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Technology Round-Up (11/01/10)

Posted by - 11:15 PM on 10/31/10
Head to the replies to read this week's Technology Round-Up.
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11:15 PM on 10/31/10
Deborah Remus
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Thanks to Melissa and Chad for putting this together.

Technology Round-UpPoll

A new documentary of the Google cofounders indicates that they considered hiring Steve Jobs as Google's first CEO. Would Steve Jobs have been a good choice for Google's CEO? [Poll]


Apple is now the fourth largest global mobile phone vendor.

Fortune is the latest major publication to confirm that Verizon will get the iPhone in 2011.

Motorola is suing Apple over its multitouch patents.

Apple may add nitride coatings to its touchscreen devices to make them scratch-proof.

A glitch in iOS 4.1 allows people to bypass the lockscreen to access call history, voicemail, and address book entries,

Rumor has it that the white iPhone 4 takes worse photos than the black one. The white iPhone 4 will be released in Spring 2011.

Check out reviews of the 11.6-inch and 13.6-inch Macbook Air. The devices offer comparable performance to the 13-inch Macbook Pro. At least one analyst predicts 700,000 units will sell during the holiday season. In case anyone cares, the 11.6-inch model will not have to be removed from carry-on bags at airports.

Apple has announced details about OS X 10.7 (Lion). Also, details about the new scrollbar and new version of iCal have leaked.

A new Java-based trojan is targeting OS X computers.

FaceTime has been released for OS X. Now iMacs/Macbooks can video chat with iPhone 4's and iPod Touches. The program supports push notifications of calls even when it is not running.

Apple is no longer pre-installing Flash on OS X. To avoid sensationalist journalism, the move is simply to "ensure that users always have the latest version of Flash by downloading directly from Adobe."

The latest iPad rumors indicate that the refresh will include dual cameras.

Apple will begin selling the individual software programs in iLife and iWork via the Mac App Store.


Chrome extension Facebook Disconnect disallows Facebook to track your browsing history on sites other than Facebook.

Facebook's "photo memories" have gotten smart: you will no longer see photos of you and someone you used to be in a relationship with. The site has also launched a new friendship feature that shows your relationship with a particular friend over time.

Apparently people with lots of money don't like Facebook.

Facebook has purchased drop.io, a file sharing service, and will be shutting it down by the end of the year.

Facebook will host a mobile event this coming Wednesday; does this mean the Facebook phone is finally being unveiled?

Diaspora, the soon-to-be-released Facebook rival, delays its release until Thanksgiving.

Yahoo! Mail beta is now available for public use; it claims to be faster, safer, and more socially integrated than its predecessor.

Sex.com was recently purchased by a company called Clover for $13 million.

Twitter's buttons and logos get a facelift to match the recent updates to the site.

Justin Beiber predicts the stock market.

AOL has redesigned the site's homepage to include more social integration and trending topics.

Myspace has completely rebranded and refocused itself.

Chatroulette is now redirecting its inappropriate users to the Hustler website.

Zynga is trying to patent virtual currency (and will probably fail).

Founders of YouTube and AdMob are stepping down.

Skype 5, with Facebook integration and group chatting, is out of beta.

Adobe has released its own HTML5 video player.

A 12-year-old boy received $3,000 for finding a crucial bug in Firefox.

Opera 11 alpha is now available.

Alaska Airlines now offers in-flight WiFi between Anchorage and Fairbanks, and is expanding the service to more of Alaska in 2011.

Starbucks' WiFi networks will now offer some exclusive content, including eBook excerpts and the online version of the Wall Street Journal, for free.


Google promises that their street view cars will no longer be collecting WiFi data.

Newsmap offers a visual way to view and categorize Google News by country.

Major television broadcasters, including ABC, NBC and CBS, are blocking Google TV from their websites. Hulu does also. Google is working on getting this reversed.

Both the Logitech and Sony Google TV platforms have been reviewed by Engaget.

Google is going to use the Stanford campus' residential area to beta test its 1Gbps fiber internet service in early 2011.

Google Music search has been launched in India; it only streams Indian Bollywood music for now.

Google Docs now supports drag-and-drop image placement.

If you're signed into Google and go to the homepage on your birthday, you'll see a special birthday doodle.

Google Places is now integrated with regular Google search and contains a database of 50 million local places.

Use your Google Contact book as a way to unite the address books of all your other online accounts.

Google's founders wanted to hire Steve Jobs as the company's first CEO. Oh, how the world could have been so different.


Samsung is working on prescription 3D glasses. Gucci just released their own pair of non-prescription 3D glasses for the low price of $225. Oakley has also launched its own Tron-branded 3D glasses.

GE has created a 'hybrid' light bulb that will eliminate the second or so it takes for the CFL bulbs to turn on.

Live crabs can now be purchased from vending machines in Japan.

Both the Nook and Kobo eReaders will be sold at Wal-Mart beginning this week.

Kindle users will be able to lend their eBooks to others for 14-day periods. Barnes & Noble is upping the ante by giving away some of its books for free, but they'll include advertising.

Border's Kobo eReader finally offers subscriptions to magazines and newspapers.

