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08:20 AM on 09/08/10
If You Dig Up The Dead...
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Mattylikesfilms's Avatar
I remember wanting to move to (or at least visit) New Jersey just cause of the music scene back in 03'-06. My how bad things can become in the "scene" in just a couple years...
08:26 AM on 09/08/10
Summer Jam
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FourStarters's Avatar
I still have the "Keeping It Tight Since 1998" shirt.
08:41 AM on 09/08/10
Gregory Robson
Under Rug Swept
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Gregory Robson's Avatar
You're on a freaking role. This feature truly brings out your best writing. Surprisingly I actually dug this band. Cheers, mate.
08:42 AM on 09/08/10
Gregory Robson
Under Rug Swept
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Ed Rendell's son was in this band!
The governor for real?
08:53 AM on 09/08/10
Registered User
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"haters blastin off just like a laser ***** pew pew pew" - Jay Z

ps- RR is blowin up, dont be jealous just cuz you're fat, have a haggard girlfriend or hate your job...life is what you make of it people, the more time you spend hating on someone, the more your own life will SUCK!
08:56 AM on 09/08/10
Regular Member
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Cricket.'s Avatar
Don't Look Down will always remind me of my first year of University, great band.
08:57 AM on 09/08/10
Next Show: Jack's Mannequin NYC 2/3
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ACA's Avatar
As J-14 Magazine prepares to pimp Runner Runner in all future issues, let us take a moment to look back on better times. Namely, Don't Look Down, a pop-punk band who hailed from New Jersey during a time when v-neck shirts, pesky haircuts and a wide array of spectacularly unusual eyeglass wear was nowhere in sight; it was Midtown, The Early November and Senses Fail. Simpler times, really. Don't Look Down got their start making their way through basement shows and cover sets in the local area. The band soon found themselves attached to a small label and released their debut album, Start the Show, in 2002. Approaching pop-punk in a comparable style to MxPx and fellow upstarts (at the time) Simple Plan, it was fast enough to catch on with skate kids yet simple enough for the emo enthusiasts. Gaining a steady following, the band shifted gears and signed to Nitro Records in 2003, where they would release their much-ballyhooed EP, Five. Things were beginning to blossom, and the band showed a rapid growth in an incredibly short amount of time. Heck, by the time their next LP, The Fear in Love, was released... it was hardly the same band at all. They had practically dropped the preppy pop-punk sound and adopted an ultimately darker and aggressive tone. However, before Don't Look Down could show the world their full potential... the band had broken up. To this day, there was no formal "sayonara" or note left on the kitchen counter - things apparently just kind of disintegrated. Even after spreading a healthy layer of buzz over the Warped Tour crowd in 2004, the band never got to ignite the flame that had sparked fans' interests. Vocalist Ryan Ogren would later join Over It as a guitarist and now leads the unfortunate pop band Runner Runner, further highlighting the tragedy that is Don't Look Down's failure to hit it big.

"It was Midtown, The Early November and Senses Fail. Simpler times, really." Shitty times, really.

All those bands (bolded) suck, and DLD is only better by default -- I mean, it doesn't get much worse than Senses Fail, for example.
09:12 AM on 09/08/10
www.TheFairWeathered.com :)
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davosmavo's Avatar
Ed Rendell's son was in this band!
I knew that! Also Much The Same played a show near or with Don't Look Down and had to change their name as they were also Don't Look Down. If you look at Much The Same's album cover for "Quitters Never Win" you can see why they were Don't Look Down.
09:18 AM on 09/08/10
oh yes
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Theknewkid's Avatar
very underrated band. the 5 ep was their best work imo. if that cd as well as start the show had come out on drive thru at the time it would have been big. their label really did nothing to push them
09:19 AM on 09/08/10
Representin' the 514
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TSLataris's Avatar
....Think I owned some 3-way split they did with Over It and....someone else! Happy Days.
Someone else = Stole Your Woman!
Another good band that fell off the radar.
09:22 AM on 09/08/10
G apostrophe Ra
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Saw this band open for MxPx in 2004 with Sugarcult and Simple Plan. Thought they were pretty sweet at the time and was weirded out seeing Ogren suddenly onstage with Over It two years later.
09:27 AM on 09/08/10
12 inches soft
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billy3's Avatar
the singer of this band is cousins with johnny smith who owns kill brand clothing. and did anyone see dont look down on the skate and surf battle of the bands at birch hill in about 02-03?
09:28 AM on 09/08/10
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Paris1nFlames's Avatar
DLD was a major influence on me starting on in my early years in high school when Start the Show came out. I saw them over a dozen times between then and the fear in love days. This band could've been huge with the right push and label behind them. When I heard Ryan was joining Over It I was happy cause I enjoyed them and thought he'd be a good asset, but dissapointed at the same time because Ryan's voice and lyrics wouldn't be showcased much. Then they turned into Runner Runner, and that's pretty much were I stopped listening to any future material they put out.... We need a Don't Look Down reunion show with Over It opening... make it happen for all of us who commented and really appreciated DLD
09:40 AM on 09/08/10
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HometownHero's Avatar
i'll never forget, when i was a little younger i was supposed to do the album artwork for "the fear in love" and i made a pretty cohesive package, put everything together, then ryan said "nobody buys an album for the artwork"

i bailed on the job instantly.
All the more reason to hate that fucker.
09:48 AM on 09/08/10
poop butts
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weworemasks's Avatar
eh, the five EP was their only good release.

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