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Travis Barker and Toby Morse Team Up

Posted by - 04:31 PM on 11/29/10
Travis Barker has teamed up with Toby Morse's (H2O) One Life One Chance organization.
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04:37 PM on 11/29/10
Alex DiVincenzo
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Alex DiVincenzo's Avatar
Awesome news!
05:01 PM on 11/29/10
I'm not a self help book.
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John_Barnes's Avatar
Nice. Read about OLOC in AP Mag a few months ago, great organization to say the least.
05:11 PM on 11/29/10
Jake Denning
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Jake Denning's Avatar
Keep that PMA
05:16 PM on 11/29/10
Registered Member
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CountMeOut923's Avatar
Doesn't Travis drink/smoke? Doesn't that totally conflict with OLOC's idea of a alcohol/drug free lifestyle?
05:26 PM on 11/29/10
Long Gone Before Daylight
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abusedcat's Avatar
Doesn't Travis drink/smoke? Doesn't that totally conflict with OLOC's idea of a alcohol/drug free lifestyle?
That's what I was thinking - he was definitely stoned on that show he had like five or so years ago.
He seems to be incredibly driven and motivated, though.
05:28 PM on 11/29/10
life is a test and I get bad marks
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Kiguel182's Avatar
Travis is everything but a straight edge so don't know why is he involved in this. In his reality show he was always stoned/drunk...
06:38 PM on 11/29/10
Legal Drug Dealer
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deFobbed14yrs's Avatar
Doesn't Travis smoke cigarettes? and drink? Maybe he's clean now?

Well he's supporting by donating and sponsoring, and it's not like he smokes crack, so I guess he's sober enough.
06:42 PM on 11/29/10
Brian Marquis
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that's a great push for toby. great organization. PMA all the way.
06:54 PM on 11/29/10
I'm a Mark, who thought I was a Tom
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Rysker6's Avatar
I want him to team up with Mark Hoppus and Tom Delonge. That would be sweet.
06:54 PM on 11/29/10
I believe. Help my unbelief.
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pleasedontpanic's Avatar
Super cool. And if you read the article, it by no means says that Barker has chosen to live a straight edge life, he is simply supporting toby in "preventing today's youth from getting involved with drugs and alcohol." Travis isn't coming out and claiming to be straight edge, he's simply supporting the vision.
06:55 PM on 11/29/10
Hayley > Hayley
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Doesn't Travis drink/smoke? Doesn't that totally conflict with OLOC's idea of a alcohol/drug free lifestyle?
its just about that PMA, he has a bunch of other celebrites/artists/musicians on there who arnt edge.
07:25 PM on 11/29/10
Nick Le
Yeezy taught me.
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Nick Le's Avatar
Awesome exposure for OLOC.
07:29 PM on 11/29/10
Alex DiVincenzo
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Alex DiVincenzo's Avatar
Here is Bridge 9's press release about the involvement:

Press ReleaseLegendary drummer Travis Barker along with FSAS (Famous Stars and Straps) has teamed up with the 'One Life One Chance' (OLOC) organization headed by Toby Morse, the front man of the punk rock band H20. OLOC is an organization that promotes a Drug Free culture. Toby introduces today's youth to his friends who all live clean healthy Positive lifestyles to show kids that they too can be Drug Free and be cool too.

Morse travels to schools to inform elementary through high school students about cool alternatives to alcohol and drugs and having a positive mental attitude. "From the streets of NY to the stages worldwide and to the schools, the message is clear; just because people are covered in tattoos from head to toe, and play music for a living, does not mean they are druggies, or thugs. OLOC breaks all kinds of stereotypes” Morse states. In an industry famous for drug use, drug-related deaths and overall self-destructive behavior, Toby chose to never experiment with alcohol, tobacco or drugs and came to his friends for some help with his cause. Barker can relate, as he is a musician with a ton of tattoos and a target for labeling, it is because of that and Toby's passion that got Travis involved. Barker says "I love and support what Toby is doing for the youth. It's good that these kids can see that not every rock star is a drug addict and he [Morse'] is such a positive all-around role model for them. Most people that come and speak at a schools are immediately written off by the kids; but Toby looks like them and they can relate to him. I am getting involved to help any school Toby speaks at that is in need of instruments and / or a music program."

Through Barkers involvement some very lucky schools in NYC will be given entire drum kits. Barkers clothing brand Famous Stars and Straps is also involved. "Toby, a long time friend and Family member of Famous Stars and Straps, approached the company about his ongoing efforts to spread the message of living with a "positive mental attitude". Toby's passion is undeniable and sincere, and understanding that kids all across America may benefit from Toby's message, we wanted to provide any support we could. If it's providing promotional goods or helping him get to schools who can't afford to have a speaker, we understand that Toby's message of PMA (positive mental attitude) and way of life is something we all could use."
08:38 PM on 11/29/10
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fallingapart101's Avatar
This is pretty awesome. From someone who doesn't engage in drinking or smoking, I think Toby got it right. He isn't just saying don't do drugs or drink, but have a positive outlook, and in return life will feel better.

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