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Entertainment Round-Up (2/27/2011)

Posted by - 03:50 PM on 02/27/11
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03:50 PM on 02/27/11
Lueda Alia
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Entertainment Round-Upcontributors: rest_easy, stayillogical, and Thomas Balkcom

Industry News and Rumors:


01) When Cars 2 comes out this summer there will be a nice Toy Story short. Here are some images of that short.

02) Movie poster for Super.

03) Jimmi Simpson also joins the cast of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

04) This week’s terrible idea for a remake goes to Warner Bros Studios for its planned remake of its own 1992 release, The Bodyguard.

05) Follow the link to hear more about the Hellraiser remake.

06) Ben Schwartz (Robot Chicken) will remake the 1991 comedy Soapdish, which starred Sally Field, Kevin Kline and Robert Downey Jr.

07) Some pics of Thor and Captain America movies.

08) Some clips from Battle: Los Angeles.

09) Gabriele Muccino (Seven Pounds, The Pursuit of Happyness) is the lead choice so far for Adeline, an epic love story centering on a young woman, born at the turn of 20th century, who is rendered ageless after an accident. After years of a solitary life, she meets a man who might be worth losing her immortality for.

10) Steve Carrell will star in the movie adaptation of The Dogs of Babel.

11) Platinum Dunes has bought the rights to make Zombies vs Robots, a post-apocalyptic world in which humanity's last survivor, a young girl, is protected from zombie hordes by a team of robots. They are also the company that will bring the live action reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

12) G.I. Joe 2 script has been completed. They are looking at two candidates so far for director.

13) Kiefer Sutherland says there will be a 24 movie and that he expects filming to begin next January. Also, he hears Tony Scott is interested but nothing solid yet.

14) Tom Hardy talks a bit about Bane and planning to put on 30lbs of muscle in the next 3 months.

15) The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan starts preproduction March 17th, 17 weeks of filming starting August and 30 weeks of post production. In case you were curious.

16) Martin Scorsese’s Hugo Cabret will now be released November 23rd after changing studios for the Thanksgiving release date.

17) Narnia Producer Perry Moore was found dead in his apartment on the 17th from what appears to be an overdose of OxyContin. He was 39.

18) Steve Kloves (adapted all Harry Potters) will polish the script for Akira.

19) Guillermo del Torro’s Stop motion film Pinocchio has some images to show us.

20) DisneyToons studios will have a straight to DVD film coming 2013 that is an extension of Cars called Planes.

21) Noah Oppenheim will now write the script for The Secret Life of Houdini.

22) Fox Animation will bring to life The Story of Ferdinand. No word on the animation whether it will be CGI or what.

23) Martin Scorcese will be directing the Wolf of Wall Street with, you guessed it, Leonardo DiCaprio set to play the lead.

24) Marion Cotillard may have a role in Dark Night Rises as Talia al Ghul and this article explains why they think this is true and how it could tie in with Joseph Gordon-Levitt rumor.

25) Looks like Kevin Costner may be joining Zach Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel.

26) Rutger Hauer will play Van Helsing in Dario Argento’s Dracula 3D. Very interesting.

27) The deal is done, D.J. Caruso will direct an adaptation of the comic book Preacher.

28) Here’s a first look at Terrence Malick’s next project starring Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams.

29) Here you have it folks, the winners of the 31st annual Razzie awards. I must say, Miley Cyrus was robbed.


01) Two and a Half Men have stopped production for the remainder of the season do to Mr. Sheen’s insanity.

02) American Dad renewed for 7th season.

03) Speilberg’s Falling Skies promos.

04) Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy) will star in NBC’s pilot REM from the creator of Lonestar.

05) You can watch reruns of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles on SyFy starting Thursday April 7th.

06) Fans of Firefly launch an internet campaign to help Nathan Fillion buy the rights to the show.

07) Netflix has struck a deal with CBS to stream Twin Peaks, The Twilight Zone, Star Trek incarnations, and many more.

08) Larry King is launching his own stand-up tour.

