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Technology Round-Up (12/13/10)

Posted by - 11:06 PM on 12/13/10
Head to the replies to read this week's Technology Round-Up.
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11:07 PM on 12/13/10
Linda Ferreira
The Retired Maillady
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Thanks to Chad for putting this together:

Technology Round-UpPoll

A new survey indicates that people surf the internet as much as they watch TV. Does this reflect your behavior? [Poll]


Chinese housewives have been caught smuggling iPads into the country.

The iPad 2 will feature dual cameras and an SD card slot.

Time put the iPad at the top of its top 10 gadgets of 2010. Do you agree?

Apple is now the top smartphone maker in Australia.

Epson has made its PrintJinni wireless printing app free.

Rumors that the Mac App Store would be released today turned out to be false, and the store might not arrive until early January 2011.

It appears that Apple's next Macbooks will feature Intel integrated GPUs rather than Nvidia's GPUs.

Apple released a firmware update on new Macbook Air laptops that fixed wake-up display issues.

Apple's iTunes Store now features 90-second song previews.

Costco will no longer sell Apple products.


Sixty-eight percent of "broadband" connections in the U.S. actually fall below the U.S. Government defined minimum speed for broadband.

Porn may soon get its .XXX domain.

Check out Twitter's top tech trends for 2010.

Check out performance comparisons of the latest internet browsers.

Internet Explorer 9 will feature tracking protection.

Amazon has extended its free shipping deadline for the holidays.

Amazon will release Kindle for Web in the Chrome Web Store in early 2011.

CityVille, from the makers of FarmVille, reached six million users in eight days.

YouTube has raised its upload limit.


See the list of the top search terms on Google for 2010.

Google shipped out prototype Cr-48 laptops featuring Chrome OS. Check out a preview of the device which will not dual-boot with Windows. Meanwhile, Chrome OS may not be released until mid-2011.

The Chrome Web Store is now live.

Windows users can try out Google Cloud Print.

Google Wave has officially been adopted by the Apache Software Foundation.

Check out the new features of Google Maps for Mobile 5.0.

Google Instant for mobile is now available in 40 countries and 28 languages.

Google Docs now has a new iPad-specific design.


The U.S. Senate has approved the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act which ensures that future hybrid/electric vehicles will produce artificial "engine" sound to alert pedestrians and bikers of their approach.

The Chevrolet Volt is officially shipping to customers. In related news, the first Nissan Leaf has also been shipped to its owner in San Francisco.

Developers at MIT have made an Xbox Kinect simulate Minority Report-style control.

Hertz has announced its plug-in rental program which will feature 1,000 cars.

Toshiba has a tilt-sensitive, glasses-free 3D display.

Eizo has released more details and pictures of its 23-inch glasses-free 3D display.

LG will unveil new 3D glasses at CES 2011.

Blockbuster Express Kiosks attempt to compete with Redbox.

Since Flo TV is shutting down on March 27, 2011, the company has released rebates for all existing customers.

The U.S. Navy has created a 33 megajoule rail gun.

An engineer has created a real Half-Life/Team-Fortress-style sentry gun...except that it doesn't really shoot.

Portable gaming systems are losing market share to phones and iPads.

Amazon keeps people guessing by announcing that it has sold "millions" of Kindles in 2010 and more than any other year.

Check out Engadget's Holiday Gift Guides for docks and alarm clocks.


Just in time for the holidays, check out a guide to the best phones on all the major carriers.

Verizon will apparently launch its 4G-capable iPhone after Christmas.

Verizon subscribers who own a Kin can trade it in for a 3G-compatible phone of their choosing for free.

Verizon will fix the issues with its USB modems' Mac incompatibility and two-minute connection delay.

Microsoft claims that Windows Phone 7 may take two years to catch up to its competitors.

The Clear iSpot has been hacked to support iOS devices.

The LG Star which features the Nvidia Integra 2 chipset features "outstanding" performance.

It appears that the HTC EVO Shift 4G will be released January 9, 2011 for Sprint.

Engadget has released a full review of the Nexus S (which was almost called the Nexus Two). The device may feature Super Clear LCD screens rather than AMOLED ones.

