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Secret Handshake, The - Night and Day Album Cover
Author's Rating
Vocals 7.5
Musicianship 8.5
Lyrics 5.25
Production 8.5
Creativity 8.25
Lasting Value 8
Reviewer Tilt 7.5
Final Verdict: 76%
Member Ratings
Vocals 8.5
Musicianship 9
Lyrics 8.13
Production 9.63
Creativity 9.25
Lasting Value 8.75
Reviewer Tilt 9.38
Average: 89%
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Secret Handshake, The - Night and Day

Reviewed by: Gregory Robson (09/14/10)
The Secret Handshake - Night and Day
Record Label: Triple Crown Records
Release Date: Aug. 17, 2010

At what points does an artist reach their full potential? Three albums in? Four albums in? For Texas' The Secret Handshake, a.k.a Luis Dubuc, album four is indeed him at the apex of his career. After five years as a solo electronic-indie-emo project, self-taught musician Dubuc has undergone a sea change and embraced blue-eyed soul and old-school R and B. And the results are nothing short of splendid. Through 10 breezy tracks he uses ample amounts of horns, honey-throated session singers and enough sun-drenched optimism to make Peter Cetera blush.

Much like Oklahoma's Hanson who embraced the "Sunday in the Park," optimism on Shout it Out, Dubuc's Night and Day is awash in freewheeling Tower of Power-esque summer jams. Opening quartet "Every Single Time," "Woman," "Domino," and "Fresh Start," are as refreshing, wide open and embraceable as anything recorded this year. Of the four, the unshakeable "Domino," and the sentimental valentine, "Woman," stand out the most. The CD dips though on the self-indulgent "Magic," but finds its footing on the hopeful "You Got Me." At this point though it's worth noting that not a single verse on the record is worthy of merit.

Dubuc tries to go for something meaningful on the happy-as-a-bird "Stop," that finds comfort and happiness in life's simple pleasure, while "Black Girl," embraces the prospect of a new love. But then Night and Day trails off. It's not so much that the songs themselves fall flat, but that they follow the same pattern. In essence, listening to the last three songs on Night and Day is like listening to the album from the beginning.

Throughout much of his career, Dubuc has had to battle the critics who label him as being derivative, trite and forgettable. Finally though, he seems to have shaken free of those shackles and has indeed found a sound and a voice that's worth embracing. Night and Day is rewarding, redeemable and laden with charm and merit. But now that he's reached his apex, does this mean he's only headed down from here?

Track Listing 1. Every Single Time
2. Woman
3. Domino
4. Fresh Start
5. Magic
6. You Got Me
7. Stop!
8. Black Girl
9. Is This Thing Enough
10. Used To Be Sweet (feat. Lights)
11. Here's To You

Recommended If You Like Chicago, Tower of Power, Hanson's new record

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05:51 AM on 09/14/10
User Info.
birtcho's Avatar
None of the tracks really got anywhere near Domino for me. That was the standout and the only one that I've listened to more than once
06:07 AM on 09/14/10
the shape of punk just came
User Info.
therookielot's Avatar
Is this guy still using autotune?
06:13 AM on 09/14/10
woop woop woop
User Info.
OdourlessHobo's Avatar
can't say I'm a big fan of this guys previous releases (especially the one before this) but I think he did an ALRIGHT job with this Motown album. It's different ..
06:49 AM on 09/14/10
Rob Carey Peterson
User Info.
ManicanParty49's Avatar
can't say I'm a big fan of this guys previous releases (especially the one before this) but I think he did an ALRIGHT job with this Motown album. It's different ..
"Alright" would definitely be my word of choice in describing this album. The music and instrumentation is pretty decent, but outside of that, I really didn't dig this album too much.
06:53 AM on 09/14/10
Regular Member
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No Avatar Selected
Is this guy still using autotune?
07:33 AM on 09/14/10
Registered User
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britnyee's Avatar
yay i love this album. it's catchy and fun. it's worlds above most of the shit coming out right now. i really admire luis for working so hard on it & taking a risk to make the music he wanted to. sure, it's motown themed but i think he gives it a modern pop feel that most people can embrace/
i think its a great look and really paid off.
08:15 AM on 09/14/10
Fight the Cancer
User Info.
rawspinner's Avatar
Was nothing less than surpirsed when I saw you reviewed this, was nothing less the shocked when you said it was good.

However, you're like a wise sage to me: a Mr. Miyagi and Yoda. So I will trust your judgement.

Unless of course you're an alien who abducted the real Greg and replaced him. In which case, I be sure to call Area 51.

Wow this whole post was long and pointless.
08:58 AM on 09/14/10
Dustin Harkins
Go support Kony 2012 some more
User Info.
Dustin Harkins's Avatar
I like this album a lot. My friend plays bass at live shows for Luis and I've never understood the appeal of his music, but for once, I find myself enjoying something TSH has made.
09:16 AM on 09/14/10
Registered User
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Momo32T's Avatar
Haha my high school jazz teacher used to be a baritone horn player for Tower Of Power.
09:17 AM on 09/14/10
Registered Infant Consumer
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eatbabiesyum's Avatar
hmmmm. im a little scared to check this out, but also a little excited...
10:00 AM on 09/14/10
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HometownHero's Avatar
I couldn't get through this album. I commend him for trying something different though.
12:06 PM on 09/14/10
Wake Up
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12:28 PM on 09/14/10
Registered User
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12:45 PM on 09/14/10
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
I love this album =)
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