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08:33 AM on 11/17/06
Addicted to slurpees
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Wow at the raging hard on the reviewer apparently had when listening to and reviewing this album. Good thing you probably didn't check out any Aiden release after listening to this, the hang over might make you write a gushy review for them too.

But seriously, I think Brian got it right in his AP review. This band is ripping off Underoath badly (especially in the vocal department), and for the most part Underoath isn't anything special. So when you add it all together, it doesn't favor well. I like 'Feel Like Fame,' but the rest of the softer songs are generic and blah, while the screaming is ridicoulsy cookie cutter. As for the music, the mix isn't good and it's nothing worth the time.

So yea, this album is baaaaaaadddddddddddd.
08:47 AM on 11/17/06
Addicted to slurpees
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i first heard these guys before they got signed to victory when they were good. but just take a look at there myspace page they are fuckin losers

Seriously? Their sound hasn't changed, they just were never good to begin with.

yea but seriously alternative press ripped em a new asshole, i dont think there that bad though, the songs they remade aren't as good as the old ones though

I find it funny people are calling out that AP review based on the previous covers. The dude who wrote the review is only a contributer for the magazine (and is actually the review editor at punknews). It's not like most of the reviewers there have a say in the covers (which are mainly for sales) and most of the high scores given to crappy albums are written by actual AP staff. Hmm, makes you wonder sometimes.
04:44 PM on 11/17/06
Addicted to slurpees
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crazytoledo's Avatar
that ap review was pure shit. in that same issue they made scars of tomorrow sound like the next norma jean, which i think most of us will agree is also pure shit. i refuse to take that publication seriously anymore.

at first i was so-so on this album, but the more i listened to it the more i liked it. i love that the cd is so pop catchy, but their live performance is hardcore enough to incite huge pits.

as for the reviews that keep on comparing it to 'only chasing safety' era underoath, i understand why, but i disagree. the technique maybe the same, but the attitude and approach are totally different. i like underoath, but they're pretty depressing. four letter lie love making music that makes them feel happy, and you can hear that.

You forget that there's a wide range of staff members and contributors writing the content for that magazine. So you're gonna have a mix of people, like people that like FOB with true punks and metalheads and fans of the scene, etc.
06:50 PM on 11/18/06
Addicted to slurpees
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crazytoledo's Avatar
Maybe you suck at english but if you're saying true punks like fob, kill yourself.

No not really, the statement was pretty clear that I was saying that the reviews mix fans of fall out boy with true punks/metalheads/scenesters. As in it contains all of those groups, I clearly never said true punks jam to FOB.

you seem to have problem with the fact that this reviewer stood so staunchly for four letter lie that he was being bias. right now you seem to be standing so staunchly for ap reviewers that i think you're being bias. standing by a shitty commercial-drive publication that true punks wouldn't dare work for, or standing by a cd that you actually enjoyed listening to even though it isn't the best or most original thing you've ever heard? i'll take the latter please.

Well Brian is actually a punknews reviewer, he just contributes to AP. And I don't stand for AP reviewers, but rather just realize why the scores are all over and they contradict theirselves in every single issue. And this album isn't that good, I listened to it and wrote down a review of it before I even read Brian's review. So...

Thanks to everyone for reading this, I will reply back later. I am going to go watch a movie

It better either be Borat or the Bond movie. Borat is so offensive it's hillarious. And everyone's suing him now and the one woman got fired cause of it, it's just freaking priceless. The new Bond movie was good, minus the 15 minute lifetime-ish soap opera towards the end.

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