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Escape the Fate- Escape the Fate Album Cover
Author's Rating
Vocals 7
Musicianship 6.5
Lyrics 5
Production 8.5
Creativity 4
Lasting Value 5
Reviewer Tilt 5
Final Verdict: 59%
Member Ratings
Vocals 3.71
Musicianship 3.73
Lyrics 2.04
Production 3.59
Creativity 2.89
Lasting Value 2.82
Reviewer Tilt 3.68
Average: 32%
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Escape the Fate- Escape the Fate

Reviewed by: IFellFromheaven (10/31/10)
Escape The Fate- Escape The Fate.
Record Label: DGC Interscope
Release Date: November 2

Another CD, another chance for Escape the Fate, a band that has released now three albums and an E.P, to show their maturity and progression as artists with the released of their Self Titled album. This album is great but contains one flaw, progression! From the very beginning you are given the choice to "Choose Your Fate", which I guess would be to listen to this album or not. It is nothing more than the now popular intro song that has entered so heavily into this genre (see Chiodos :Illuminaudio and Attack Attack!'s: Someday Came Suddenly). It's an obvious concept to set the mood for the album.

We move into the first two singles of the album, "Massacre" And "Issues", which seem to show Escape the Fates "new sound." "Massacre" has been said to sound very similar to the Bring Me the Horizon song "Chelsea Smile". And as you hear the similar guitar riff in the beginning as well as the similar growl and you would think you mistakenly clicked on the Suicide Season album in your iTunes library. This is one of the songs that are predominantly screams, which i'm sure a lot of questioning Escape the Fate fans were hoping for. While the song was a rather disappointment due to its unoriginality, it gives us hope that it at least sets the tempo for the rest of the album. With the next song "Issues", we see that it wasn't the case.

"Zombie Dance", I never knew thought zombies actually danced (assumed they just devoured brains and ate flesh) is another song with a decent sized chorus. This song gives Escape the Fate the more pop feel, as their song construction seems far from progressed. The drums seem rather novice in this song, and really are for the rest of the album (Robert should focus on his drumming more than his looking "badassness"). "Gorgeous Nightmare" is the next song at bat, and sounds similar to Zombie Dance. It feels about the same as "Zombie Dance" makes the average listener feel, which is the same feeling that felt when you play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb" in succession. "Is it the way you shake when your hips move to the pace," Is just more proof that Craig Mabbit, singer and lyricist of Escape the Fate, shouldn't be writing the lyrics for this band.

"City of Sin" is boring, and starts out with the line "Come on come on shake your money maker." Come on come on Craig Mabbit, write something meaningful. I guess we won't be seeing any growth or anything special in this album. Once again the Song construction sounds very similar, the solo right after the second chorus. I will give props to the guitarist, Monte, for at least having some Musicianship. "Day of Wreckoning" Is actually only of the few songs that I don't mind as a song. It should be well received, probably because the song reminds many so much of early Atreyu, at least in the beginning, and Craig seems to actually use the clean vocals that I personally had wanted to hear. Still not what it used to be in comparison of BlessTheFall's "Higinia" and Escape the Fate's "Harder than You Know", or even The this War Is Ours album. The Scream's were actually of some use in the song as well, for the breakdown.

"Lost in Darkness" is a song that feels like it just is filler to an album of fillers, nothing special about the musicianship. Big chorus is big much like EVERY other song on this album. "Prepare Your Weapon" actually was one the first songs on the album that I personally liked the start off is strong with a scream from Craig. It may have the strongest verse and chorus combination on the entire album. The vocals are decent, and you can ever find a cherishable moment on solo. Obviously the one guitarists, Monte, most shining spots in the album. The end of "Prepare Your Weapon" fits well with Craig’s Voice and was a song well done.

