Member
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VeryWittyName's Avatar
I'll always know them as the guys who did the theme song for FiveAwesomeGuys. Ah well, I like them anyhow.
12:39 PM on 09/05/10
Registered User
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unicornurine's Avatar
I really like these guys. Pretty solid release right here, too.
01:59 PM on 09/05/10
Regular Member
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i_am_near_main's Avatar
I'll always know them as the guys who did the theme song for FiveAwesomeGuys. Ah well, I like them anyhow.
this is the only reason why I ever started listening to them lol

I haven't gotten a chance to listen to this new EP... love all their other stuff though. Hopefully this does not disappoint
02:59 PM on 09/05/10
Project LocalMusicLive
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erinyvonne's Avatar
"My best friend’s brother-in-law’s best friend’s brother is the singer. Beat that. It’s a sick brag,"
I assuming this is a joke.

Love these boys. had a chance to hang out with them in NYC when they played with a bunch of my friends. I haven't gotten a chance to listen to the new stuff but I'm going to now.
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