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Games Round-Up (01/30/11)

Posted by - 07:18 PM on 01/30/11
This week's Games Round-Up can be read in the replies.
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07:18 PM on 01/30/11
Linda Ferreira
The Retired Maillady
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Games Round-Up Thanks to Jim for putting this together:

You guys are lucky I'm doing this, I just got back from a 1 year olds birthday party. Do you know how loud and obnoxious a one year olds birthday party is? Ugh, anyways....we should talk about the NGP.


Sony unveiled the successor to the PSP the NGP, which is a code name and will most certainly be named PSP 2 when it's officially released at the end of this year. It features a 5 inch OLED touch screen, a 5 inch touch sensitive panel on the back, a quad core processor, two analog thumb sticks, it has an accelerometer, gyroscope, and a built in microphone. While it hasn't been decided for each territory most models will come with 3G compatibility. Although, there may be some models that don't include it. Basically everything you ever wanted in a portable gaming unit is in this thing. It will launch in at least one territory(Japan)this Holiday. No prices have been announced but expect it to cost at least $249.

Sony is making sure that the NGP gets some blockbuster titles including a new Uncharted game, a new Resistance game, a new Call of Duty, and a new Wipeout. The Uncharted game was demoed at the unveiling and it shows just how innovative the touch controls of the system could be. Using the back touch panel players can move their fingers up and down to have Drake slide up and down vines. On the front side you can slide your finger from Drake to the top of a cliff and Drake will climb the path you "drew".

Killzone 3 will get a single player demo on February 15th.

SOCOM 4 is coming out April 19th.


Conduit 2 has been pushed to April 19th.

The creators of Kriby are working on a new Kirby game to be released this year.

3DS games will have a system called Game Coins. The built in pedometer will track how far you've walked in a day and grant you coins based on how much you've walked. Those coins can then be redeemed in 3DS games for bonuses. No word on if every game will use this system.


5th Cell's Xbox Live Arcade exclusive shooter Hybrid will feature a persistent online world. Players will create a character and choose a side to fight for. Winning battles will tally up and whatever side has won more battles in that territory will capture the territory with both sides fighting over a Riskesque world map.


Angry Birds Rio will feature 45 levels and tie in with the CGI bird movie Rio.


No word on a new Half-Life game, but in the meantime you should watch Beyond Black Mesa an independent live action short film set in the Half-Life universe.


Phosphor games is made up of former Midway Games.....people and they are making a game called Awakened. It sounds a lot like inFAMOUS which I loved, but maybe you should just watch the trailer for yourself.

Platinum Games next game will be an online massive brawler titled Anarchy Reigns. It will feature Jack from Mad World as a playable character.

Dead Space 2 may have just come out, but it's first DLC has already been announced.

LEGO Star Wars 3 has been pushed back to March 22nd.


Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime for PSN 3/22 XBLA 3/23




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Contributor: be mine
Well, not a whole lot of news this week, but some good stuff. The NGP is ridiculous and has totally made me forget about the 3DS, I don't even care about it anymore like at all. It's for babies as far as I'm concerned. If they can really make it so that you can start a PS3 game on the console and then move it over to the NGP, I will be very impressed. It's a great piece of hardware, lets hope they can get some awesome software on it. Alright, that's it, come to Four Player Co-Op and listen to Bullshot! I would appreciate it. Thanks!
07:49 PM on 01/30/11
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psp 2 looks incredible.

although i thought that about the first psp when it came out and that thing is a complete train wreck. hopefully they do this one right.
07:59 PM on 01/30/11
When I get home I'll get high alone
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please tell me the NGP doesn't use UMDs! those things sucked!
08:00 PM on 01/30/11
We are not our failures
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Beyond Black Mesa was incredibly well done. I really enjoyed watching that.
08:17 PM on 01/30/11
We're not for them(and that's cool)
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S7ranburgLar's Avatar
i love how cheaply people can produce videos now. that was an awesome fan film.
08:23 PM on 01/30/11
be mine
Video games are for children
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It uses what looks like SD cards, but it's some type of proprietary flash memory card. I imagine game will be available for straight download as well.
08:24 PM on 01/30/11
Yeezy Season
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Dead Space 2 DLC? Awesome will get, fuck the pointless suits.
08:56 PM on 01/30/11
Thanks Daaaaaaaaaan
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emmx8D's Avatar
that angry birds theme is an interesting way to go about promoting a movie
09:08 PM on 01/30/11
schmucko supremo
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schmohawk's Avatar
NGP looks pretty cool, but i don't think i'd buy it.
09:12 PM on 01/30/11
all hope lies in Doom
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xapplexpiex's Avatar
New Kirby game? Yess.
I found Kirby's Epic Yarn for Wii to be a little too...cute.
09:58 PM on 01/30/11
21 and invincible..
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LoadedGunX21's Avatar
a little extra info for Xbox live owners: this week, if you didnt already know, Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm both had demos released. check em out- there's some good stuff on the horizon!
09:58 PM on 01/30/11
promesas son sombras
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Dead Space 2 is a fuckin ripper.
10:05 PM on 01/30/11
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starseed's Avatar
I don't know who be mine is, but his opinion on the 3DS is ridiculous.
10:12 PM on 01/30/11
be mine
Video games are for children
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I don't know who be mine is, but his opinion on the 3DS is ridiculous.
Says the person with Prof. Layton as their avatar.

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