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05:12 PM on 09/28/10
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It got old very quickly for me.

I feel like they didn't really try to make a solid cover. Kids are gonna love it regardless of what they do.

The exact same happened with me, I listen to it maybe a few times a month now

I still listen to it. New cd might not be quite as generic i'm thinking they'll mature more like most younger bands do.

Makes me wonder why I haven't already offed myself. Is a world where shit like this exists really worth living in? These are the types of questions Asking Alexandria brings to mind.

Mindless, numbing shit scene band covering a shit pop/rap song, adding some breakdowns, making it as void of any substance as possible, and trying to pass it off as music. Super original idea to top it all off.

Uhh sounds like a serious personal issue more so than a fact.
I mean the track is nothing special and that's obvious to anyone who gives it thought and isn't biased with hate or love, but if you really think that a genre of music (yes it is music) has that much of a negative impact on life then maybe you should just go ahead..
06:51 PM on 09/28/10
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I feel like they're either make another 12 songs that sound the exact same as the 12 on their debut, or they'll try to switch it up a bit, but they'll probably just be ripping off different bands. I can't see an ounce of originality in this band.

True originality is hard to come by anymore my friend. I cut slack on that sorta thing as long as their sound is progressively identifiable for them. I mean they're less mediocre than Attack Attack! so that's already a start lol and the only other successful trance-post-hardcore band is Enter Shikari and they've changed a lot so it's hard to say they would sound directly like any other band. Only downside is they wrapped it up with Sturgis again..and we all know how that goes. So mixed feelings really, time will tell.
07:04 PM on 09/28/10
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Like continuing to rip off Bring Me The Horizon?

He growls like Sykes sometimes and they're British..Otherwise: different bands going in split directions. Can't see the likeness here.
08:01 PM on 09/28/10
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ZinisterZman's Avatar
It got old before I was done with the first listen... and admittedly I generally like some of this stuff just for the fun side, but idk this band... whatever. You're right though, scene kids still eating it up.

Also it's annoying how they like try to be controversial. The singer (Dan? Danny? something) is always all like, "Oh, I party and I'm a addicted to sex and alcohol and get shit drunk all the time," and makes a whole stupid spectacle of it. And then they're always calling people whores and cunts onstage and curse excessively just because. Then going on yelling about STDs and having a required minimum amount of bras to be onstage before you start your next song... when most of your fanbase is underage... all filed under "Trying Way Too Hard."

Yeaaa that's one thing i've never been in agreement with. Honestly it's just an attempt to be edgy, but I truly believe everything to them is jokingly tasteful, whether it is or not. They sound like that in their interviews too, yet kids and other bands usually talk about what chill dudes they are. Still: when parents and their 11 year old daughter come to a show and they see that shit, it's not just a fun electro-metal show anymore. There's nothing inspirational about a banner behind the set that reads "cunt, tosser, fuck, twat, bitch" in blood red. They could tone it down.. I mean I thought it was kind of funny, but not in terms of respect for new fans and already dedicated ones that eat that shit up..

11:54 PM on 09/28/10
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It's not a personal issue, but sick assumption bro. The only information I have on this band is their music and maybe one or two press photos. I'd hardly say that's a personal issue with them. And are you completely oblivious any and all types of hyperbole? I'm obviously not impacted by this band's shittiness enough to literally wish death upon myself because of it. In regards to them being music... If I recorded audio of myself taking a piss and looped it for 60-70 minutes, would you consider that to be music? Not a rhetorical question I'm genuinely wondering. Because if the bar is really set that low for you, then yes, they absolutely are music. But if you wouldn't consider that to be musical, then explain to me the difference between that and Asking Alexandria.

I shouldn't even have to answer such bizarre comparisons; it's automatically rhetorical bro. I wouldn't say my standards are that low considering I listen to music that people such as yourself would consider "real" and not a '30 minute sample of farts', but i'm also not quite as selective as you are. You're no less fucking biased and stubborn than I am an idiot..

Neither one of us would have more merit than the other to use that kind of argument against a band like Pierce The Veil (formulaic or not) much less a band like The Bled or The Chariot...I may like those bands, (in fact I do) but my friend could think it's total chaotic shit-noise or sounds like someone taking a huge dump over confusing guitars. Where exactly do we draw the line of good and bad in your reality, hmm? That is, if subjection doesn't exist in music. Teach me bro.

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