Entourage's latest version of the Pocket Edge, dual screened eReader, has been released on all places but the Home Shopping Network.

Eking's notepad is an eReader that features a stylus and color display which is supposedly the future of eReaders.

Sony is stopping production on the Walkman.

Simplehuman created a mulit-sense trashcan that knows what you're doing.

Redbox is going to begin streaming movies some time next year.

A new t-shirt gun holds 10 shirts at a time and launches them at a speed of 3 shirts per second.


Check out the latest rumors and photos of the Playstation Phone.

Facebook has a "mobile event" scheduled for November 3. Might we get a Facebook phone despite all the denials?

T-Mobile will be launching its data tethering and wireless hotspot plan on November 3.

Verizon has officially announced their tiered data plans.

It appears that Palm will launch five or six new devices in 2011.

Check out a review of Windows Phone 7, as well as specific reviews of the following Windows 7-powered phones HTC Trophy, HTC 7 Mozart, Samsung Focus, Samsung Omnia 7, and LG Optimus 7.

The Android Market has reached 100,000 apps. Not bad considering that the Apple App Store is at 300,000.

OnStar systems can now connect to Android phones via the MyLink app.

Winamp is now available for Android.

Check out a comparison of the HTC Desire HD and EVO 4G.

The T-Mobile myTouch will be named the myTouch 4G and will launch on November 3.

The latest Droid 2 update improves battery life among other features

After myTouch 3G owners received Android 2.2 over the air, Sony Xperia X1 owners will be receiving Android 2.1 this weekend.

Sprint's CEO attributes WiFi-only iPad sales to improved Overdrive mobile 4G hotspot sales.


A Texas man has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for selling pirated software online.

Microsoft Netherlands has revealed that Windows 8 will be released in around two years.

Rumors of a Sony tablet PC are floating around.

Walgreens is now selling a $100 Android tablet PC.

Check out a review of the ExoPC Slate.

If anyone is interested in dropping $7,000 or more on a "luxury notebook," look no further than Munk Dogballe.

Microsoft is committing itself to PC gaming once again.

Razer has shown off its Anansi MMORPG keyboard.

Sennheiser is expanding its gaming headset line.


Be rewarded for driving safely with your phone using the SAFECELLapp.

Does your phone have issues with pocket dialing people? Call Confirm is there to help.

Keep track of the time without looking at your phone with Buzz Clock for iOS.

Add an alarm clock that tracks your sleep cycle to your iOS or Android device.

Learn who defriended you with Unfriend Finder.

Break into a Windows PC and protect yourself from these tricks.

Optimize your torrent connections and protect your privacy.

Have an issue with certain companies? Use this template to write an effective letter.

Learn how to beat a polygraph test.


Microsoft's Chief Software Architect, Ray Ozzie, has stepped down from the position.

This yo-yo costs $5,000... somehow I don't think it's worth it.

A German company has made airbags for bikers.

is the station wagons of bicycles.

A pair of artists have made scratch-and-sniff wall art that smells like the moon.

5,000 janitors have PhDs.

The world's largest gummy worm is 26 in long, 5 in thick, weighs 3 lb, and contains 4,000 calories.

Citibank is the first bank to roll out credit cards 2.0.

These concept butter packets have a butter knife as its lid.

I know it's a little late but did you see anyone dressed up as this for Halloween?

Read these 6 clever things to do with your leftover pumpkins.

Scott is trying out tubeless toilet paper.

Whipped Lightning is alcohol-infused whipped cream... this could get dangerous.

A 22-year-old mother is being tried for killing her three-month-old son for interrupting her Farmville session.

An observatory in India is creating the world's largest magnet.

The Netherlands is home to the world's largest climbing wall which comes in at 37 meters high.

Contributors: CyberInferno, klawansie7

12:48 AM on 11/01/10
Metal Now
Talking about the second and third
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I can't read GE news without thinking of 30 Rock, and I can't read about t-shirt guns without thinking of The Simpsons. All in all, sweet round up.
05:39 AM on 11/01/10
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The white iPhone 4 isn't going to ever come out, we'll just have to wait for a white 5. Also, if I can get some funds together, I'm pretty interested in the 11.6" Macbook Air. The size is the perfect sweet spot for me, but the price (as usual) is a little high.
07:57 AM on 11/01/10
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this facebook stuff is just getting creepier and creepier.

and its nice to see google continue to get closer to take over the world. oh gosh.
10:49 AM on 11/01/10
Registered User
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"If anyone is interested in dropping $7,000 or more on a "luxury notebook," look no further than Munk Dogballe."
The word "Balle" is actually "Penis" in Swedish.
10:52 AM on 11/01/10
Back by Popular Demand
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ghelms88's Avatar
I saw the whipped cream with alcohol in it at the liquor store by my college. I don't really understand why anyone would pay 10 bucks for it. It seems a bit ridiculous, but that's just me.
11:52 AM on 11/02/10
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KidRobot's Avatar
Verizon's tiered data plans is done right. Allow the people who really don't use alot of data to pay less, but keep the unlimited the same.

Relieved I can keep the same pricing for my data.

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