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02:46 AM on 03/13/11
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I thought the album was fantastic. It's the best thing I've heard from anyone heavy in quite some time, including TDWP, UO, and HtD.

The reasoning I think this is better? There isn't a single track I dislike one bit. On Disambiguation, which you rated a 94%, there aren't any songs that stand out as fantastic. To be honest, the life almost feels sucked out of the music on some of the songs. The cleans of Spencer felt forced, yet weak. Here, Rapp just belts out great melodies with solid screaming, while almost seamlessly transitioning between the two (granted, this is Spencer's first go at it full-time on the full duty of vocals in UO).

I agree with what you've said in the review, but I definitely don't think that the rating matches the talent of the band, the quality of the album, or the description used in the review. I'd agree with that 97.5% Reviewer Tilt rating for the album, but not an 81%.

TCM's debut lasted me for a long time before getting a little stale (because it lacked a lot of great tracks...some are good, but not a song I crave to hear ever), but this is such a meaty album that I could play it non-stop for a month and still be in love with what's been provided by these talented young men.
02:02 AM on 03/15/11
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I agree with the U° remark. It was definitely a quality CD but for the first time in U°'s discography not a single song stands out for me. In fact, I routinely skip it when it shows up on Shuffle. Even "Lost.." (considered not as good as "Define..") has stand out/memorable songs.
Yep, exactly. I will say that I really like, "Catch Myself Catching Myself," but nothing is catchy, has a sing-a-long chorus (or even a single sing-a-long part, really), or has an astounding performance/portion in any song. It flows all right, but there's nothing that you have a craving to hear.

Even now, I get the urge to listen to stuff from Spencer's other 3 albums with the band (namely, "Moving for the Sake of Motion," and "Breathing in a New Mentality"). It's not a bad album, but it's not a 94% album, it didn't feel as dark or heavy as some claimed (just filled with a deeper sound).

To make another analogy, it's like how some had described Switchfoot's Hello Hurricane.

I'm not sure if you listen to them at all (I listen to mostly Christian music, save maybe 5 bands), and the point that the reviewer was getting at is that while it wasn't a bad record or anything, it was poor by the standards of such a well-built veteran band. That's how I felt about Disambiguation.
01:45 PM on 03/17/11
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Are you serious? That was easily the best metalcore album of last year

That was a considerable step down vocally, though the synth and guitars were definitely better. The vocals just felt forced and weak at times.

Underoath's always been my favorite band, mostly because they started me off in the heavier genres, but that album was a let-down. It was nowhere near the expectations I had for it.
07:19 PM on 03/17/11
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It was a huge improvement vocally

You're one of those people who like Gillespie too much

No, it's really not that. I mean, I admit that I hated his departure, and think the band was better with him, but it's not something where I hate it because I like him.

In all honesty, I'm hoping it's just that Spencer will improve with his singing more. The singing wasn't all, though. I felt the screaming, though more varied, wasn't as hard-hitting for me. Maybe it's a subconscious preference for Aaron's singing that makes me think that, but I just wasn't as pleased with it as I was with their previous 2 or 3 albums.

It's a simple matter of they did well, but they should have done much better. There's a transition phase to chaning what they did, so maybe that's the issue, but we will have to see going forward. Maybe the feel is just a lot better live as they play these songs more and more, but this still hasn't grown on mye like I had hoped.
07:22 PM on 03/17/11
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My band has a drummer who sings and screams, I guess I'm used to it to the point it doesn't impress me. But he is a really good drummer.

Confide's second drummer did it as well--they even redid their first album with his clean vocals (which was hit-and-miss, IMO).

But it's hard not to respect someone that can do what Aaron did for so long. Then he went and did, like, 90% of The Almost's debut album by himself (someone else did bass on a few tracks, I think it said).

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