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Aaron Gillespie - Anthem Song

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Aaron GillespieAnthem Song
Record Label: Tooth & Nail Records
Release Date: March 8, 2011
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
Leaving Underoath, Aaron Gillespie decided to turn to worship music. The result of this monumental change is Anthem Song, a true worship record at its finest. True to himself, Gillespie has accomplished everything he set out to with this record. For fans who enjoy his rock fronted music, The Almost is still available and kicking for them, but for fans interested in his religious side of music, look no further than Anthem Song.

Track by track, Gillespie uses this record as his ultimate proclamation of his beliefs, holding nothing back. Although the result is obviously subjective, those interested in this type of music will not be disappointed by any means. The opening “All Things” exemplifies the softer side of Gillespie, not unlike “Dirty and Left Out” type songs. That is not to say that all of the songs on the record are slow, although they’re clearly no Underoath songs. “Hosanna” is driven by a soft drum beat and quick piano, featuring a strong chorus, while “Washed Away” is as soft and intricate as it gets as Gillespie cries out.

The single “We Were Made For You” features a strong chorus, allowing Gillespie’s vocals to shine. Stripped down the bone, “I Will Worship You” is a proclamation, the title track “Anthem Song” is guitar driven and a foot-tapper, and “You Are Jesus” has a country feel to it. Each track on this record could easily be played in churches anywhere, as Gillespie’s religious side is clearly the biggest part of his life. Following the mellow songs is the poppy “You Are My Everything,” featuring one of the most uplifting, upbeat choruses on the record, as Gillespie’s vocals soar.

The final acoustic “I Am Your Cup” reminisces parts of The Almost’s beautiful “Awful Direction.” Gillespie bears it all on this track, as the final cut is intricate in its simplistic nature. As the record somberly closes, it’s clear that Anthem Song is not for everyone. However, those that wish to take a different glimpse at Christian ideas, faith, and ultimately music, will love this record for those reasons. Without a doubt, it’s clear Gillespie has found himself with Anthem Song, as it’s everything he set out to create and more.

Recommended If You LikeChristian music; The Almost’s “Dirty and Left Out,” “Amazing, Because It Is,” and “Awful Direction”

Listen ToAnthem Song; You Are My Everything; I Am Your Cup

Additional Information
Track Listing:
1. All Things
2. Hosanna
3. Washed Away
4. Earnestly I Seek Thee
5. We Were Made For You
6. I Will Worship You
7. Anthem Song
8. You Are Jesus
9. You Are My Everything
10. Your Song Goes On Forever
11. I Am Your Cup

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09:50 PM on 03/06/11
Registered User
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Glad Aaron did this......takes a lot of guts to step out like that knowing it will receive mixed feelings. Even if you're not Christian I'm sure you can come away with just enjoying the music and positive message. Good review as well!
11:02 PM on 03/06/11
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bandnamexmyname's Avatar
I'm really interested to hear this, even if the cup runneth over with praise.
11:46 PM on 03/06/11
Registered User
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sublime_theory's Avatar
I can't wait to pick this up. Aaron has earned my respect. Initially I was not keen on him leaving UO. But he has carried himself in a respectable manner and shown that he just needed to go in a different direction. GoodReview
01:07 AM on 03/07/11
Allez l'OL
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JuneJuly's Avatar
Sadly, I don't think I'll be able to bring myself to listen to this. /thatguy
01:09 AM on 03/07/11
Registered Member
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NarcolepsySmile's Avatar
I can't listen to this. I love the dudes voice but won't be able to listen to sappy crap about God. Glad it hits with some people though and more power to all y'all.
01:53 AM on 03/07/11
Pfft. This Is Dildos
User Info.
SexyJeff's Avatar
Definately an album I intend to check out. I'm an atheist so hopefully the Godiness doesn't turn me away since I've alaways loved Aaron's work in UO and The Almost.
01:54 AM on 03/07/11
Registered User
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indiesuperman's Avatar
I really don't dig this album and I'm a Christian. If you want some good, honest worship music then you should listen to a band called The Glorious Unseen. It's the only worship band I have ever been able to get into and disappointingly Aaron's album hasn't changed that. I'm glad he's releasing something he's passionate about, but it just hasn't done anything for me.

What I really wanted to say is that I think it's really cool that people who aren't into this project and aren't into the worship stuff or God, even, are being really cool and respectful about Aaron's passion for this project. It definitely proves something to the fact that we are getting beyond the feeling of superiority in believing or not believing in God or being religious. It's al about respect.
02:23 AM on 03/07/11
Registered Infant Consumer
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eatbabiesyum's Avatar
can't really get into this guy's voice or jesus lyrics :/
i do think he has talent though, it's just not for me
02:25 AM on 03/07/11
Why do you stay till you see blood?
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NateFoundGlory's Avatar
Respect him for doing this, but it's just not for me at all.
02:40 AM on 03/07/11
We never met, you and I
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awakeohsleeper's Avatar
Intrigued by this review. I'd heard that the music was really generic, which is was saddened by. I was expecting some sort of Come&Live!-esque worship music but then people started saying that the album is just a standard worship record.

This review might suggest otherwise and therefore my interest has been renewed.
05:36 AM on 03/07/11
Always a student of life.
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woominlee2's Avatar
I'm going to check this out, but I'm getting ready for a yuck.
06:14 AM on 03/07/11
The Grey Man
Team Larz
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The Grey Man's Avatar
I will be checking it out
06:37 AM on 03/07/11
// I M P O S S I B L E S O U L //
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LetterBomb31's Avatar
I think he used too many pronouns in the song titles
06:51 AM on 03/07/11
Hey, are you a dreamer?
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DylanPPPP's Avatar
I can't listen to this. I love the dudes voice but won't be able to listen to sappy crap about God. Glad it hits with some people though and more power to all y'all.

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