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01:47 PM on 11/18/10
Hang 'em high or not at all
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It's been my #1 since 1998 and I don't foresee that ever changing. All Rancid albums have 16+ songs and that's the only one that doesn't feel like a chore to actively (emphasis on that word) listen to from start to finish. Definitely digging this track -- And the idea in general!
I think it is easily the most underrated Rancid record. The only time I have heard them play a song off of it was when a very sick kid asked them to play Hoover St. before a show. While I think they could have trimmed some fat a bit, none of their songs are very long so I never felt like they were a chore to get through. Life Won't Wait probably has the longest average duration per song if I'm not mistaken. Still a good record. I always felt a connection with ...And Out Come the Wolves. I know it is probably a popular pick, but songs like She's Automatic and Olympia do a lot for me.
02:43 PM on 11/18/10
Hang 'em high or not at all
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...And Out Come The Wolves is a very close second for me. But I think if Life Won't Wait were to be released now? I would love it just as much. And that's sort of the divider there. It's an interesting record that still holds up; it's just more interesting to listen to. Yet, it still managed to stay firmly within the confines of "punk rock," it pushed the borders ever-so-slightly in a similar manner to the way the Clash did.

Which, one could argue means they simply retreated old territory but...When I was heading into my freshman year of high school? I didn't know shit about the Clash. Haha. And I wouldn't know shit about the Clash still if it hadn't been for Rancid, Green Day, etc. So yeah.

That being said? I've only seen them play a handful of tracks off this record over the years -- But that's probably because it's not really a "fan favorite" and didn't have any "big" singles (relatively speaking).
Those are fair points. I could not say if I would like Wolves as much if it were to have come out today. I would like to certainly think so, but my tastes have always been broad so it is a tough call. After Wolves, though I would probably go Life and Lets Go! at a tie. Depending on the day I might say one then the next day the other. Then after those two, Rancid 2000 and Invincible. Then their first self titled followed by Dominoes. Not including the split with NOFX to keep it simple.

While I do like Rancid 2000, I thought it was a retreat and easy record to write after the fans not receiving Wolves well. So looking back, I have a certain stigma of it. I only hope that is the record they truly wanted to make then.

The point you make about no singles I agree with. What I love about Life is that I haven't heard anyone who has the same favorite song it seems like. Some like the Wolf or 1998 or Hooligans or Hoover St or Bloodclot or New Dress, etc.
03:21 PM on 11/18/10
Hang 'em high or not at all
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I wouldn't consider Rancid (2000) to be an "easy" record. It was their hardest and fastest to date. It just seemd more like a "reaction" to Life Won't Wait's diversity than anything else. Almost as if they were like, "Well we went so far in that direction, let's give this a shot." That's always been my take on it, anyway.

As for favorite songs? Agreed fully. I'd be hard-pressed to pick one - but both "Hooligans" and "1998" are up there! And "Black Lung." And "Cash, Culture, And Violence."
Yeah, you are probably right about 2000. Especially considering the person Lars is. I don't think he has ever been someone who tries to please the fans first, which is the way it should be. Growing up, though that was how I perceived it. You probably have the correct take. What was your thoughts of their last record? I liked it, but didn't love it.
03:41 PM on 11/18/10
Hang 'em high or not at all
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MJSchmidt's Avatar
Same. It was decent -- Had some awesome songs and a bunch of filler. However, the acoustic bonus disc? That was killer! But uh...Just to keep things on topic? It's funny that you mention the "kind of guy Lars is." Homeboy's rockin'a sweater vest in that video! Haha. It doesn't get much more non-Lars than that!
Haha indeed. Usually he has a band tee on or something. That was the most un-Lars attire I have seen him wear.

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