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Absolute Industry: Bandcamp

Posted by - 11:48 AM on 11/19/10
This week's interview comes from Ethan Diamond, the brains behind the popular digital distribution system known as Bandcamp. Head here to see how it all started and some interesting results on who's gaining the most momentum and sales by using the model. What do you guys think of the site? Do you think offering countless plays and full streams is way to combat leaks? Do you think the United States still needs to gain a system such as Spotify? For Rdio users and former Lala users, did it help in discovering new music without the guilt or need to download illegally? With the recent pass of the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeit Act this week, do you think some will slow their habits?
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11:52 AM on 11/19/10
Sinatra blue
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blinkme's Avatar
Bandcamp is easily my favourite site to buy music from. There's some great independent artists selling/giving away their music on the site too.
12:03 PM on 11/19/10
Nick Le
Yeezy taught me.
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Nick Le's Avatar
Bandcamp is great -- like with some bands offering their music for a Pay What You Want. But the main thing I like about Bandcamp, and I've said this before, is the different format options. I can buy an Apple Lossless copy which is identical to a CD and save that as a back up and convert to V0 or 320kbps mp3 for my iPod.

With the Man Overboard, Transit, and more recently, the Such Gold leaks, it allowed the bands and labels to take action with their albums leaking and make the most of it. Streaming, offering albums up for sale earlier on bandcamp, etc. aren't going to ever stop leaks from happening, but at least it keeps the bands from getting too hurt from their music leaking. I've noticed that some people that might have never even heard of the band will end up buying the album on bandcamp or even pre-ordering a physical copy after a news post about "'Band Name's' album leaked so they put it on bandcamp for everyone to buy."

As for Spotify, I would still like to see that come stateside. I think it would be good for the industry if the system caught on and a lot of people paid for a subscription and had access to music they might have otherwise downloaded illegally. I'm certain that once Spotify comes to the US, I will be signing up for it and trying it out. I used to be a person who said I only want the physical product when it comes to buying music, but as of late, I'd rather just be able to consume the music immediately and with things like bandcamp, Amazon mp3, and hopefully Spotify, it'll be easier to do that. If given the option I will still always grab the physical copy, but when I want to hear something right away, digital outlets are perfect for that.
12:41 PM on 11/19/10
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rr_thecrowing's Avatar
For those waiting for Spotify, check out Rdio ( http://rdio.com ) -- it's an awesome site for streaming music on a subscription basis. There's tons of social music discovery features there; better than what Lala had. And the ability to listen to music on my mobile phone is killer, too.

For the price of one album a month (no, Rdio doesn't have an ad-supported model, but they do have a free trial) I can stream all the music I want. I won't ever turn back.

And for the question at hand, Rdio has totally curbed any pirating tendencies I may or may not have had. It gives me the music I want where I want how I want... and I'm extremely happy with the price of it all.
12:44 PM on 11/19/10
Registered User
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The legislation mentioned in the write-up has only passed committee in the Senate, a long, loooooong way to go before becoming any kind of law. It's a little premature to put much stock in it as of now.

Bandcamp is amazing tool that I use all the time on Pastepunk. Being able to effortlessly embed streaming material is the holy grail of writing about music for an audience.
01:21 PM on 11/19/10
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incognitojones's Avatar
I love bandcamp for buying music, but I found out as a band we don't get much money from donations after giving our stuff out for free.
01:43 PM on 11/19/10
Adam Pfleider
wait. what were we talking about?
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Adam Pfleider's Avatar
The legislation mentioned in the write-up has only passed committee in the Senate, a long, loooooong way to go before becoming any kind of law. It's a little premature to put much stock in it as of now.

Bandcamp is amazing tool that I use all the time on Pastepunk. Being able to effortlessly embed streaming material is the holy grail of writing about music for an audience.
That's true. Maybe I should have worded it differently, but I know Intellectual Property - both digital entertainment and in tangible counterfeit has been talked about for a few years now...I can def see this going through, yet at the same time, I think they're going to have to go back and amend or even simply rewrite the DMCA of '96...that's where they need to start to get any change...

problem is that the laws can't change as fast as new technology, so they're always going to be behind quite a few steps...
02:15 PM on 11/19/10
Bri is not a cheese
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love_conquers's Avatar
The thing with this "Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeit Act" is that websites that stream full songs are also in danger, or so I've heard. I like Bandcamp, but I also download illegally and feel no guilt . Most of the money goes towards the record label, and if i like the artist enough I'll see them live which goes directly towards the artist. Also, if i like the album enough, chances are that I'm going to buy it so that I'll have a hard copy in case something happens to my computer. I like collecting rare and discontinued CDs as well. I think with the current popularity of mp3s the value of CDs like these goes up, just like with eBooks versus real books. The price of a rare book is going to be at least twice it is now with eBooks on the rise in my opinion. Then again I could have wasted my time typing all this out and none of it could be true.
02:50 PM on 11/19/10
"Look mom, no hands!"
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Miketheunicycle's Avatar
i've had no issues with bandcamp, find the site pretty convenient and have noticed more and more artists using it
03:03 PM on 11/19/10
I'm not a self help book.
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John_Barnes's Avatar
Bandcamp is a wonderful site, and I encourage all up and coming bands and artists to use it.
03:44 PM on 11/19/10
Chemical Love
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Chemical Love's Avatar
I've never used any of those sites in the OP. I don't like streaming. I like to "own" my music, whether that's CDs or mp3s.
03:58 PM on 11/19/10
Registered User
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con40dmitri's Avatar
nice post, thanks.
07:32 PM on 11/19/10
Up all night, and down all day
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thesollopsist's Avatar
Love bandcamp
08:43 PM on 11/19/10
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tubescreamer's Avatar
I love Bandcamp.
10:27 PM on 11/19/10
Fuck what you know!
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laxcrs's Avatar
i love bandcamp party because i find bands such as ^ lowercase noises ^, also a rare social gathering is one of my favorite songs lately

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