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01:53 PM on 11/16/10
"Look mom, no hands!"
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Miketheunicycle's Avatar
This album is average at best. I was a big fan of Homesick and this album definitely does not live up to their past work.

I mean, come on it's 2010 and they're still opening up songs with a palm muted chord progression and cheesy lyrics on "All Signs Point to Lauderdale." Same thing for the track "Out of Time."

I really can't understand why Kevin left Four Letter Lie to join this band and basically waste his vocal talents. ADTR has two singers in their band but only one of them sings. It makes no sense to me.

It sounds like they were listening to Scary Kids Scaring Kids "Holding On" when they wrote the song "If I Leave."

i agree with that right there,
hopefully in the future kevin's talent will show up on an ADTR record
01:57 PM on 11/16/10
this is what separates me from you!
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xent's Avatar
the only problem in the album is jeremy's screams..
02:07 PM on 11/16/10
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brainstew123's Avatar
You just used the word "dumbest", so I refuse.

People who hate = haters.

Edit: Also, I'll stop using "haters" when you stop overusing commas.
lol yeah i suffer from an over usage of commas and usually i use a lot of "..."s but the whole"hater" thing in every discussion is really annoying and then you get people with the whole "i hate (or love) haters" and its just stupid. just another fucking stupid word made up by idiots. another that bothers the shit out of me is "ight" or "dat" like right and that are short enough to begin with?
02:13 PM on 11/16/10
Drew Beringer
Senior Editor - @drewberinger - Locked Groove
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Drew Beringer's Avatar
My review of the album portrayed as an ADTR song:

Chugga chugga chugga yawn chugga chugga snore chugga chugga chugga mehhh breakdown FIGHT
02:21 PM on 11/16/10
Registered User
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alexalexalex's Avatar
with every opinion i read about this record, i somehow wonder at times if anyone ACTUALLY LISTENS to this band at all besides their more popular songs or highlights.

they've had poppy melodies and heavy chugging and screaming on every single record they've put out, as well as piano and other similar effects.

i'm not saying this is album of the year, but i know personally i've listened to it a looooot and i think most people hating on this record have listened to it maybe once through at the most. just saying.

the album could've been longer, and i think maybe if it was, people would find a bit more they like about it.

for those who have heart was amazing, but it's not coming back.
im a die hard adtr fan, and i was ready to love the shit out of this album and say fuck off to everyone who said otherwise, even if it wasnt as good as it should be...but i mean come one, this cd is weak, it's a huge dissapointment
02:22 PM on 11/16/10
Hey, are you a dreamer?
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DylanPPPP's Avatar
My review of the album portrayed as an ADTR song:

Chugga chugga chugga yawn chugga chugga snore chugga chugga chugga mehhh breakdown FIGHT
Oh Drew. You so crazy! But that couldn't be any more true..
02:31 PM on 11/16/10
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InvisibleImage's Avatar
top album, maybe just a smidgin behind Homesick & FTWHH
but prob #2 AOTY for me
#1 goes to Amity Affliction - youngbloods

catchier that herpes this album! looking forward to a few driving sessions, and pre-drinks sing alongs with the fellas

pretty fair review, harsh at times, but far, like a good school teacher
02:39 PM on 11/16/10
Thomas Nassiff
resuscitation of the year
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Thomas Nassiff's Avatar
I feel like this review didn't say anything good about the album even thought its a moderately favorable review
I had positive things to say when I went through the entire album almost track by track.
Also, AltPress gave this album 5 stars. As if I didn't already think they wrote absolutely terrible reviews, this is the icing on the cake. Thank you for actually being honest and not sucking dick to get bands to like you like AltPress does.
The thing with AltPress is that their reviewers are reviewing under the name AltPress. So they give sort of a rounded opinion of the magazine, not just their own personal criticism. That's usually what I think when I see such a high score for an album like this.
this band is so bad that id rather listen to kanye west rap
Lol'ed, although I love the new Kanye record.
Though I don't understand how Homesick could ever be a top 5 album, I'm glad to see the review come from someone who genuinely likes this band. I enjoyed this record for what it's worth but it won't get very many plays in my itunes library. I love Lauderdale though.
I think that's what made me have some standing in the review, I genuinely enjoy this band so that's why this album was a disappointment.
lol? Just because YOU think its better doesnt make it true. Talk about arrogance.
This is the Internet, I shouldn't have to say that things are my opinion for it to be implied that they are my opinions. And honestly if you don't want to read that then go to a different website.
Are you incapable of writing an intro?
If it was at all appropriate I would tear apart your writing and any aspect of journalistic ability you have. If the criteria was up solely to me none of your user reviews would be published.
No movie intro, no care.

I don't understand the appeal of this band at all
Lol'ed, I know you hate them though. I actually thought about you when I was saying nice things during this review.
listened to this twice last night. i am shocked at its mediocrity. there is not one memorable song. Somehow this is even worse/less inventive than Homesick.
These are huge words coming from you haha.
Can you elaborate on that just a tad?
I meant that his vocal melody in the chorus just ruins the song.
My review of the album portrayed as an ADTR song:

Chugga chugga chugga yawn chugga chugga snore chugga chugga chugga mehhh breakdown FIGHT
The chugga chugga's aren't as obvious and forward as they have been in the past. I mean there are some straight up pop punk tracks here that I thought would be right up your alley.
02:42 PM on 11/16/10
Thomas Nassiff
resuscitation of the year
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Thomas Nassiff's Avatar
Also, in general, thanks for the kind words about this review, everyone. It seems like a lot of people think this is one of my best reviews if not my best. I'm flattered.
02:43 PM on 11/16/10
Cody Nelson
FightHaver (Fast Drive)
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Cody Nelson's Avatar
This is about to get heated.
02:44 PM on 11/16/10
Thomas Nassiff
resuscitation of the year
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Thomas Nassiff's Avatar
This is about to get heated.
Depends on how butthurt kidchino is I guess.
02:51 PM on 11/16/10
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StepsInADance's Avatar
Hmm I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about this record
I feel like it's better than Homesick but I'm still not digging this new ADTR
03:02 PM on 11/16/10
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HometownHero's Avatar
Depends on how butthurt kidchino is I guess.
Not butt hurt about anything. I know my reviews are not good which is why I don't write them and do other shit for my own website all the while taking courses to get better. You should adopt that policy until you get better as your reviews are on par with mine on shittiness.
03:06 PM on 11/16/10
It won't snow where she is going.
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SteveD's Avatar
Gave up on the band. j14 can keep them.
03:10 PM on 11/16/10
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brandon_260's Avatar
Decent album, but it didn't have the same appeal Homesick did on it's first listen. I know this will grow on me in due time though

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