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02:36 PM on 04/01/11
You tell me
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It's ironic how much this site seem to dislike this band. I don't hate their music. I do see it as a fad. Sucks to be the rest of the band. Despite your relentless hate for this band I'm kind of remiss no one feels sorry for the rest of the band. I mean having to deal with that shit sucks. It's no good when you're best friend's addicted to anything and certainly not when he's ruining your work in general. Hope rehab takes and that he can be more professional. Hate away.
03:14 PM on 04/03/11
You tell me
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I fail to see the irony.

It's alright. Most of you do.
11:35 PM on 04/03/11
You tell me
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Care to explain? Because I don't see anything ironic about users of diversified tastes disliking a lame screamo band.

But see most of you do more than dislike. You hate. You're entitled to your opinion of course but, sometimes you have to see that we're all being silly.

I mean this: When it comes to taste there are several things that can be considered. For brevity I'll just use liking/disliking a band for it's talent/lack there of, liking/disliking a band because of their demographic, liking/disliking a band because of their genre. In terms of talent I would assume that most people would say this band is not that talented. Fine. But the standard at which we all seem to judge "talent" is strange. MOST of the time when someone on this site makes an argument against a band they don't like, they become a pseudo critic/reviewer with an elitist outlook. Who are most people to say who is talented and who is not just because they don't like something, or their band isn't "making" it so why should this band get all the hype? Regardless of what a person's backing to do their music, whether they have talent or not, the primary goal is to have fun. If you have a message then get it out. If you don't just have fun. If you become successful by chance then that's just icing. I could just as easily say that a legitimately good band is also untalented because I don't like them but I don't. I know you personally didn't say that but it's a common point.

The demographic for this band is middle school to high school. I get that. Most people of our collective ages see this as a very lame thing. It's the "if the kids like it it must suck approach". Fine. But did everyone forget when older people shat on bands like Saves The Day, Acceptance, Poison The Well and bands of the time? Cause I do and it never made any sense to me then either. Younger audiences like newer shit. That's all it is. That doesn't mean you have to wish van flips and break ups because "THEY SUCK". In the end everyone's internet opinion won't really matter anyway so why voice it. But once again EVERYONE has a right to their opinion of a band. It's just IRONIC in the sense that ten years ago people said the EXACT same things about the music I'm sure we all still listen to, well anyone who hasn't updated their Ipod in like 5 years.

The genre. Oh boy. Alright this one seems tough to defend but that's actually not the case. As far as the rest of the world is concerned (which in you all's opinions should matter since your opinions matter) this site listens to the WRONG music. The WRONG genres. Our shit isn't catchy, it isn't "easy", it's not dance-able, tweens can't relate, older heads can't tap their foot to it. So we take the hate from the rest of the pop, rap, Nickelback, tough guy hardcore demographics and turn it into our own form of an exclusive club. We don't like mainstream things so we feel unified and secure in that. Our opinions start to matter here and the rest of the world can suck it right? Cool. that's good. It's just IRONIC when we decide to turn around and call something garbage. Say it's not worth it. And that "this is utter crap" when the outside world did it to us back when we used to care that is. I don't know what to call this Of Mice and Men, Attack Attack, Abandon All Ships, I See Stars, and I'll throw in We Came As Romans in there if any of you think that any of those bands are outside of one genre, era is. Do I like most of it? Not really. Do I understand that I don't have to hate on something cause it ain't my thing? Ya. Cause that's what HOMOPHOBES do. That's what RACISTS do. That's what people in high social and high-economic statuses do.

It just sucks that people can't just not care about the things they don't like is all. AA, like them or hate them still get to do what they want and will never see your comments so I'm sure they'll be sitting pretty either way. Some may revel in this and some may just have really big dicks so they have to show it via the web.
If we're talking hating on something, then I dare not dig up anything in everyone's old cd collections. If anyone even bought cd's that is.
And the true irony of it all is that when it comes to music rarely does anyone ever change anyones mind. So when hate comments for a band get posted or just said in general who are you talking to? It seems like to me you'd be talking to yourself cause even if I loved Asking Alexandria you couldn't convince me otherwise so everything anyone ever says that's is n't constructive criticism just becomes moot at the gate.

I know I didn't change your mind so you even asking me to explain is ironic. My original post that you quoted is ironic. This sentence IS IRONIC.
04:29 PM on 04/04/11
You tell me
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Let me first off thank you for taking the time to write such an in-depth response. However, I hope it wasn't written under the assumption that I was attacking you or your values. If I did indeed offend you, please know that wasn't my intention. The reason why I quoted you at first, was because there is nothing ironic about users on a website disliking a band (plain and simple). There is also nothing ironic about:


While these are examples of perceived hypocrisy on AP's part, nothing about these anecdotes display irony in any of it's forms.
It's not displaying:

Verbal Irony: disparity of expression and intention
Situational Irony: disparity of intention and result
Dramatic Irony: disparity of awareness between subject and observer

This was honestly all I was going for.

I will however agree with everything you have said about the need for people to appreciate the intrinsic value in all music, wether it's their thing or not. And I'm sorry if I led you to believe that I was insulting AA, because that wasn't my goal.

Gotcha. I just assume some things go without saying. You are correct. In those definitions my response wasn't fitting.
Thankfully you picked up what I was laying down though.

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