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10:07 AM on 10/31/10
Bryan Mac
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This record rules.
Lifeboats was a Bayonet song that I guess Senses Fail adopted. It was faster and didn't have the chorus.
11:38 AM on 10/31/10
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I don't get why a lot of people didn't like Life is Not a Waiting Room and/or enjoy Still Searching better than it. I love them both, but I view Life is Not a Waiting Room almost as a stronger, more well put together version of Still Searching. I feel like it's Still Searching on steroids with better singing.

About a year after Let It Enfold You I started to think that my SF days were over. I thought I'd be happy with the old stuff for nostalgic purposes, but my taste had evolved a little and there was no way they were going to put anything out that I was going to enjoy (especially vocally). I've been very happy to hear the changes over the last three albums and enjoy them much more than I had before. Props to them for sticking it out and actually getting better.
11:51 AM on 10/31/10
Thomas Nassiff
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Sorry haha. You should review the record, no one else is.
12:47 PM on 10/31/10
Inside of your heart always
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The DVD is really good!
02:13 PM on 10/31/10
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CellarGhosts's Avatar
Let It Enfold You has one good song, the rest is awful. This album however, is really solid.
05:50 PM on 10/31/10
Don't you mind, don't you mind?
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Deathco_019's Avatar
they better played wolves at the door,garden state, and four years. but im sure ill only hear wolves at the door. id kill to hear still searching and let it enfold you(the songs) rather than buried a lie and rum is for drinking...

But I love Rum Is For Drinking...

They played Lungs Like Gallows, Family Tradition, and Wolves At The Door in the live dvd.
07:45 AM on 11/01/10
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Paulb-182's Avatar
Used to really like this band, didn't hear their last release, or indeed anything of this new one. Might drop in and listen to a couple tunes.
09:39 AM on 11/01/10
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steven31's Avatar
My fave senses fail album is still Still Searching for 3 reasons: All the best cowboys have daddy issues, negative space, and the priest and the matador. I always go back to listen to Still Searching even years later because of these 3 songs. I do enjoy The Fire very much right now and also their other albums as Senses Fail is one of my fave bands. But My Fave will probably always be Still Searching
04:22 PM on 11/01/10
Not everything, not yet
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CarouselBoy's Avatar
My original post never said "X is their best work." I can (and will) argue that LIEF is their seminal album.
well ok my point has nothing to do with you thinking it was their best quality record or not. My point is that there is an incongruence in your statement. If indeed LIEY is not their best quality record, or maybe a close second, why would it be hard to believe that Blake would say it's their "worst record"? What you're saying is it doesn't make sense for Blake to think its their worst record since supposedly so many longterm fans list it as their favorite. That's faulty logic. Furthermore, even if it was their "seminal" work, it doesn't mean it isn't their worst quality recording.
09:37 PM on 11/01/10
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Alright, let me start off saying that I am not trying to start any flaming of any kind. These are my honest opinions.

In response to all the people arguing about their previous albums, here is my take.

FtDoD and LIEY was what many people started with. But for me, it was Lungs Like Gallows from LINAWR. First off, I seriously can't comprehend all the hate behind LINAWR. Sure, quite a few of the songs are barely second-rate, but overall, I loved the album. In fact, it's one of my favorite. However, the first album I listened to was LIEY. I enjoyed the album for a while, but it wasn't really what I wanted. Then came Still Searching. That truly opened my eyes, and ears, to SF. Their songs were full of emotion, the lyrics actually made some sense (not that the lyrics in LIEY didn't make sense), and the melodies were so intriguing. Then, when I got LINAWR, I found myself loving it, even with the crappy songs.

And now comes The Fire. The Fire, to me, is definitely one of their best albums to date. It is, to me, on par with SS. To me, the lyrics are much deeper compared to then. The positive emotion in The Fire, Saint Anthony, etc. meshed with the negativity in songs such as Lifeboats and New Years Eve. Vocally, The Fire was all in all better than before, though I believe that the vocals could have been better. I loved the passion in the screams, however. Then comes the actual music. To be honest, I LOVED the guitar work on The Fire. I don't know how many times I had a chill sent down my spine while listening to The Fire, just from the playing of Garret and, to a slightly lesser extent, Zack. While I do find some of the songs tougher to get used to as in SS, I love the album and find it to be one of their best works.

In my opinion, in order from best to worst, SS=LINAWR=TF>FtDoD=LIEY
Reason: SS, LINAWR, and TF showcase the matured SF, while FtDoD and LIEY are rather the, so to speak, "teenager" works. I find comparing their first 2 albums to a newborn child and their later 3 albums to be the developing teenager to be a better comparison. While SF has changed a bit, I believe they are still developing and are capable of producing music even better than this.
08:15 AM on 11/03/10
jess' man
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My fave senses fail album is still Still Searching for 3 reasons: All the best cowboys have daddy issues, negative space, and the priest and the matador. I always go back to listen to Still Searching even years later because of these 3 songs. I do enjoy The Fire very much right now and also their other albums as Senses Fail is one of my fave bands. But My Fave will probably always be Still Searching

Completely agree. That song has a great chorus and the riff playing in the background of the chorus is sicccck (though it is hard to hear without good headphones,) awesome drum fills, sick screaming and good lyrics; it's got everything. As for negative space, its guitar riff gives me the shivers every time for the first few seconds. Those three songs MAKE that record.
10:32 AM on 11/03/10
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Life Is Not a Waiting Room is actually what got me into Senses Fail. Anyway, this new album is good too. There's not really one song that stands out a lot from the rest, but they're all pretty good songs.
01:56 PM on 11/03/10
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If you can't see the meaning and meanings behind their songs why listen? Does everything have to be simple and dumbed down to understand? I see lots of people criticizing Life Is Not A Waiting Room. I have heard "fans" and "the band" were disappointed with it. I am stunned by this! The album has depth, meaning, and emotions that are rarely found in bands nowadays. They aren't just a genuine and honest rock band staying consistantly good. They are creating music with meaning. Still Searching has ALOT of meaning and is definitely amazing, but so is L.I.N.A.W.R. and if you can't find it then your just missing out.
08:41 PM on 11/03/10
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I do love the new album, but I must say that Still Searching, Life is Not a Waiting Room, and The Fire all kind of sound the same. I happen to like that sound but it would be great if they re-visited their roots on their next album.
09:28 PM on 11/04/10
Says the spider to the fly...
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Yeah I'm one of those guys who goes back to middle school then eventually gets arrested for like 20 counts of statutory rape.
I have the 'sex predator' on my iphone, fyi ;)

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