"The World around Me" is basically the soft song of the Escape the Fate minus the huge climax with vocals. The piano feels rather refreshing, and while it's another sappy song, it gives the album, Escape the Fate, more power than "Issues" or any of the other songs in the first half of the cd. This song reminds me an awful lot like a few Avenged Sevenfolds, mostly in the guitar and the over-all sound and I can only imagine Matt Shadow's, singer of Avenged Sevenfold, lower vocals working on this one, Even the solo feels a little reminiscent of "Seize The Day’s solo. The overall sound sounds similar to "I Won't See You Tonight" in the Waking the Fallen Album of Avenged Sevenfold. Overall I actually love this song and over all this album has a very strong finish.

Now For "The Guillotine Part Three, the Aftermath". Big guitar song and obviously the big end to this album. The screaming reminds me again of Atreyu. I'll credit this song as being one of the top three songs on this album by far, and obviously should have been the entire sound of the album. Hopefully Craig doesn't "Lay naked on the floor" for too long and realizes this.

Overall this album doesn't live up to expectations of many or, depending on who you are, it lives up exceedingly. This album will be a great marketing album, but not a shining album with amazing progression and showmanship as most the album lacks depth in nearly every instrument, in every song construction. It’s your fate, choose wisely.

Recommended If You LikeMarketable "Hard rock" ; Genericore; Avenged Sevenfold

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10:22 AM on 11/08/10
User Info.
sweepthenation's Avatar
Van flip x 1000

In reality, band needs to call it quits
10:58 AM on 11/08/10
We're not for them(and that's cool)
User Info.
S7ranburgLar's Avatar
i don't think i'll ever be able to get past the album cover to actually give this album a listen.
am i supposed to not take the music seriously?
11:29 AM on 11/08/10
Regular Member
User Info.
lfjlol's Avatar
so disappointed with criag mabbit's career. he can do what he wants. but he has so much more talent then being stuck with this garbage.
11:48 AM on 11/08/10
we will set sail the prairie
User Info.
TriangularDuck's Avatar
Ugh. I liked This War is Ours, but this is just awful.
12:14 PM on 11/08/10
Registered User
User Info.
rushour144's Avatar
Wow, I would not have been that generous in the rating!!!
12:26 PM on 11/08/10
Ah, yes.
User Info.
brandon_260's Avatar
Review seems a little too long, definitely do not want to hear this album
12:50 PM on 11/08/10
"Look mom, no hands!"
User Info.
Miketheunicycle's Avatar
when they released the first single i knew the rest would also be tragic... they went down a hill and won't be able to get back out. so bad haha
01:27 PM on 11/08/10
Hidden In NJ
Cilvia Demo
User Info.
Hidden In NJ's Avatar
The ratings are too high.

Give us your honest ratings next time please, as soon as I saw a 7 for vocals, I knew the rating were to high.

Good review tho!
01:42 PM on 11/08/10
I am not Tom Delonge
User Info.
Rysker6's Avatar
Obligatory, when the f is Radke out of jail? comment
01:57 PM on 11/08/10
Spencer Control
Will you catch me if I blow away?
User Info.
Spencer Control's Avatar
Obligatory, when the f is Radke out of jail? comment
Yeah, seriously, Radke needs to get the eff out of jail, kick Mabbit out of his band, and get some real music on, not this crap :P
02:05 PM on 11/08/10
I am not Tom Delonge
User Info.
Rysker6's Avatar
Yeah, seriously, Radke needs to get the eff out of jail, kick Mabbit out of his band, and get some real music on, not this crap :P
I thought he was getting out last fall? I guess nobody really knows, even then with probation the guy can't leave whatever state he's from most likely, so he's kinda limited as far as touring goes.
02:30 PM on 11/08/10
We paved the roads.
User Info.
nowFace's Avatar
i cant believe great bands like SA or Deftones have come so close to breaking up and this power emo girls are still chuggin.
02:34 PM on 11/08/10
the seventeenth
level 71 community member
User Info.
the seventeenth's Avatar
Is it the way you shake when your hips move to the pace.
It isn't pace, it's bass.

Anyway, long and extremely awkward review but I enjoy a few of the heavier songs on this album. Craig needs to form another band though because he's wasting his talent here.
03:16 PM on 11/08/10
User Info.
phillipjacob's Avatar
radke gets out early december
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