Check out benchmarks of the Playstation Phone.

The T-Mobile G2 is now available for only $50 with a two-year contract on T-Mobile.

All LG Optimus One phone variants will be upgraded to Gingerbread (Android 2.3).

Three hundred thousand Android phones are activated daily.

Gingerbread has been ported to the HTC EVO 4G.

See details about the new Android Market which has abbreviated its return policy from 24 hours to 15 minutes. Android users can install it unofficially.

The latest Gmail update for Android provides Priority Inbox labels and new compose and sending options.


Check out performance of the Alienware M17x featuring the new Intel Sandy Bridge chipset. Integrated graphics chips may finally be decent.

Check out reviews of the Nvidia Geforce GTX 570.

The AMD Phenom II X6 is AMD's fastest desktop processor, but it still cannot topple Intel's best processor.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab's HTML5 performance has been called "disappointing."

RIM plans for its Playbook OS to be included on netbooks for the next ten years.

This Tuesday will mark MIcrosoft's biggest patch release ever..

T-Mobile will release 4G-compatible tablet PCs in 2010. Sprint will do the same.

Intel has announced that 35 Atom-based tablets will be released in 2011.

Jolicloud OS 1.1, an OS designed specifically for netbooks, has been released.

The VGA port will be phased out of production by 2015.

Avast found that one license to the full version of their software was used 774,651 times.

AMD has released the latest Catalyst 10.12 drivers.

Environmentalists will approve of the WWF file format, which is like PDF except that it absolutely cannot be printed.

People looking for the fastest hard drive performance at any cost should check out the Samsung 470 Series SSD drives.

If your laptop's WiFi connection is too weak, boost it with a $45 BearExtender PC.


Spoon lets people run x86 applications from a website.

Google Maps can help people locate foreclosures.

Fill out and sign PDF files without ever printing them.

Froyo (Android 2.2) users can try out the Gingerbread (Android 2.3) launcher. Also, try out the new Gingerbread keyboard.

Android users can get an expanded Power Control widget with Power Control Plus.

Quickly pair VNC on computer and Android phones with PocketCloud.

Keep the App Store open while downloading an app with this tweak.

Apple users have a keyboard shortcut to quickly force-kill a program.

Ensure you don't miss your flights with Travel Math.

Linux users should learn the differences between the file systems.


Fujitsu plans to harness electricity from light and heat.

The U.S. Government had to print old $100 bills after it ran into a printing issue with the new design.

The U.S. Military has banned removable media from its employees.

Ikea gave 12,400 of its employees bicycles for Christmas.

Motorola has a new, red logo.

Contributors: CyberInferno
12:39 AM on 12/14/10
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Also, first.
01:00 AM on 12/14/10
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claw38's Avatar
ehh...i don't know about the ipad being the top gadget of 2010..but congrats to apple i guess.
Definitely excited about verizon finally getting an iphone! (hopefully)
Good info here, thanks
03:01 AM on 12/14/10
I'm not a self help book.
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John_Barnes's Avatar
it's an interesting advancement, but what will porn sites gain from getting a .xxx domain?
03:04 AM on 12/14/10
Regular Member
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juice182's Avatar
the ability to use .com domains that are already taken.
03:49 AM on 12/14/10
when I die there'll be no trumpets
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SomedayTheFire's Avatar
Rail gun yay :)
04:26 AM on 12/14/10
Rest is for the dead
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iAMhollyood315's Avatar
woohoo! was sad when i didn't see one yesterday
08:00 AM on 12/14/10
Vandelay Industries
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esposimi's Avatar
The Chrome Web Store is awesome, love the TweetDeck app.
10:52 AM on 12/14/10
accidentally on purpose
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Rest_Easy's Avatar
I highly doubt the next ipad will have an SD card slot. I'd place money against that rumor.
11:08 PM on 12/15/10
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great post
12:20 PM on 12/16/10
accidentally on purpose
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Rest_Easy's Avatar
Developers at MIT have made an Xbox Kinect simulate Minority Report-style control.
-no kidding I had this exact idea for it's use and basic ways it could be implemented
06:17 PM on 12/17/10
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my favourite round-up :)

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