09) American Idol makes online voting an option this season.

10) Fox renews Hell’s Kitchen for two more seasons.

11) IFC officially picks up The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret for a second season.


01) Hangover 2
02) Little Deaths
03) Rio (International)
04) Paul (Red Band)
05) Source Code (#2)
06) Cougar Hunting
07) Bad Teacher (Red Band)
08) Sucker Punch (#2)
09) Insidious
10) Mars Needs Moms (#3)
11) A Better Life
12) Miral

Movies Out Next Week (3/4)

The Adjustment Bureau
Take Me Home Tonight
I Saw The Devil

DVDs Out Next Week (3/1)

127 Hours
Love and Other Drugs

Absolutepunk Entertainment Links

Here's a link to the February/March discussion thread for our AP.net book club. I'd love to see some more participation.
I Am Number Four
Drive Angry
Hall Pass

And don't forget, the Academy Awards are tonight!! Discuss/rant/cry here.

sources: aintitcool.com, slashfilm.com, empire.com, theavclub.com, ign.com, fandango.com, videoeta.com, deadline.com, variety.com, comingsoon.net, firstshowing.com, superherohype.com, ew.com, jamesgunn.com, shocktillyoudrop.com, hollywoodreporter.com, movies.yahoo.com, tv.yahoo.com, moviesblog.mtv.com, batman-news.com, nymag.com, trailers.apple.com

If you have a bit of entertainment news you'd like to submit for next week's Round-Up, send your submission to Thomas Balkcom with "Entertainment Round-Up" in the subject header.
04:07 PM on 02/27/11
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bandnamexmyname's Avatar
Great Gatsby =
04:10 PM on 02/27/11
Said Ripley to the android Bishop
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amorning_ofsleep's Avatar
God, I cannot wait for Battle: Los Angeles.
04:11 PM on 02/27/11
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bandnamexmyname's Avatar
Oh, and I just saw this.
06) Fans of Firefly launch an internet campaign to help Nathan Fillion buy the rights to the show.

This better damn happen.
04:17 PM on 02/27/11
Nooooo! The Denver Broncos!? :(
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domotime2's Avatar
Bodyguard remake?!!! hearing that sentence gave me a migrane. I just...I just don't get it. Why?

24 movie? the movie should be called 2? for 2 hours? no"? yes? im funny?

gatsby staring leo and casey....wow talk about biggest no brainer casting ever haha.

guillermos pinocchio. i'm game.

dracula 3d. fuck you.
04:19 PM on 02/27/11
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wtfTouchMyBalls's Avatar
04:20 PM on 02/27/11
our names are x and n
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airik625's Avatar
What is Hugo Cabaret and the Wolf of Wall Street supposed to be about?
04:42 PM on 02/27/11
Somos libres carajo!
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josepablo32's Avatar
Great news this week.
04:45 PM on 02/27/11
Know more.
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bNz719's Avatar
Stoked for 127 Hours coming out on Blu this week!
04:45 PM on 02/27/11
Get him a cranberry juice
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ctmk's Avatar
why? its gunna be in 3d. this movie has no business being in 3d. thats like The Kings Speech 3D. that and the book sucks.
05:01 PM on 02/27/11
the other Kyle.
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MorningStar10's Avatar
I hope they don't fuck up Gatsby.

Also anyone heard about Rutger Hauer's 'Hobo with a shotgun', I read the synopsis for it, it sounds amazing!
05:05 PM on 02/27/11
Dynamite Hero
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DanTGD's Avatar
can't wait for that Ninja Turtles movie.
05:07 PM on 02/27/11
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bandnamexmyname's Avatar
why? its gunna be in 3d. this movie has no business being in 3d. thats like The Kings Speech 3D. that and the book sucks.
I could care less about whether or not a movie is in 3D. It really doesn't change anything, except for the expenses, and they always offer a normal resolution option. As for the book, that's really your problem.
05:24 PM on 02/27/11
Ryan Gardner
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Ryan Gardner's Avatar
Gatsby will be great

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