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09:02 PM on 11/17/10
just keep your head above
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Then how come i don't see any respectable bands asking people for donations just so they can do something every band does like record a cd?
who would you consider a "respectable band"? and why wouldn't Gabriel the Marine be classified as respectable?
09:55 PM on 11/17/10
And your voice cracks like a piano
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I don't see a problem with this at all. It says if you donate 5 bucks you get the EP for free, and if you donate 12 bucks you get a copy of the new album for free. Seems like an investment as much as a donation.
09:56 PM on 11/17/10
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I don't believe someone has a right to declare a band respectable unless you've seen all of the seeds that go into making their musical career grow. Coming from someone who has been going to their shows for the past 5 years since The Farewell Effect, has toured with them, watched them write, practice, record, struggle for money, promote for shows, go through lineup changes, etc. I've witnessed these guys change into one of the most hardworking bands I've ever met. I've seen them work their asses off to to hard sell outside shows. I've had to sleep in their shitty mold infested van with no air conditioning for days in 100 degree weather. I've received calls when they're out on tour- "We're in Cali, we're broke. We can't finish out the tour. We're coming home."
Especially after hearing some of their demos for the upcoming record, I also believe that Gabriel the Marine's musical talents are far beyond many of today's bands, especially for their age.
Making a Kickstarter to ask fans to help is most certainly not begging for money. Fans will help if they choose to, and I think people indeed will help because of the respect they have for this band and the faith they have for their music. Kickstarter has helped many artists, and every little bit helps.
Yeah, a lot of bands struggle. But no one is stopping them from asking fans for help. So before you declare yourself the mayor of Long Island and decide which bands are respectable or not, like Mr. Coyyfriendly said, listen to some Aretha.
10:10 PM on 11/17/10
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Also if you do research on the band they are managed by Strong Management. By looking at your profile I'd assume you think Thursday is a respectable band, fun fact Thursday and Gabriel are both managed by the same people Mr. Undtheuniverse.
11:03 PM on 11/17/10
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Well first off if they can't afford to spend 5,000 on recording then maybe they should find a producer that's a little cheaper. I may be the worst kind of music fan but i feel these are the worst kind of musicians, make music because you love doing it not because your totally gonna get signed after buying some big name producer. These kids are a joke 2 years ago they were doing stereo skyline covers and now all of a sudden their serious musicians? They are everything thats wrong with music today. All i have to do is donate 2,000 dollars and i get an acoustic show , what a deal!
5,000 dollars is alot of money! most bands that ARE signed don't even have that. who the fuck are you to put any band down for asking help from their fans? again bands are nothing without fans and believers, so why wouldn't you ask for it? you talk about stereo skyline like they've actually done something for LI! get your shit straight and realize GTM is a very respectable. stereo skyline is a prime example of what your hating on. the epitome of trash. you're a complete dumb ass if you don't see that and see through the bull shit.
07:23 AM on 11/18/10
hot time in li
abandon ship or abandon all hope
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Well im gonna assume you never seen them when they were The Farewell Effect then, seeing as they were the biggest joke this scene has had in a while. They were playing bad Stereo Skyline Bsides and acted like they were bigger than Stereo.
Who the fuck do you think you are? Every good musician starts off shitty, whether it be their first band or their current band, before they mature and finally find their niche. I do think the idea of posting the $500+ goals are a bit silly, but there is nothing wrong with helping with someones dream. My parents and various family members have been helping me put away money for law school - oh wait, that must make me a spoiled Long Island kid too. That's helping with my dream. These guys are good dudes who DO work, DO go to school, DO make fantastic music. Sorry that whatever band or whatever endeavor you chose to follow was unsuccessful and the only way for you to retaliate is through the absolutepunk.net forums.

And as far as their reputation on Long Island or anywhere in the country... check out Spin Magazine, ask their managers/booking agents who have put them on top quality shows, people who enjoy quality tunes, etc...

I can not wait for the new album guys, the new track might sound a bit like Stereo Skyline , but it's fantastic.
09:47 PM on 11/18/10
BFH Drums
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this undtheuniverse fella is a total clown. you obviously have a vendetta against the farewell effect, which makes your vendetta against gtm completely irrelevant considering only 1 guy has been in both bands. you truly sound like an ignoramus, and you should just be quiet.

gtm rules as a band and as people. their bass player is a real hoot. SLIPPERY SHOESSSSS!
09:49 PM on 11/18/10
BFH Drums
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Except for the fact that the one time i saw you guys he needed to set up all your equipment, tune everything and basically was the only person standing infront seeing as he needed to tell you guys what to do.
a tech is not the same as a song writer. man, you truly are king of the morons.

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